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P owt C ounterpoint , n A JOURNAL FOR CIVIC COMMUNICATION A VOLH.NO47 WEEKLVIOV M. w* FOR the week of febi ? uary <?3,I9 6 fi POINT RICHMOND, CALIFORNIA ODD ENDS ............. .......... OVER the Backyard Fence ------------------ RECREATION ............... REMINISCING --------- THE OLD PROF .......... WANT ADS .................. WASHINGTON SCHOOL ACTIVITES This Week CIVIC CALENDAR -- CAMPFIRE & SCOUTS HERE & THERE ------ INDIANS ATTACK Textbooks ----- JUNIORS ...................... LOCAL NEWS .............

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M. w*
FOR t h e w e e k of fe b i?uary <?3,I9 6 fiPOINT RICHMOND, CALIFORNIA
ODD ENDS ....................... OVER the Backyard
F ence ------------------ RECREATION ............... REMINISCING --------- THE OLD PROF .......... WANT ADS .................. WASHINGTON SCHOOL
T e x tb o o k s -----
JUNIORS ...................... LOCAL NEWS .............
Two young lad ies m oved lo the Point in 1904. They w ere newly m arried , and Richmond was newly form ed. Their fam- j il ie s grew with the town. Three g en era ­ tions p assed , and the two lad ies , sixty - four years la ter , le ft Richmond and the world behind on the sam e night
M rs, F reid a K ess died W ednesday m orning, shortly after m idnight. She was nearly 92 y ears old, and , until three days Before her death, she in sisted on being out of bed, and talcing care of her - se lf . Even those who didn't know her person ally w ill alw ays rem em ber the l i t ­ tle lady who daily walked down the h ill and clim bed back up, to her hom e on Wash­ ington Avenue, doing her daily shopping.
B orn in Hanover , Germany in 1876, M rs. H ess m oved to the United States with a Jew ish fam ily when she was 17 years old. After m oving from Santa Fe, New M exico to St. Louis, she came here to m arry F red erick H ess, whom she had m e t in St. Loius. Mr. H ess worked for the Standard Oil Company from 1903 to 1936. They m oved into their home on Washington Avenue, and la ter transform ed it into a tw o-story duplex and rented the upper story . They w ere charter m em bers of the Mt. Olive Lutheran Church; her h u s ­ band was a Mason for 53 y ea rs , and M rs. H ess was active in E astern Star. Her h u s­ band died in 1945. M rs. H ess bs survived by three sons, four grandsons and one great-grands cn,
M rs, E lizabeth P aasch m oved to R ich ­ mond from a B erk eley Ranch with her husband, the la te R ichard P aasch . M rs. P aasch was a m em ber of E astern Star, M iram ar Chapter 205, N ative Daughters of the Golden West, and honorary m em ber of the Richm ond Woman's City Club. Her husband helped to organize R ichm ond's f ir s t volunteer F ir e Departm ent, he was a butcher and blacksm ith, and becam e Captain of R ichm ond's F ire Departm ent,
She is survived by three sons, eight grandchildren and eight g rea t-gran d ch il­ dren. A ll of her three sons res id e in
Richmond, and M rs. P aasch was ju sti fiably proud of a ll of them . Richard , j is retired from the city fire depart­ ment; Robert is with R ichfield Oil Cor; and Waiter, who liv e s on Washington Avenue, has been County C lerk since 1944.
M rs, P aasch lived on Tunnel A ve­ nue. She was 89 y ea rs old .
------------------ 4 1WW®IRT1HDAY'S _!L
During the week, M rs. Edward Palenchar had a birthday party for her m other, M rs. Joseph M atteucci, and M rs. M atteucci's s is te r , Josephine M artin,
The three sons of Airs. M atteucci, and their fa m ilie s , Ed Palenchar, and R ose B ozzo w ere a lso p resen t to help celeb rate the birthdays.
C harles Palenchar is hom e on a th irty-day lea v e . He is in the Navy, on the U .S . Bennington, which is s ta ­ tioned in Long Beach.
