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  • Seminar 1:Transport and health28 October 2014

  • Setting the scene: Overview of local transport policy in PortsmouthMarc Griffin - Portsmouth City Council

  • The City of Portsmouth206,000 inhabitants (Est. 2014) Unique mostly flat topography with an area of 40.15km (15.5 miles) 49km (30.5 miles) of coastlineMixture of business types5 train stations and 8 Ferry services Distinguished by its historic, diverse and vibrant waterfront with the Naval Dockyard, Commercial Ferry Port, and Southsea seafront.Portsmouth is ideal for walking and cycling.


  • *

  • The City of PortsmouthAs a city Portsmouth is important in providing An effective transport network,Healthcare, Education,Employment, Shopping, Leisure,Culture.*

  • Transport Overview - Local Transport PlanTransport is an enabler of activity and has a key role to play in:

    building vibrant local communities,underpinning and enabling regeneration,moving towards a sustainable future.

    Local Transport Plan 3 sets out how both Portsmouth and the wider South Hampshire sub-region will be tackled

  • Each Local Transport Authority in England and Wales has a statutory duty to produce and adopt a Local Transport Plan

    Portsmouth City Council has developed the third Local Transport Plan strategy, which covers the period up to 2031 working closely with Solent Transport partnersTransport Overview - Local Transport Plan

  • Transport has considerable influence on health and quality of life, not only in terms of improving access to society and encouraging healthy lifestyles but also in promoting overall well being and quality of life. Transport Overview - Local Transport Plan

  • Portsmouth and the South Hampshire Sub-regionThere is increasing recognition of the fact that transport challenges cross authority boundaries

    Portsmouth City Council works with Southampton City Council, Isle of Wight Council and Hampshire County Council to form Solent Transport to develop and deliver transport improvements for this functional economic area

    Phil Marshall Solent Transport will expand on this later*

  • Physical Challenges to transport

    *Island city with limited space to expand the road networkOnly 3 roads linking Portsmouth to the mainlandVery high housing density and mix of housing designsHistoric sections of city & a large number of listed buildingsLarge student population55% of those aged over 65 have a Limiting Long Term Illness (LLTI)Large number of cars within the city

  • Psychological challenges to transport

    *Active travel not cultural norm or seen as convenient not just a Portsmouth problemLow confidence in road cycling High fear of crime levelsHigh levels of cycle theftLimited access to affordable cycling equipmentPoor perception at present of cycling within the city

  • Transport Team Structure - PCC

  • Transport Policy and PlanningSupport Portsmouth City Council and provide input to Solent Transport,Contribute to Solent Transport studies,Contribute to the Local Development Partnering, Provides delivery reports to government on the Local Transport Plan,Develop Transport Policies and Strategies as appropriate including future links to sustainability and Public Health.

  • Transport Policy and PlanningSupport with the development of transport related business cases,Transport Studies, Workplace Travel Plans (influencing behaviours) and monitoring,Support and input with DfT information requests and efficiency projects, Support for Electric Charging Points strategy,Manage and support Park and Ride Strategy and bus operations.

  • Park and Ride is catalyst to drive further transport improvements and regeneration in the city including: City Deal, Northern Quarter,Hard Interchange projects, Alternative transport options into the city.

  • 663 car park spaces,Priority bus lane into Portsmouth, Terminal building with toilet provision, Enclosed waiting room,Cycle storage,Brompton Bikes,Electric Charging Points

  • Transport Policy and PlanningHighways Development Control assistance including:Advising transport implications of development applications, including the determination of all off-site works Support for public challenge from PCC comments in the event of a hearingPlanning application advice CIL, S38, S106 and S278 AdviceOpportunity to influence sustainable transport

  • Network ManagementTransport modelling support Junction Capacity modelling support Accessibility modelling and interpretation Traffic Signals design Feasibility to Detail Design for Traffic Management Schemes Traffic Monitoring (e.g. Congestion, Air quality) Street Design including pedestrian environment Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS) support Scheme development for traffic management

  • Responsible for the provision of advice on active travel and implementing solutions to varied and complex issues.

    Work closely with the Road Safety team

    Provide advice to a wide range of audiences,

    Project manage schemes that will improve the active travel network within the city

    Maintain and update the Definitive Map (Public Rights of Way PROW)

    *Road Safety and Active Travel

  • Active Travel within PortsmouthPortsmouth lends itself to different methods of Active Travel promoting the health agenda

    Will factor in the future social and economic development of the city

    Aims to give all residents the tools to choose to travel actively in their everyday activities including the benefits.


