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  • 1. Hello Anab Jain | www.superflux.in | Twitter: @Superflux 1(this talk was originally presented as a narrative, with supporting sounds)I landed in Amsterdam few months ago, and at the airport, this was the rst service message I received, the rude roaming charge that slapped on... (*Audio playing airport announcements and other ambient sounds)

2. Explore Amsterdam: Mobile City Guide Service2As I walked up towards the service desk, the Explore Amsterdam app jumped up at me: seemed so much better then trying to initiate a red-eyed conversation with a bored service desk person. Off I went... (*Audio playing airport announcements and other ambient sounds) 3. On-the-go Service: Tickets for Canal Riding3What was Explore Amsterdam? Compiled with the on-the-go traveler in mind, the Amsterdam Mobile Guide highlights the very best Amsterdam has to offer. This service provides users with striking images and accurate descriptions of Amsterdams most popular attractions... here I was, looking for canal riding tickets, but as you can tell - not perfect timing. (*Audio playing ambient city sounds, voices of tourists, music, wind, rain*) 4. Always-on: Social Networking Service 4Atleast I was not going to feel lonely in the city, being anonymous yet connected, trying to be doing all the multiple things that the city was offering me. (*Audio playing traffic sounds) 5. Rent a Bike Service: Mental Note 5looking over my screen occasionally, I passed a few of these along the way, made a mental note: yes yes yes I will rent a bike. (*Audio playing sounds of bike bells) 6. Prince of Persia: Answer Tasmina and win 50 movie minutes!foursquare6Hanging out by the bustop, maybe bit too close to the Prince of Persia poster: Cause - lo and behold! Before I knew it, Tasmina was on my screen, luring me into a game... The incentive being 50 free movie minutes. Awesome. (this is part of Walt Disneys augmented reality outdoor campaign for the Prince of Persia movie.) 7. Game of Concentration: You are about to win!7Look there I am! CONCENTRATING! I spent a signicant amount of time trying to win that one... think I came really close... 8. Foursquare Everywhere: Unlocking Douchebag! Photo Credit: flickr.com/photos/simona_8While I didnt win that game, I did became a mayor and even unlocked the douchebag badge on foursquare! Brilliant. 9. Always-on: Social Networking Service 9Had a great afternoon with my friend, although facebook did sneak up on me ever so often. 10. Personalised Goodies Service:10My friend didnt seem to mind that, and later he helped me put up a load of oaticons ... ! (actually, they have been pulled back. R.I.P. Floaticons) (*Audio playing ambient restaurant sounds, music, chattering, laughing etc) 11. Keep em Happy Service: Feeding cookies to my Floaticons11And while the conversations and the laughter began to get blurry - I did not forget to feed cookies to my oaticons. I think a whole new level of engagement had just begun. 12. Catch-up-on-the-city App? 12Back at the airport, catching up on the city I missed from a brand new App. It pulls out the best events and services that i could bookmark for next time. did i really miss that awesome sunset? (*Audio playing airport announcements and other ambient sounds) 13. 13 Just to note that what I have presented is one view of the city - a tourist-like view - someone familiar with the city, but perhaps not living there.. Could an immersive screen experience make one feel rather disconnected from the physical serendipitious encounters is something I wonder, maybe / maybe not. But while constructing this narrative I have been hugely inspired by Jesse Schells recent Long Now talk titled Visions of the Gamepocalypse. 14. APPOCALYPSEDisclaimer:Iamadesignerandtotallylovetechnologyandallthejazz;) 14Are we experiencing App-o-calypse? Do the parallel conversations about networked cities, smart cities, and data in cities on one cities, and people, our everyday lives and experiences And here I consider many of these apps to be services, indeed they are. 15. Welcome to India15In comparison to this experience, few months ago I was visiting Ahmedabad, city in Gujarat, western India. As you can see on this map of the city, there are not many street names, heres one example of how places are addressed. (Bharat General store). If that bus stop came down or the road got widened, theyd have to re-appropriate the address. The streets are the dening character of Indian cities and to explore them better, lets just make a trip... Now if you arrive in the city by train, you can jump into an autorickshaw... 16. Rickshaw wallah: Latest Bollywood Hits and Misses Photo Credit: Jon Ardern16While holding on to edge of the rickshaw seat for dear life, you will get an insiders guide to the latest bollywood hits and misses.. (*Audio playing the remix of the latest lm Housefull.