M rs. Ruby E llis , p resid en t of the W est Side Im provem ent Club, m issed the Club's m eeting Thursday, only b ecau se the H ospital detained her But they w ill probably not hold M rs. E llis for long,
B ern ice D arley w ill a lso soon r e ­ turn hom e from the h o sp ita l. She is p resen tly at A lta B ates.
The Cover P ictu re is a hom e on A rizona Avenue in Point Richmond; The house on page three is located on Tunnel Avenue.
There have been sev era l requests to identify hou ses pictured in Point Counterpoint, which we w ill try to rem em ber to do.
I 4 -
Saturday evening, February 24 at 8 :00 , the Berm uda Room of the R ich ­ mond Auditorium w ill be filled with G er­ man song, perform ed by the a ll-m a le chorus of R ichm ond's Manner Chor, A fter the concert, dancing w ill occupy the rem ainder of the evening, with Harry Fox and h is band.
The M asquers of P oint Richmond are announcing auditions for their spring com edy, "Barefoot in the Park" by N eil Simon. Tryouts w ill be held at the M as­ q u e r s1 P layhouse, 105 Park P la ce , Point Richmond, Monday, February 26 at 8:00 p. m .
There are parts open for two women and four m en. The play, which w ill be directed by V irginia Cherniak, w ill open in A pril. Those in terested in further in ­ form ation m ay ca ll TH 3-3475.
--M a rie Wedell
* ON A
Sylvia Jenkins, pianist, w ill be p r e ­ sented in concert on Sunday afternoon, 3:30, at Cont4a C osta C ollege. The con ­ cert, by a b rillian t m usician, is open to the public, and free of chargej
M iss Jenkins, who has been a p r iz e ­ winner in the Munich International C om ­ petition, graduated sum m a cum laude from the San F rancisccf C onservatory, and studied in Siena , Ithlyi Included in the program on Sundayiare workd by Bach, Beethoven and Smetana, b esid es Chopin and som e m usic by Bartok.
Additional inform ation is available at CCC, 235-7800, extension 230.
The Public, and esp ec ia lly the youth, is again invited to Washington School Auditorium, to v iew a film concerning Drugs and A buses, which w ill be p r e se n ­ ted by form er Troop 1 Scout, Sergeant Bob Woods, of the Richmond P o lice D epartm ent. He w ill a lso have displays of narcotic paraphernalia.
The film , although a ser v ic e to the entire com m unity, is being presented as part of Boy Scout Troop 111 's tra in ­ ing cou rse in p h ysica l fitn e ss .
The "Bridge on the R iver Kwai" is the f ir s t film to be shown in the new F ree film se r ie s at Contra C osta C ollege. Sp onsored by the a ssocia ted students of Contra C osta C ollege, the f ir s t film w ill be presented on Monday, March 4, at 8 p .m . in the c o lle g e 's lib era l arts lecture hall, 2600 M ission B ell D rive, San Pablo. David Jacobson, E nglish instructor, w ill introduce the film and lead a d iscu ssion period afterw ards.
The "Bridge" stars W illiam Holden, M ec G uinness, jack Hawkins and S essu e Hayakwwa. It is a v isu a lly m agnificent film , fu ll of action.
D r. A lbert Hibbs, who is heard weekly on the radio program , "World of Science" w ill being h is audience up- to-date on the moon and its surface, in a lecture at CCC Thursday, February 28 at 8 p. m . in the C ollege gym . This is part of the L ecture s e r ie s , and without a season ticket, co sts $1. 00.
D r. Hibbs d irected the f ir s t TV cam era^ which gave us the f ir s t shots of the m oons' surface , and the in stru ­ m ents which made the f ir s t observations of neighboring p lanets.
Interesting and som etim es amusing a r tic le s from old Richmond and Point Richmond new spapers, through the courtesy of the Richmond M useum.
", . . said John Hanna of Stege in excusing h im se lf for being in toxi­ cated. He told such a good story that the judge le t him off with a reprim and.
