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The Panamera model range



The Panamera

ConceptThe Panamera model range Panamera and Panamera4 Panamera Diesel PanameraS and Panamera4S PanameraS Hybrid Panamera Turbo and Panamera Turbo S

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We have absolutely no experience when it comes to building large, heavy saloons. How fortunate. The Panamera model range.

What can a car manufacturer with such a small market share worldwide have to say about luxury saloons? Good question. Not everyone who achieves success should feel bound by convention. A few reject the norms and constraints of society and view things from a new perspective: open, surprising, agile and inquisitive. Consequently, a refreshing change is happening within the automotive luxury and premium classes. Suddenly, luxury is losing its association with portliness

and the premium class is no longer home to narrow thinking. Luxury neednt mean cumbersome it can mean dynamic instead. This is our definition of luxury. Lets call it dynamic luxury because sportiness is more important to us than anything else. Its about a car that you would want to drive, as well as be driven in. Thats why weve developed the Panamera model range. Its that simple, and thats actually nothing new for Porsche. We believe its about the pure driving experience, regardless

of whether you sit in the front or the back. Its about four doors and four seats in a Porsche. Sportscar technology for four. The Panamera. The Panamera4. The new Panamera Diesel. The PanameraS. The Panamera4S. The new PanameraS Hybrid. The Panamera Turbo. The new Panamera Turbo S.


The Panamera models. Four doors. Four seats. Sportscar technology for four. Comfort and everyday practicality without compromise. Efficient drive concepts, a lightweight body and highly dynamic. This is the principle of Porsche Intelligent Performance.




Concept | The Panamera model range

Concept | The Panamera model range

If you loved the road, you wouldnt dream of tarnishing it. Exterior design.

Weve been playing with the concept of a saloon. It lost 4:0. Interior design.

As you can see, we didnt experiment with the cars design. We stuck with our philosophy that form should follow function. Nothing else would have made sense. Nothing else would have produced a four-seater Porsche. How can you tell whether it has the Porsche DNA? From the distinctive proportions and lines. The wings are slightly higher than the bonnet and, at the rear, they are distinctly muscular and form the typical Porsche shoulder line. The silhouette of the Panamera models is therefore typically Porsche. It is dynamic without being overbearing, and exudes elegance rather than extravagance. In its class, the total length of less than five metres is to its advantage. The front, shoulders and rear all have instantly recognisable Porsche traits. Particularly striking are the side air outlets behind the

front wheels paying homage to the Carrera GT. A low, wide stance. A sleek roofline. The overall impression leaves you in no doubt that these are true sportscar proportions. Typically Porsche. The most striking aspect of the rear is undoubtedly the spoiler which is integrated into the rear lid. From a speed of around 90 km/h, it deploys automatically, as you may already have suspected. However, on the Panamera Turbo models, it doesnt stop there. The spoiler splits in the middle and extensions deploy to the left and right, making it considerably wider to further reduce lift at the rear axle. The wheels are of classic sportscar design: fine-spoked, lightweight, and stylish. Sizes range from 18 inches to 20 inches, and

all the wheels provide a good glimpse of the brake system. Just another example of sporty styling. The appearance of all models can be customised to your individual taste. The colour palette offers no fewer than 16 exterior colours. In total, there are two solid, nine metallic and five special colours to choose from. An additional metallic colour Agate Grey Metallic is available for the Panamera Turbo S. On request, you can opt to have your Panamera model finished in practically any colour of your choice. In addition, a wide range of personalisation options is available. For more information, please refer to page124 onwards. So you see, whichever way you look at it, it looks like a Porsche and, most importantly, it feels like one too.

Whatever kind of journey you are making short or long, for business or pleasure, or even just routine driving the Panamera offers something a little bit different. When you sit inside one of the Panamera models, four things

immediately stand out: first, the elevated centre console; second, the four individual seats; third, the amount of space in the rear where taller passengers will find plenty of leg and head room; and fourth, the versatility of the luggage compartment thanks to the folding rear seats.