  • LSTF Benefits over past 3 yearsImproved infrastructure for Sustainable Modes within PortsmouthIncrease in visitor numbers/ number of attractions visited.Contribute to economic growth in Portsmouth (including increased job creation)Provide a better environment for visitors and residents (including reduced carbon emissions)Improved information and travel options for visitors


  • Recent Successes of Active Travel

    The creation of the Community Cycle Hub at Winston Churchill Avenue.An improved link between the south of the City and Cosham station (Pilgrims Way).The installation of additional cycle parking in busy areas of the City.The Shipwrights Way cycle route (phases 1 and 2).*

  • Recent Successes of Active Travel (cont.)The improvement of signage and road markings (for both pedestrians and cyclists) within the City70% of children actively travel to school!Cycle events in conjunction with other external business stakeholdersMore accurate walking and cycling mapsBikeability training to children and adultsWayfinding boards throughout the city


  • Alfred Road Cycle SchemeAdvanced stop lines added at Bishop Crispian Way and Queen street including cycle detection.

    Carriageway widened to allow cyclists to pass stationary traffic.

    Signage improved to encourage use of the subway rather than footpath along Alfred Road.

  • Alverstone Road cycle signalDedicated cycle signal to allow cyclists full access to the junction with Milton Rd/Velder Ave.Guardrail removed and dropped kerbs installed - cycle detection in the ground that will place a demand when the cycle sits on itThis phase can appear twice in the cycle if demanded.

  • Elm Grove/Outram Road

    Right turn traffic lane removed New cycle lane and detection added to Victoria Road

    Cycle detection added to Victoria Rd North for right turn into Elm Grove

  • On-going projects promoting sustainabilityPROW signage and mappingCycle parking (various locations)Review and remediation of current cycle infrastructure Signs and lines rationalisation Building relationships with both internal and external stakeholdersImprovements to the current cycle counters within the cityEducation and Enforcement events


  • Proposed Future SchemesWork to promote polite cycling within the cityImprovements to be made to the cycle network in the north western corner of the cityMilton Road shared routeCreate/improve walking/cycle routes in conjunction with new development in the cityThe continued installation/upgrading of PROW signageHGV Awareness Trading Places*

  • Proposed Future Schemes (Cont.)On-going improvements being made to the walking and cycling signage within the cityEducation and Enforcement events with Hampshire Constabulary Walking and cycling maps to be re-designedGIS mapping of cycle pathways within the city to be undertaken*

  • Proposed Future Schemes (Cont.)Working with the University of Portsmouth to improve student safety when traveling actively Measure the level of interest in cycling throughout the cityBuild and maintain relationships with key stakeholdersContinuation of myjourney



  • Schools education - Primary*

  • Schools education - Secondary


  • CyclingCycling on pavement second most common complaint to the Council. Joint operations at key locations.

    Cycling without lights

    Be Bright events -491 cyclists engaged with bag covers/lights


  • Bikeability*Cycling training available to all primary schoolsBid for, and awarded, the funding from DfTDelivered by Pedal Power1457 children trained March 13-April 14

  • The Hard Interchange*

  • Overview of Transport Policy in the Solent Area

    Transport and Health Event, Portsmouth28 October 2014

    Phil MarshallPrincipal Transport PlannerSolent Transport

  • Overview of TransportPolicy in the Solent AreaSolent - Some Key CharacteristicsSolent Transport BackgroundSub Regional Transport ModelTransport Delivery PlanTravel Patterns and TrendsInvestment SecuredLooking Forward

  • Solent Some Key CharacteristicsMost densely populated part of SE England outside LondonTwo functional travel to work areas focussed around Portsmouth and Southampton that extend well beyond city boundariesCoastal location means economy has a marine and maritime focus

  • Solent Some Key CharacteristicsSignificant port operations at Portsmouth and SouthamptonCoastal geography constrains travel movements within the SolentFavourable climateMost urban areas relatively flat

  • Solent Transport - BackgroundEstablished in 2007 as a Joint Committee (formerly Transport for South Hampshire)Partnership between four Solent Local Transport AuthoritiesRecognises that transport issues cross local authority boundariesHas developed a comprehensive multi-modal transport evidence base for Solent area (Sub Regional Transport Model)Has built good working relationships and works closely with key strategic transport partnersSuccess in securing funding for transport projectsIsle of Wight joined in May 2012

  • Sub Regional Transport ModelSystra was commissioned in 2009 to develop a comprehensive multi-modal WebTAG compliant transport and economic evidence base the SRTMSRTM recently expanded to include the Isle of WightVital tool for developing Transport Business Cases in funding bidsUsed to develop Transport Delivery Plan which outlines overall transport strategy to accommodate economic growth in the Solent area over the period to 2026

  • Transport Delivery Plan

  • Transport Delivery PlanDelivery Plan Interventions:Transport led Urban RegenerationWalking & CyclingManaging FreightBus Priority, Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) and Enhanced Bus ServicesInterchange ImprovementsRailHighway Schemes Targeted InvestmentHighway Schemes Development Related

  • Solent Travel Patterns and TrendsWhere do people travel?How do they travel?How is this changing over time?