H ere is h is story: 'I was walking in fronpff^- '> Albany when I cam acro ss a team ­ ster who had lo s t a cask of wine from his wagon. The wagon being broken down, the team ster asked me to watch the wagon and cask while he went to Albany for another wagon. The b arrel that had fa llen from the wagon wa leaking, in order to con serve the cont­ ents I secu red a pitcher and placed it be-" neath the leak. I found that I couldn't put it back in the b arrel and saw no other way of disposing of it except to drink it. (
'I had only one pitcher, and the wine ' flowed so rapidly from the leak that I hadj to f ill the pitcher sev era l tim es . I guess < I drank all that leaked from the b a rrel. 1
Unth. a)on Church-
"The Steam er Minnesota; le ft W ine- haven with the la r g e st cargo of wine ever shipped on a sin g le steam er, from E u r­ ope as w ell as from C a lifo r n ia ... A total of 25, 100 b a rre ls of which the C alifornia Wine A ssoc ia tion shipped 17, 000 b a rrels
or 1, 255, 000 ga llon s. The freight charges w ere $81, 000
and the value of the wine was about $475, 000, and
the governm ent c o lle c t ­ ed $60, 000 internal revenue on it.
"To ship by ra il would have required 418 cars or a train m ore than three
m iles long. Were it bottled, 6, 275, 000
com m ercia l quart bot- ,fy- t ie s would be required,
which, p laced end-to-end would reach from San F ran cisco
to Omaha , N ebraska. "To f il l the b a rrels would have taken
one man tw o-thirds of a year, and would have taken three m en a month to sten cil the b a r r e ls . If the b a rre ls w ere arranged nine square or 81 to a tier would, if p iled on such a foundation reach as high as the E iffel Tower. "
(S trange--th ey didn't figure how long it would take those m en to drink i t ' )
"Judge M cKenzie, after hearing both sid es of a d ivcrce c a se , decided to d is ­ m iss the su it. It had been shown that the couple had liv ed together since the suit was filed . The husband claim ed that his wife allow ed g e e se in h is room, and poured water in h is bed. "
February 21: "$150, 000 FOR ENLARG­ ING BRICK FACTORY"
The L os A ngeles P r e sse d B rick F a c ­ tory announced the expenditure for in s t­ a llation of m ore m odern m achineryto put out "the very fin est pre ssed brick.," according to the firm 's superintendent John G erlach.
££RTRUD£ &EJCSW Do you like to play "What If"? Like, .
MThat if the m en who strung the f ir s t lo n e ­ ly telegraph w ire a cro ss the country had buried it instead of putting it on a pole? ? ?
donated by Don C hurch .sjc i’fi :’4
AAAAAAAAAAAAA A young fellow I know has proposed
an econom ic sy stem to riva l a ll other plans. His sy stem is based on two con ­ tem porary phenomena: we seldom handle rea l m oney , and insurance com panies are able to compute how much money a man w ill earn in a life tim e, based on the highest grade he has com pleted. So. . . . says this young man. . . . why not g ive each person , upon m aturity, cred it for the amount of m oney he w ill earn in h is l i f e ­ tim e. He would have the g rea test amount of money when starting h is fam ily and could spend the r e s t of h is life working off h is cred it.
If the rain is getting you down, h ere's a little som ething to get your mind off damp th ings. Can you rem em ber who sponsored Superman, T erry and the P ir ­ ates, Jack A rm strong, Mandrake the Magi cian, The Shadow, and Tom Mix on radio? How about Ma P erk in s, Our Gal Sunday, Helen Trent, S tella D allas, Just P la in B ill, and Pepper Young's F am ily? Can you rem em ber the evening shows, B lond- ie, F ibber Magee and M olly, George Burns and G racie Allen, One Man's F am ily , The Great Gilder s leev e , Red Skelton, Jack Benny, Inner Sanctum, F red A llen, and C harlie McCarthy and Edgar B ergen? You m ay not rem em ber a ll the sponsors, but I'll bet you'll have a good tim e think­ ing about it.
From the Richmond Independent of February
2, 1915:
Juan Topas, who liv e s in a shack on C Street, has so lved the sy stem of moving without any com m otion. In other words, he has converted his place of abode into an ark and n av i­ gates about the lake that has been form ed by the recen t heavy rains with every change of the wind. Topas went to bed la s t night but fa iled to take his bearings by the North Star, and when he awoke this morning he was certa in that h is dom icile had m oved a block from where it was when he went to bed. After rubbing h is eyes in consternation it dawned upon him that h is house was afloat but he had no m eans of heaving anchor and b e ­ sid es he was not certa in he could touch bottom , as from all of the su r ­ rounding scen ery there was nothing to indicate that he had not been swejjt to sea . With this su rp r ise in store upon awakening, he quickly developed all of the sym ptom s of an attack of mal de m er and converting som e of h is household belongings into a raft, he read ily made h is escape to a point where th e water was shallow and then waded ashore.
