phd - our alums lead

PhD - Our Alums Lead
PhD - Our Alums Lead
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Learn more about two alums who are succeeding with their PhD.


  • 525 West Redwood Street, Baltimore, MD

    Donna Harrington, PhD, Associate Dean for Doctoral and Post-Doctoral EducationJen Canapp, PhD Program Coordinator 410.706.7960

    We prepare our graduates to be exceptional teachers and to

    carry out leading research. If you are ready to move in that

    direction in your career, we are among the nations most respected

    PhD programs and dedicate ourselves every day to your success.

    Our course work and other learning opportunities prepare our

    graduates to becoming outstanding scholars and educators.

    Andrea Jones - Sellersville, PA

    Maryland offered me the opportunity to pursue research ideas that were of interest to me, as well as the individual support and

    mentorship I needed to complete my dissertation research and find a great job. Its a great doctoral program in a great location!


  • Lynn Michalopoulos - Winston-Salem, NC

    I am grateful for my many mentors, professors, and graduate advisors who have provided me with a solid foundation as a knowledgeable and growing social work scientist. I truly feel I have been given the tools to contribute to the global mental health field.

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