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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>Jasmine Sandler Digital Marketing Consulting &amp; Training A Deep Dive into how to use #LinkedIn and #Social #Branding </p> <p>DIGITAL MARKETING CONSULTING &amp; | @Jasmine_Sandler JASMINE SANDLER</p> <p>1</p> <p>LinkedIn Marketing Expert as awarded by Google Small Business in 2016</p> <p>SOCIAL MEDIA Strategist since 2005 Fortune 1000</p> <p>Global Keynote Speaker on LINKEDIN &amp; SOCIAL BRANDING</p> <p>CEO Agent-cy Online Marketing B2B SOCIAL &amp; SEO AGENCY</p> <p>Lead Instructor &amp; Trainer LINKEDIN &amp; SOCIAL MEDIA</p> <p>Social Media Author: Branding &amp; Sales: The LinkedIn Way , How to Brand Yourself Online Like A CEO</p> <p>Media LinkedIn Subject Matter Expert NBC, CBS, Incisive Media, Google SMB</p> <p>C-level Social Media &amp; PERSONAL BRANDING Consultant </p> <p>INDUSTRY THOUGHT-LEADERSHIP#SOCIALBRANDING @Jasmine_Sandler</p> <p>SUCCESSFUL SOCIAL BRANDS</p> <p>SuccessfulOriginalCEOInclusiveAction-OrientedLeaders</p> <p>JASMINE SANDLER DIGITAL MARKETING CONSULTING &amp; | @Jasmine_Sandler</p> <p>#SOCIALBRANDING @Jasmine_Sandler</p> <p>OPPORTUNITIES FOR YOUIN SOCIAL BRANDING</p> <p>DIGITAL MARKETING CONSULTING &amp; | @Jasmine_Sandler JASMINE SANDLER#SOCIALBRANDING @Jasmine_Sandler</p> <p>POSITIVE MEDIA ATTENTION</p> <p>Influential Bloggers in Your Industry Will Notice You</p> <p>Online Media in Your Industry will Want Your Insight in their next Breaking Story</p> <p>The Media uses LinkedIn , Twitter and G+ to find the next BIG story</p> <p> | @Jasmine_Sandler</p> <p>DIGITAL MARKETING CONSULTING &amp; | @Jasmine_Sandler JASMINE SANDLER#SOCIALBRANDING @Jasmine_Sandler</p> <p>SEARCH VISIBILITY</p> <p>For your target to find and engage with</p> <p>For your target to find and engage with your</p> <p>For your target to find information about your products &amp;</p> <p>DIGITAL MARKETING CONSULTING &amp; | @Jasmine_Sandler JASMINE SANDLER#SOCIALBRANDING @Jasmine_Sandler</p> <p>BUILD A STRONG REPUTATION ONLINE</p> <p>#SOCIALBRANDING @Jasmine_Sandler</p> <p>Create A Unique &amp; Strong Position. Win Online Market Share.</p> <p>DIGITAL MARKETING CONSULTING &amp; | @Jasmine_Sandler JASMINE SANDLER</p> <p>DRIVE AUDIENCE ENGAGEMENT</p> <p>A Strong Social Personal Brand Drives Influence, Loyalty &amp; Audience Growth.</p> <p>DIGITAL MARKETING CONSULTING &amp; | @Jasmine_Sandler JASMINE SANDLER#SOCIALBRANDING @Jasmine_Sandler</p> <p>DIGITAL MARKETING CONSULTING &amp; | @Jasmine_Sandler JASMINE SANDLERDeveloping a SOCIAL BRAND requires the proper use of online channels including social media to create impact and visibility of that personal brand. DEFINITION OF THE SOCIAL BRANDPersonal Branding is the marketing practice of developing monetary value around a person instead of a corporation.