HOW OFTEN do you look out your bedroom window and see a h orse? That's what a Scenic Avenue resid en t has been seein g lately , and she finally rea lized , much to her re lie f , that da e's not "seeing things" . The h orse liv e s on N icholl Kn obi
'The M agnificent Cuckold " w ill be presented at Contra C osta C ollege on March 8, 9, 15 and 16 by the Stagedoor Guild. Starring in Fernand C rom m elynck's play w ill be David Eakle in the ro le of Bruno, the husband, and Connie F oster , as S tella h is w ife. This is the f ir s t showing of the play in this ar ea. T ickets are available at Contra Costa C ollege, both at the A ssocia ted Students office and at the door of the student lounge on p e r ­ form ance nights. General ad m ission is $1.50, students with a sso c ia tio n cards, $1.00 . Curtain tim e is 8:30 p .m . on F rid ays and Saturdays.
ATTEND YOUR NEXT School Board M eeting : March 6 , 7 p. m . at Grant School. Find out the REAL is su e s . . It i s easy to be m isled by in ­ flam m atory sta tem ents. A ct on Fact.'
<5? 5 W .R IC H M O N D
© R B M ( 3P k & t
7 1 STANDARD AV£. / 2 3 a - 6 7 6 9
yjt/ft/ Liquors
The Contra Costa Shoreline Park C om m ittee is continuing to work for die saving of E ast B rothers Light House, G eorge P erry is making print cop ies of a photograph of the Lighthouse, which w ill be sent to yacht clubs and other in terested organizations, to a lert them to the danger of losing an h isto r ica l and handsom e Bay land m ark.
M ovies by the Park C om m ittee w ill soon be in the making , due to the g en er ­ osity of another point cam era-m an, J im R oberts. There is a need for a Super -8 m ovie cam era for this project. If you know of one, p lea se notify L ouise Ham ­ mond at 235-6717,
March p ro m ises to be an active month for the C om m ittee. Three events are scheduled for excu rsions to K eller 's Beach and N icholl Knob. The area-w ide annual m eetings of the G irl Scouts and the Cam pfire G irls w ill be celebrated with bonfires and picnicking at K eller 's Beach and a hike to the top of the h il ls . The Social H eritage Club w ill com bine a house tour with park view ing.
The C om m ittee fe e ls that as people from all oirer the county becom e a c ­ quainted with the area, they w ill r e a l ­ ize the unique opportunity it p resen ts for an a c ce ssib le shoreline park and that som e day Contra C osta County w ill enjoy a R egional Park there]
--L o u ise Hammond.
Father George T w igg-P orter, S. J.th< R egional D irector of the A postlesh ip of P rayer w ill give a Triduum in honor of the Sacred Heart, the sym bol of C hrists' love for us, March Third to the Fifth, at Our Lady of M ercy Church, Point Richmond.
He w ill speak at the M asses on Sun­ day , March Third. He w ill speak again that evening at 7:30 and on Monday and Tuesday at 7:30 a. m . and 7:30 p. m. E veryone is invited to join in th ese m ed i­ tations on Christ'slove for us.
--F a th er p ren d ev ille
by G errie K retzm er
On F ebruary 20, U. S, Senator Robert Kennedy stated that the few s ta tis tic s a - /a ilab le "are the m ost eloquent evidence of our failure in Indian education. "
That beleaguered group of second - ;la ss c itizen s , the A m erican Indian , has recently taken a look at its im age in e le ­ mentary education and found it sadly want­ ing. M em bers of the A m erican Indian H is ­ torical Society in San F ra n cisco have ^>ent three y ears evaluating C alifornia State textbooks , with referen ce to h is to r i­ cal treatm ent of the Indian. C onclusions are that the A m erican Indian is either not m entioned at all, or h is h istory is d is to r t­ ed - - particu larly during the Gold Rush anc M ission Days in C alifornia. The textbooks are so inaccurate in this area that grave doubts are ra ised about all of the in stu c- tional m ateria l and its e ffect on the teach= ers as w ell as the students.
