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  1. 1. PRESENTERS : Rashiqa Mahmood 12-arid-2152 Ume-Habiba 12-arid-2170 Ammara Fayyaz 12-arid-2086
  2. 2. Talk up to 200 people at same time for free !
  3. 3. Line on 2nd june,2015 unveiled a new group calling app, called Popcorn Buzz. The Popcorn Buzz is described by the company as a 'free group call app' that lets users talk with up to 200 people at the same time. Line details some use cases for talking with multiple users at once, such as when talking to more than one family member or friend, or even club members, apart from colleagues.
  4. 4. WHY IT IS AWSOME ? 1- Free Group Calls Talk with up to 200 people at the same time, for free! 2- Easy Invitations Invite anyone simply by sending them a URL. Inviting your LINE friends is easy when you log in with LINE. 3- See Who'sTalking You can tell who's talking at a glance.
  5. 5. EASY INVITATIONS! Choose a username and upload an identifying profile picture. To start a group call, simply send invites after creating a unique URL for the call.The URL can be shared via SMS, email or another communication method. Good news for existing Line subscribers is that they can use their Line account to log onto Popcorn Buzz and instantly synchronize their contacts list and get started making group calls.
  6. 6. SEE WHOSTALKING ! Once the group call commences, users can see all the other call members images and check who is speaking through the green dots that light up in the lower right-hand corner of current chatting users icons.
  7. 7. COMPATIBILITY Although initially offered on Android, an upcoming Apple iOS-compatible app is set to be released soon, and the company also promises additional features, such as interconnectivity with LINE groups, group video chat and other pending communication supports. Expect more updates since the app is new and would probably need stability fixes.
  8. 8. NETWORK SUPPORT The app can support calls overWi-Fi, but additional fees may be charged if used with 3G and 4G networks.
  9. 9. LANGUAGES Popcorn Buzz is currently available in different languages, including Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, Korean,Thai,Vietnamese and many more.
  10. 10. COMPANY GOALS The company says the app can replace "business- grade conference call services. With its release, Popcorn Buzz seeks to redefine the limits of Smartphone communication in a way that has never been done before.