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Sarah, Ella, Sarah and George presentation. Tute: Friday 2.30


  • 1. By Sarah, Ella, Sarah and George

2. GENRE DEBATES Questions of definition: text based Questions of history: context based Questions of interpretation: text & context 3. MITTELLS GENRE Genres as cultural categories (Mittell 2001) Not just a textual component Operate within industry, audience and cultural practices 4. PARKS AND RECREATION IN CONTEXT NBC Network, 9th of April 2009 Greg Daniels, Michael Schur and Howard Klein all had worked on The Office Success of The Office = Audience for comedy/mockumentary Replaced Kath and Kim (another comedy/mockumentary) mid-series Criticism from industry 5. MOCUMENTARY IN PAWNEE, INDIANA Mid-level local government involving real people Comedic primer in American politics T.Vs most progressive show? Political comedy in mockumentary format Ensemble cast is_parks_and_recreation_secretly_socialist_partner/ 6. NICHE MARKETS AND SERIALITY Story arc follows Lelsie and Plot 48 Sequential basis requiring dedication from viewers Often results in watching a whole series at a time 7. AUDIENCES AND FAN CULTURE Not mainstream or for the wider audience Dedicated blogs, memes and gifs to characters Mixture of high/ lowbrow culture Balance of satire without cynicism 8. SEQUENCE - Ron and emotional connection to Government - Only direct dialogue used - Placement of characters - Quick shots - Fast zooms - Static movement - Body language/ facial expression 9. PARKS: THE PERFECT FOIL FOR REALITY FAKERY - The gist of the humour is and has been in the characters presence - The anti-sitcom - Laugh track: impediment to true comedy? - Real world dialogue and manner of speaking - Talking lead sequences - Providing Least Objectional Programming (LOB) - Shot faster to look faster - Rougher, less polished visual style 10. REFERENCES Mittell J 2001, 'A cultural approach to television genre theory', Cinema Journal, vol. 40, no. 3 Rosoe J and Hights C, 2001, Faking it: Mock-Documentary and the Subversion of Factuality, Manchester University Press Gannon M, Parks and Recreation: T.Vs most progressive show, SALON ialist_partner/ O'Neil T, 2008, "TRANSCRIPT: The Envelope chat". Los Angeles Times. Retrieved February 12, 2009. Greenblatt B, 2005, Chief of Programming at NBC, Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour. Hawkins G, 2005, on Taste in New Keywords. 11. THANK YOU VOTE 1 LESLIE KNOPE!!


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