T hese books and m ateria ls depict the Indiana as m ere parts of the landscape, to be c leared out to make way for the great "movement" of white population a cro ss the land; and that.Indians w ere forcib ly r e ­ m oved from their ancient hom elands to make way for adventurers (usually ca lled "Pioneering goldm iners") , for lan d -grab ­ bers (usually ca lled "settlers" ) , and for illega l squatters on Indian-owned land (usually ca lled frontiersm en"). The Indian student is told that Columbus d iscovered A m erica , that Coronado brought " c iv iliza - |Lon" to the Indian people, and that the Spanish m iss io n a r ie s provided havens of refuge for the Indian.
The C alifornia Indians w ere the m ost p eace-lov in g , friendly people on the con ti­ nent. They w ere com plete, com plex hum ­ an beings with a com plex socifety and a com plex econom y suitable for their period of human ex isten ce and their environm ent.
p o ssib le the survival and ultim ate p r o s ­ perity of an a lien race of white people, who cam e osten sib ly to liv e in peace and lived at la s t to conquer by force and vio». len ce .
C alifornia State law req u ires that lo ­ cal d is tr ic ts study the h istory of their area and provide a textbook in connection with this study. "Local" h is to r ie s are in fin itely w orse than the state-adopted textbooks. The following are quotes from the "Story of Richmond" by F rid ell: "They had no soap and w ere so filthy that lic e and flea s craw led and jumped a ll over their b od ies. But perhaps they did not mind because they didn't know any better . . . The Bay A rea Indians w ere a lazy p e o p le ,. . Like vultures they gulped down the raw flesh , skin, blubber and even the e n tr a i ls . . . Indians did not mind eating sand. It gave their acorn bread a nice gritty t a s t e . . . Their m u sic sounded like a hundred tom cats, with their ta ils tied together being thrown over a c lo th eslin e . Dr maybe it sounded lik e a bunch of p igs all stuck under a gate at the sam e tim e. " This was a standard text in Richmond seventh grades until very recen tly .
The child should be taught the truth about Indian h istory . He can be given a deeper appreciation of the fact that m an­ kind grow s, m akes m istak es, tr ie s to co rrect them, and, step by stumbling step, man reach es for understanding, knowledge and a better way of l ife . The young student should understand other peop les, other cu ltu res, other r a ce s . And f ir s t of a ll he m ust understand the people, the culture and the race which is Entirely native to his land. The child should be told of the unique heritage which belong s to the A m erican Indian. Much can be learned from the Indian philosophy of human r e ­ lations and dignity. The whole h istory of 1
man is a h istory of sm a ll beginnings, of error and correction of erro r , (page 7)
? .x* i ia-j A ttack Textbooks, Cont.
The A m erican Indian H istor ica l Society- states: "We do not appear in th is m atter as one m ore com plaining m inority, but rather as a great race of native A m eri­ cans, fu lly consciou s that within our h is ­ tory and in the heart of our culture resid e the true beginnings of our dem ocratic na­ tion. "
E very parent should ask h is child wha t he is learning in his school c la s s e s about the A m erican Indian and the h istory of
1B13 BROADWAY _ _ w„ OAKLAND STOCKS S BONUS 451 8 5 3 3 Mu t u a l f u n d s
'EDR1CK INSURANCE] S 2 3 ' 3 ^ a s
F ^ rL S O iSI/q , SE R V IC E >
It is typical of human nature to neg ­ le c t that which is convenient and ea sily obtained. For instance; how often do . you go swim m ing ht the Richmond * P lu n g e ? ? ?
The Plunge is so c lo se , so econ om i-* . * (L • ' cal, and so pleasant, winter and sunjrae, that probably very few P oint resid en ts stop to think how u n der-priv ileged they would fe e l if there was not a convenient swim m ing p o o l—or to what lengths they would go if it w ere farther away. Why ’ . not make use of it, even if it is easy to get to? H ere's part of the schedule: *
Public Swim m ing: W ednesdays and F rid ays, 5 to 9 p. m . Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays: 10 a. m . to 1 p. m . and 2 to 5 p. m .