*) Wallah or Wallih is suffix we attach to people / vendors/ agents/ makers/ who form a huge part of Indian urban life. They are the spirit of entrepreneurship in India, and also as I will show, work as important network nodes too. 17. Temporary TV Wallah: Whats the Score?Photocredit: flickr.com/photos/anewnadir 17On the way, you can stop by at the corner shop to get the latest cricket score. (*Audio playing cricket score*) Someone has borrowed the neighbours cables, and setup a temporary cricket commentary service. 18. Local Barber: Live Stock Market Updates 18If you are a bloke and feeling lazy, you could walk down to the corner of your street and get a quick shave and... (*Audio playing live stock market update*) The Barber updates you with a ltered version of the live stock market update, which may not be as efficient as your bloomberg app, but perhaps more relevant to you... 19. Shaadi Walli: Local Marriage Bureau 19And if you walk past the streets or a side temple, youd nd elderly women hanging out, often discussing detailed marriage propositions, often without the knowledge of those concerned... umm.. well. (*Audio playing street+temple sounds*) 20. Underground wallah/walli: Deviant Services 20In the old town youll pass by rows of shops that offer free food to the needy. Amongst these groups of people are agents wandering around, whispering code numbers, looking for people who may want to sell a bottle of blood, an organ or want to be a surrogate mother. There is this other deviant economy (ref: Nils Gilman) ourishing entirely through a loose informal network of information. (*Audio playing busy street sounds*) 21. Paanwallah: Real Estate UpdatesPhoto Credit: flickr.com/photos/rohitrath21In case youve had a busy day you can go treat yourself to the indian staple high - the paan. And while chewing the zero tension paan you could join in the conversation going on about real estate. (*Audio playing Bollywood tune Mahiya re *) The paan wallah has done well in selling plots of land in the neighbourhood, and is perhaps the best person to ask about ats for rent in the neighbourhood. 22. Robot wallah: Your horoscope for the week 22And nally end the day with a dose of your auspicious future... This robot will tell you your horoscope for the week (*Audio playing robot horoscope*) Also to note: You wont go up to the robot on your own, there will always be the person playing the role of the social interface, who will take the money, give you headphones, and watch you while you hear your fate. 23. 23This is how the barbers network grows. He is like a data set, a node stretching to covers nooks and corners of the area around him. Now if we starting populating this map with all the other people we just met... 24. 24 You get this map! You see how these various people emerge as points of inuence, rather then specic service providers. This could be a local map of soft services and networks, which I think is not only more compelling, but also meaningful for the people who live there. Planners, businesses, entrepreneurs and service providers need to recognise the value of these in-formal networks and services. Although not the most efficient, these networks are also the lifeline of human stories, and equally valuable. Its relational as opposed to transactional. 25. The Street as Facebook (except that this one is Open Source) flickr.com/photos/oneeighteen25You can see how the citizen *is* an active participant in shaping his/her environment everywhere he/she goes. In a sense, you could consider these Indian streets to be like Facebook. Ofcourse they have the same issues around privacy, but atleast they are Open Source! 26. ? What are the alternative transmodernities and constructions of the relationships between the city, citizen and service26So the question is - looking ahead - speculating about a future Amsterdam - what are the alternative constructions of the relationships between the city, citizen and service? 27. What if: The screen in your hand or inyour pocket was not your service portal? 27Borrowing from the Indian model, could we try and speculate just one future possibility? Could we imagine a services model where the screen in your hand, or in your pocket was not your service portal? 28. What if: People in the city, peoplearound you were your service portal? PhotoCredit:ickr.com/photos/Suze197428Instead was an intermediary between you and people in the city, people around you? So that it connects you to people rather then replacing people ? (quite an important difference.) 29. I am a Broker I am aI am aThrill Seeker MarketeerI am aRecordistI am aI am aSuperhero Foodie I am aHistorian29 Could people, who feel like, for limited time periods, take on stealth entrepreneurial roles and become datanodes - nodes with high powered beams of bits running through our skins? Leaving clues, striking upencounters, selling services, through networks? 30. I am a Broker I am a I am aThrill SeekerMarketeer I am a RecordistI am aI am aSuperhero FoodieI am a Historian 30 When I went to th