  • Existing SolentModal Split (All journeys - 2010)Highway(70%)PublicTransport(5%)ActiveTravel(25%)07:00-19:00

  • Modal Split by LA area2010 AM Peak All trips

  • Highway trip length by Population Density2010 AM Peak

  • 2001 Census Journey to Work O&D Data - PORTSMOUTH

    Live & Travel to WorkIn Portsmouth

    57,191Solent6,709 Homework5,872TOTAL PORTSMOUTH JOBS = 103,488Solent15,771TOTAL = 22,480Outside Solent6,957 Solent33,468TOTAL = 40,425TOTAL = 63,063IN COMMUTELIVE & WORKOUT COMMUTETOTAL PORTSMOUTH WORKFORCE = 85,543

  • 2011 Census Journey to Work O&D Data - PORTSMOUTH

    Live & Travel to WorkIn Portsmouth

    52,520(-8.2%)Solent9,585(+42.9%) Homework7,092(+20.8%)TOTAL PORTSMOUTH JOBS = 100,884 (-2.5%)Solent18,277(+15.9%)TOTAL = 27,862 (+23.9%)Outside Solent9,046(+30.0%) Solent32,226(-3.7%)TOTAL = 41,272 (+2.1%)TOTAL = 59,612 (-5.5%)IN COMMUTELIVE & WORKOUT COMMUTETOTAL PORTSMOUTH WORKFORCE = 87,474 (+2.3%)

  • 2001 Census Journey to Work O&D Data - FAREHAM

    Live & Travel to WorkIn Fareham20,524

    OutsideSolent4,726 Homework4,657TOTAL FAREHAM JOBS = 45,931Solent23,422TOTAL = 28,148

    Solent18,001TOTAL = 20,750TOTAL = 25,181IN COMMUTELIVE & WORKOUT COMMUTETOTAL FAREHAM WORKFORCE = 53,329OutsideSolent2,749

  • 2011 Census Journey to Work O&D Data - FAREHAMLive & Travel to WorkIn Fareham16,395(-20.1%)OutsideSolent 5,939(+25.7%)Homework5,596(+20.2%)TOTAL FAREHAM JOBS = 46,600 (+1.5%)Solent23,795(+1.6%)TOTAL = 29,734 (+5.6%)

    Solent20,456(+13.6%)TOTAL = 24,609 (+18.6%)TOTAL = 21,991 (-12.7%)IN COMMUTELIVE & WORKOUT COMMUTETOTAL FAREHAM WORKFORCE = 51,725 (-3.0%)OutsideSolent4,153(+51.1%)

  • Census Journey to Work Data Portsmouth Internal Trips

  • Census Journey to Work Data Fareham Internal Trips

  • Census Journey to Work Data Portsmouth External Origin Trips

  • Census Journey to Work Data Fareham External Origin Trips

  • Census Journey to Work Data Portsmouth External Destination Trips

  • Census Journey to Work Data Fareham External Destination Trips

  • Eclipse Bus Rapid Transit20m for Phase 1 Eclipse Fareham to Gosport Bus Rapid Transit scheme

  • Local Sustainable Transport Fund31.2m for the Better Connected South Hampshire Local Sustainable Transport Fund (LSTF) project (17.8m Government funding matched with 13.3m local contributions) between 2012 and 2015 to deliver:Public Transport multi operator bus and ferry SolentGo SmartcardPhysical interventions to improve public transport, walking and cycling infrastructure on nine key corridors into Southampton, Portsmouth and GosportTargeted behavioural change programme to encourage more trips by sustainable forms of travel (walking, cycling, public transport)Working in partnership with Sustrans and University of SouthamptonComplemented by Small LSTF projects in Portsmouth and Southampton

  • LSTF Behavioural Change

  • LSTF - Smartcard

  • Pinch Point FundingM27 Junction 5 improvements (2014)Builds on free flow lane from westbound exit to Stoneham WayM27 Junction 3 improvements (2014)Dunsbury Hill Farm Asda Roundabout

  • Solent Growth DealLocal Transport Body Prioritised schemes (19.2m formula funding)Dunsbury Hill Farm Link RoadSouthampton Station Quarter NorthThe Hard Interchange, PortsmouthA27 Improvements, FarehamCross Solent ConnectivityFareham / Gosport packageWhiteley WayImprovements to East-West connectivity (through work of Solent Strategic Land & Infrastructure Board)

  • Future Funding 2015/16LondonHS2HighwaysAgencyNetwork RailLA Major ProjectsLA MaintenanceNon Transport FundingIntegrated Transport BlockIntegrated Transport BlockLSTF RevenueLSTF Capital324156879111210Funding bnLocal Growth FundLocal Authority Funding0

  • Future Funding 2016/17LondonHS2HighwaysAgencyNetwork RailLA Major ProjectsLA MaintenanceNon Transport FundingIntegrated Transport BlockIntegrated Transport Block324156879111210Funding bnLocal Growth FundLocal Authority Funding0

  • Future Funding 2017/18LondonHS2HighwaysAgencyNetwork RailLA Major ProjectsLA MaintenanceNon Transport FundingIntegrated Transport BlockIntegrated T...


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