Boys and G irl Scouts, Campfire G irls Swim Nights: Thursday, 7 to 9:00.
Youth Learn to Swim P rogram s: for ages 5 to 16. Session III begins March 5, Tuesday and Thursday, 3 or 4 p. m .
Water Safety Instructor cou rse w ill begin February 26, M ondays, 6:30 to 9:30 p. m .
For additional inform ation c a ll 232- 1212, ext. 496, or the Plunge, 234-8202.
LADIES --d o you tire around the m iddle ea sily ? Get out of breath over the ironing board? Want to get out of the house and run around? Then you are invited to join the Point Richmond Lad­ ie s Jogging Club. The f ir s t week's m em bersh ip drive resu lted in only one m em ber - - m e) Another recru it joined la s t Saturday.
The P .R .L . J .C . has no b y-law s, nor dues. If you can JOG (GOJ spelled backwards and if that is the way you w ish to run) you m ay join . Jogging s e s ­ sions are se t up for daily participation, weather perm itting. The tim e is f le x i ­ b le . If you are gazing out your window,
thi:-1 'ng v'io world has gone to ot in a Handbasket, and see a Lady J o g g e r -- com e along, P ied P iper s ty le . You'll go back to saving the world, the Bay, h isto r ica l landm arks, sh orelin e , or shorebirds with z e s t . Our motto is "If your bag b ecom es a drag - JOG!
---- M. Reynolds.
The g rea test im p ression made by. 8 the film , was the effect of tar from c ig a ­ rettes on the skin of m ice .
Since the Doctor who was in charge was called away for em ergency suggery, the boys played a gam e of "Steal the B a ­ con" while the g ir ls cheered the com p e­ tition,
The Fourth Grade C am pFire G irls w ere p leased to be asked to p resen t the flag cerem ony at the recent N ystrom School PTA Founders Day Luncheon. I sa ­ bel A ustria was the announcer, Sharon Jackson carried the flag and C arol D a r l­ ing led the P led ge of A lleg ian ce . Cheryl Johnson, L isa R ios and Sandra Kinter a s ­ s is ted . The g ir ls w ere invited to stay for lunch and enjoyed the ham and sw eet pota ­ to es .
jv 'ASHIN&TON AVS.* POlN T FLICHNIOND • ------ tsa^i------------------- —----
The G irl Scouts invited the Cadettes to W ednesday's troop m eeting. We saw an actual 1918 m ovie that Juliette Low had made h e r se lf calfced "Follow Me G irls" . B e ss ie Squires gave a talk on the things that you should liv e up to as G irl Scouts.
On M arch B, A ll the G irl Scouts in W est Contra C osta County w ill get togeth ­ er at K eller 's Beach to have a B onfire. We are hoping for the R egional P ark . V. e are a lso celebrati&g G irl Scout Week. The Seniors Scouts w ill lead us in singing; the Cadettes w ill lead a hike to N icholl Knob to get a better view of the land , and the Juniors are going to build the f ir e .
---- Jean Morin, Troop Scribe.

Boys Scout Troop 111 and PaKaNena Camp F ire G irls are planning a joint Snow Trip to Peddler H ill on Saturday, M arch 2. They w ill lea v e the Point at 6:30 a. m .
There w ere about 50 in attendance at Sm oking F ilm , with G irl Scouts and Camp F i r e g ir l s a lso attending.
9. 'T H E
H ello there, fo lk se s . Come on in and s it a sp ell w hilst the Old Prof tu n es( up again. Today, to add to your store of lo re in the fe r tile fie ld of zoology, we shall leave our native heath (I’l l bet you wouldn't know w native heath if you found one in your soup) and travel to the South­ ern H em isphere the better to study our la te s t subject, which is the MONKEY- APE fam ily . You m ight say w e're going to "San Simian" (which I consider a rea l k n ee-slap p er). So le t 's je t underway.