#SOCIALBRANDING @Jasmine_Sandler</p> <p>LYNETTE ADD IMAGE9</p> <p>GOAL PLAN FOR YOUR SOCIAL BRANDBy creating specific BUSINESS GOALS and targets, you have a better chance of driving success from your investment in your Social Brand.GOALS</p> <p>BRAND AWARNESS</p> <p>SALES</p> <p>MEDIA ATTENTION</p> <p>INVESTOR ATTENTION</p> <p>CAREER TRANSITIONStart by thinking what your quantified goals are for the long term and then breaking this down into month by month projections</p> <p>DIGITAL MARKETING CONSULTING &amp; | @Jasmine_Sandler JASMINE SANDLER</p> <p>#SOCIALBRANDING @Jasmine_Sandler</p> <p>Move these to the right make them look better as bullets, have lynette add a chart that shows sales figures10</p> <p>CREATE YOUR SOCIAL BRAND NICHE</p> <p>SOCIAL BRAND NICHE</p> <p>Your Niche will define your unique corner of the market</p> <p>Your Niche will define your Social Brand Focus and Success.</p> <p>DIGITAL MARKETING CONSULTING &amp; | @Jasmine_Sandler JASMINE SANDLER</p> <p>#SOCIALBRANDING @Jasmine_Sandler</p> <p>Gali increase fonts move to right have room for image have lynette have an image of a niche or unique brand11</p> <p>DEFINE YOUR ONLINE BRAND STYLE</p> <p>What is your AUTHENTIC Voice?</p> <p>How Does your Audience ENGAGE?</p> <p>What COMMUNICATION Style Do You Possess?</p> <p>What IMAGE Do You Need to Portray?</p> <p>DIGITAL MARKETING CONSULTING &amp; | @Jasmine_Sandler JASMINE SANDLER#SOCIALBRANDING @Jasmine_Sandler</p> <p>LINKEDIN</p> <p>LinkedIn is THE Social Branding tool for Business Professionals</p> <p>All-Star Profile</p> <p>Blogging Opportunities</p> <p>Networking Opportunities</p> <p>Groups Opportunities</p> <p>Media Opportunities</p> <p>DIGITAL MARKETING CONSULTING &amp; | @Jasmine_Sandler JASMINE</p> <p>LINKEDIN STATS</p> <p>LinkedIn: #1 B2B Social and Sales Networking Tool (93%)</p> <p>445+MM Global Business Professional users </p> <p>Qualified Sales: Your Decision-Makers are on LinkedIn (80%)</p> <p>Opportunities to become part of an Influencer Ecosystem</p> <p>Writing Platform for Thought-Leadership Development</p> <p>Warm lead machine Over 3 Million Groups</p> <p>DIGITAL MARKETING CONSULTING &amp; | @Jasmine_Sandler JASMINE</p> <p>CREATING A KILLER PROFILE</p> <p></p> <p>The LinkedIn Personal Profile Should Drive Target Visibility &amp; Engagement</p> <p>Choose a Headshot &amp; Background Image that defines your Personal BrandUse Your Top 3 Skills to Define Your HeadlineCreate a personal URL that defines your Social Market PositionCreate a Summary that tells your story and quantifies your experience/resultsUse strong multi-media to tell Your StoryVideoInfo graphicMotion GraphicLink to Audio InterviewsPDFUpdate your LinkedIn Profile Frequently</p> <p>@Jasmine_Sandler |</p> <p>DIGITAL MARKETING CONSULTING &amp; | @Jasmine_Sandler JASMINE</p> <p>LINKEDIN CLIENT EXAMPLE - RESULTS</p> <p>WWW.JASMINESANDLER.COM</p> <p>RESULTSAverage of 1 new qualified lead or introduction/week</p> <p>After only her corporate Sales Training and initial follow up with me, Jasmine has already delivered qualified leads to me on LinkedIn. </p> <p>Related Professional Background Image What Whitney SellsProfessional Welcoming Headshot - currentHeadlines delivers 1. Individual Market Position 2. Credibility 3. What She OffersCustom Domain created : in/com/manhattanrealestate to support niche Custom Text for Anchortext created : REAL ESTATE ADVISOR#SOCIALBRANDING @Jasmine_Sandler</p> <p>LINKEDIN CLIENT SUMMARY</p> <p>WWW.JASMINESANDLER.COM</p> <p>Professional Summary</p> <p>-Highlights keyword phrase and area of focus-Delivers professionalism -Drives Credibility-Shares credentials and what sets her apartCall to Action with specific qualifications#SOCIALBRANDING @Jasmine_Sandler</p> <p>Understanding Your LinkedIn Competition</p> <p>Join Related GroupsAssess Advanced People Search ResultsReview Daily Competitive PostsConsider how you are betterSupport Your LinkedIn ecosystem</p> <p>HOW TO GAIN LINKEDIN MARKET SHARE</p> <p>@Jasmine_Sandler |</p> <p>DIGITAL MARKETING CONSULTING &amp; | @Jasmine_Sandler JASMINE SANDLER</p> <p>Refine &amp; Support your Social Brand PromiseBe authentic.Support your Followers in LinkedIn PulseEncourage your Ecosystem to share. Share as it relates to your Social Brand promise</p> <p>Engage in LinkedIn PULSEWrite regular long form postsSupport others postsFollow targeted influencers and support their activity</p> <p>HOW TO DRIVE DAILY LINKEDIN LEADERSHIP</p> <p>@Jasmine_Sandler |</p> <p>DIGITAL MARKETING CONSULTING &amp; | @Jasmine_Sandler JASMINE SANDLER</p> <p>19</p> <p>Search for connectionAdvanced SearchReview Your University, Professional ContactsFind target on LinkedIn:IndustryTitleCompanyRevenueExecutive LevelBy connectionsBy GroupsREFINING YOUR LINKEDIN TARGET</p> <p>DIGITAL MARKETING CONSULTING &amp; | @Jasmine_Sandler JASMINE SANDLER</p> <p>HOW TO DO SOCIAL SELLING RIGHT</p> <p>DIGITAL MARKETING CONSULTING &amp; | @Jasmine_Sandler JASMINE SANDLER</p> <p>LINKEDIN ADVANCED SELLING - NAVIGATOR</p> <p>DIGITAL MARKETING CONSULTING &amp; | @Jasmine_Sandler JASMINE SANDLER</p> <p>LEAD GENERATIONREAL RELATIONSHIP DEVELOPMENTB2B NETWORKINGDATABASE DEVELOPMENTEXACT TARGET DELIVERYPR VEHICLECOMPANY RESEARCHEXECUTIVE RESEARCH</p> <p>LINKEDIN = end to end Sales</p> <p>@Jasmine_Sandler |</p> <p>The Ultimate Sales Tool</p> <p>DIGITAL MARKETING CONSULTING &amp; | @Jasmine_Sandler JASMINE SANDLER</p> <p>Your LinkedIn Profile Matters, A LOT</p> <p>Think Search Visibility, Think Engagement, Think UniquenessStrong Headline Copy Your Direct Response AdHighlighting summary with experience and results </p> <p>Your Leadership in LinkedIn Matters Too</p> <p>Your Own LinkedIn Group to serve your own CommunityIf Your Profile States A Skill, Back it up Answers Matter</p> <p>Your Daily LinkedIn Participation is a MUST</p> <p>Status Updates Make it Relevant, Valuable and ShortFollow and share Influencers related postsProviding Answer and Solutions via Comments and SharesUpdate Your Profile When Things Change</p> <p>YOUR KEYS TO WINNING ON LINKEDIN</p> <p>@Jasmine_Sandler |</p> <p>DIGITAL MARKETING CONSULTING &amp; | @Jasmine_Sandler JASMINE SANDLER</p> <p>YOUR KEYS TO SOCIAL BRANDING</p> <p> | @Jasmine_Sandler</p> <p> | @Jasmine_Sandler JASMINE SANDLERBecome Your Best SpokespersonIdentify &amp; Engage in Targeted Media OpportunitiesBuild &amp; Nurture Your Social EcosystemBe Engaged and Supportive DailyDeploy Social Listening Tools Respond in Real Time</p> <p>INDIVIDUAL LINKEDIN COACHING PROGRAM</p> <p>DIGITAL MARKETING CONSULTING &amp; | @Jasmine_Sandler JASMINE SANDLER</p> <p>EXTRAS AVAILABLE $Pro Photo ShootVideo ProductionScripting/Editing</p> <p>LinkedIn Position AnalysisLinkedIn Messaging LinkedIn profile EnhancementLinkedIn Groups DirectionCustom LinkedIn Header DesignDaily LinkedIn Sales Action PlanFRED HOROWITZ, CEO OF DEAUVILLE </p> <p>LINKEDIN ADVANCED SELLING TECHNIQUES TRAINING</p> <p>DIGITAL MARKETING CONSULTING &amp; | @Jasmine_Sandler JASMINE SANDLERPre-Training Social Selling Assessment</p> <p>LinkedIn Sales Strategy Session with Sales or Marketing VPReview of Top Producers LinkedIn ProfilesLinkedIn Knowledge Survey and Answers Collection</p> <p>Full Day Training with Q&amp;A (8 HR)Sales/AE Teams learn How LinkedIn WorksProfileGroupsCRM functionalitiesNetworkingMessaging</p> <p>15 or 30 Day Group Phone Follow-Up</p> <p>Groups of up to 20</p> <p>8 Hours LIVE Includes Q&amp;A, Live Exercises, End of Training Survey</p> <p>Includes Copy of JS LinkedIn Daily Sales Plan </p> <p>LINKEDIN MARKETING BOOK</p> <p>How to Effectively Use LinkedIn as a Branding Tool</p> <p>How to Create Real Target Relationships via LinkedIn Selling</p> <p>Proper LinkedIn Communications Etiquette</p> <p>How to Become a LinkedIn Groups All-Star</p> <p>The Keys to a Visible and Engaging LinkedIn Profile</p> <p> | @Jasmine_Sandler JASMINE SANDLER</p> <p>PERSONAL BRANDING PROGRAM</p> <p>Personal Brand Plan and StrategyPersonally Branded Content Planning &amp; DeliveryBrand Execution &amp; Management:BloggingSocial Media ManagementSpeaking, Interviewing &amp; Media TrainingOnline PR &amp; EventsPromotionsChannel Design &amp; ManagementWebsiteSocial Channels</p> <p> | @Jasmine_Sandler</p> <p>DIGITAL MARKETING CONSULTING &amp; | @Jasmine_Sandler JASMINE SANDLER</p> <p>SOCIAL BRANDING CRASH COURSE4 Modules on Social Branding from A-Z</p> <p>Build Your Own Social Branding Plan</p> <p>Create Your Own Social Channels</p> <p>Guidance on all Social Branding and Content Marketing Tools</p> <p>Course Includes Downloadable Workbooks and Action PlansAVAILABLE AT WWW.JASMINESANDLER.COM/SHOP</p> <p>SOCIAL BRAND BOOK</p> <p>How to Identify Your Own Personal Brand</p> <p>How to Position Your Personal Brand</p> <p>How to Determine Your Brand Messaging</p> <p>How to Commit to Your Personal Brand Content</p> <p>How to Get Into the CEO Role</p> <p> | @Jasmine_Sandler JASMINE SANDLER</p> <p>CONTACT INFORMATION</p> <p>WWW.JASMINESANDLER.COM</p> <p>LINKEDIN COACHINGLINKEDIN PROFILE ENHANCEMENTLINKEDIN MARKETING SERVICESLINKEDIN GROUP TRAININGPERSONAL BRANDING COACHINGSOCIAL BRANDING MANAGEMENTSOCIAL MARKETING MANAGEMENTSOCIAL MEDIA GROUP TRAININGINDIVIDUAL WEB SITE DESIGN &amp; DEVELOPMENT (VIA AGENT-CY )SEARCH (SEO &amp; PPC) SERVICES</p> <p> | @Jasmine_Sandler JASMINE SANDLER</p> <p>Contact Ushttp://www.agent-cy.comJASMINE SANDLERCEOAGENT-CY ONLINE MARKETING, INC90 PARK AVENUE | NY | NY | 10016</p> <p>JASMINE SANDLER SEO &amp; SOCIAL CONSULTING &amp; TRAINING </p> <p>WWW.JASMINESANDLER.COM</p> <p>(347) 527-5100 | JASMINE@JASMINESANDLER.COM</p> <p>JASMINE SANDLER DIGITAL MARKETING CONSULTING &amp; TRAINING</p> <p> | @Jasmine_Sandler</p> <p>33</p>