The ignition lock is located on the left-hand side of the steering wheel. The instrument cluster incorporating the central rev counter is clear and quick to read. The four individual seats (p.98) are comfortable and offer good lateral support. In conjunction with seat heating, a seat ventilation function is also available as an option. The electrically adjustable 8-way power seats in the rear (p.100) are another special feature available on request. Why four individual seats? Only these satisfy our requirement for high performance driving and a high level of seating comfort. Conventional rear bench seats cannot fulfil this requirement and instead made way for a centre console.





Concept | The Panamera model range

Concept | Panamera and Panamera4

Does your head tell you that pleasure and efficiency are mutually exclusive? Listen to your heart instead. The Panamera and the Panamera4.

So, you have duties to perform, but who says that you cannot follow your heart and combine practicality with pleasure at the same time? No, for us, there is no conflict here, but a principle: efficiency. Its not about maximum

engine power, but intelligent overall performance. That makes practical sense, and pleasure too. The distinguishing features of the Panamera and Panamera4 are the 18-inch Panamera wheels,

black brake calipers and twin single-tube tailpipes. The side windows have matt black borders. The double slats on the side air intakes are black on the Panamera and titanium coloured on the Panamera4.


In terms of performance, the Panamera and Panamera4 If you regularly spend time as a passenger in the back, you can customise your surroundings with a range of optional equipment and packages, such as the large centre console, the roll-up sunblinds for the rear side windows and behind the rear compartment, or the rear interior lighting package. The preserve of the premium class: the comprehensive range If you suspected that the Panamera is more than just a sportscar with four seats, this is confirmed by a glance inside the of personalisation options, with seven interior colours, five two-tone combinations and two additional two-tone combinations exclusively for the Panamera Turbo S. Plus a range of optional interior packages featuring fine woods, carbon or aluminium. For more information on our many combinations of tech nological options, colours and materials for the interior, please see page124 onwards.Panamera

On the Panamera, power is t ransmitted to the rear axle by a 6-speed manual gearbox. The 7-speed Porsche Doppelkupplung (PDK p. 56) with Auto start/stop function (p.50) is available as an option. This double-clutch transmission enables fast gear changes with no interruption in

the flow of power, for increased performance and greater comfort but lower fuel consumption.

luggage compartment (p.118). Under the large rear lid, there is space to accommodate four suitcases from the Porsche Design Drivers Selection. Enough room, then, for a journey with four occupants.

are equipped with the 3.6-litre naturally aspirated V6 engine. Efficient and sporty, thanks to direct fuel injection (DFI p. 51) and VarioCam Plus (p.52) fitted as standard, it generates 220kW (300hp) and 400Nm of torque.

Panamera/Panamera4: Fuel consumption in (l/100 km) urban 16.412.7 extra urban 7.86.9 combined 11.39.3 CO2 emissions 265218 g/km 21 22 23

Concept | Panamera and Panamera4

door armrests and armrest section of the centre console are f inished in embossed leather, while the gear lever or selector and steering wheel rim are in smooth-finish leather. The sports steering wheel, black dial faces and interior trims in high-gloss black add to the interiors visual appeal. Fitted as standard is the CDR-31 audio system with 7-inch colour touchscreen (p.102). PorschePanamera4 with 19-inch Panamera Design wheels, Panamera with 20-inch 911 Turbo II wheels

(PCM p. 102) with navigation module is available as an option. Both units are compatible with the BOSE Surround Sound System (p.108) or the Burmester High-End Surround Sound System (p.110). The Panamera and Panamera4 offer the best of both worlds: performance and practicality. They are comfortable, luxurious, fit for long journeys, and every bit a Porsche.

Communication Management

On the Panamera4, drive force is transmitted to the road by the active all-wheel drive of Porsche Traction Management (PTM p.60) and by the 7-speed Por


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