T!K;TOK. SHOP i4 0 \VASH!NGT0 NAV£. 2 3 5 -0 3 %
vcrfch r (2poir Qif+S o we teach c|eut unfdt to q t e.eti nip-cam s tcii the
ZV7 t e w K S B U R V
PHILLiPINE IMPORTS foocybagfc •sbocS'">«'*Ar,<,|
f o r t h e f in e s t f o r e ig n c a r r e r a s r T»
9 oxsign dax
! i l l w . c u t t in g q l v p . Richmond , California. 235--7234
&cAr IO ! \V RfCHKNOND 833-152V
C O n \p lc lG i u b r i c a t i o r x t r e e e s t i m a t e s
Our f ir s t stop w ill be D arkest A frica where we m eet th ese p e e r le s s p r im a tes.
One m ight look for a wild CHIMPAN­ ZEE
In the Congo, high up in a tree . But why take a safari, (Which is a ll c a sh -a n d -c a r i? ) When th ere's one in the zoo(which is
free.') Should you m eet with a m ean old
BABOON By the ligh t of the s ilv e ry moon, Do not try to con verse , Just go into r ev e r se , Or you 'll get y o u rse lf pretty w ell
Now we hustle our b u stles back a- board the old DC-3 for the hop to India where we find this slothful creature:
F rom Ceylon com es the nocturnal LORIS,
Who liv e s in the prim eval fo r is They're too lazy to play - - So they sleep night and day, And I venture to say they o u t-sn o r is .
And a quick jump to the Indonesian jungle brings us v is -a -v is with our next v ictim s:
The E ast Indian ORANG-UTAN, Is about half as big as a man. But They're sm art, and, I guess There are m en who learn le s s Than a w ise old ORANG-UTANcanJ
An odd-looking ape is the GIBBON. If I said they are cute I'd be fibbon. When they eat, as a rule, They're quite lik ely to drule, Which is bad, for they don't have a
At la s t, homeward bound, we drop down in the Matto g r o sso for a chat w ith the lo ca l head-hunters and this arboreal neighbor of theirs:
-* • A '’--e r ic a s sleeK MARiviDSE x’S Make charm ing, adorable p ets . But lik e any sm al sim ian They shouldn’t go swim m ian Or e ls e th ey’l l wind up at the v e t ’s .
And I ’l l leave you at th is point. When I return I ’ll check the supply of shrunken heads to se e if I can find any fam iliar fa c e s . A dios, am igos.’ It’s la ter than you shrink]
* R obert C. Friend .
.Cub Scout Pack 135 w ill have the Big Blue and Gold annual P ot Luck dinner at Washington School on F riday , February 23 at 6:30.
There w ill be the regular advancem ent of cubs, and recognition to Den m oth ers.
NEEDED: A Cub M aster to keep the pack operating] P le a se volunteer]
On March 21 the Annual Pinew ood D er ­ by ra ce , w ill take p la ce . Cars are already p assed out. The race w ill be held at the Washington School Auditorium .
Socifety is sponsoring a Day at the R a ces . For only $7 , which includes a buffet lun ­ cheon and ad m ission to the Turf Club, you can have a mad, irresp o n sib le day at G ol­ den Gate F ie ld s .
The m oney you spend is even tax,-deduc tib le, s ince it goes to a very worthy cause, the A m erican Cancer Socitety. F or tickets to the unusual event, ca ll Eunie M orin at 233-5358 or the loca l Cancer office at 232- 7494. T hey’re Off]
How im portant it is to lock your win­ dows and doors was d iscovered by a com -
paratively new resid en t of the Point. Several household item s w ere taken by som eone who made their way through a jam m ed window. Item s taken, should anyone se e them anywhere w ere: An antique rocking chair with a blue seat; A m aple hutch iwith a 4 ’ by 8 ’ wool A m erican F lag and a 6* by 5 ’ Canadian flag; A cylinder lam p, about 2 1 / 2 ’ high; A brown and orange tweed 8 ’ by 4 ’ tfound rug, a 2 ’ by 4 ’ bright green rug; Indian pillow s, and a wool hand-woven m u lti­ co lored blanket with a fringe.
RABIES SHOTS R abies vaccinations are available at
clincas in Richmond. The c lin ic s sire open from 2 to 4 p, m . The fee is $2. 00.
The next c lin ic open in this area is on M arch 3, at the Richmond Boys Club, 263 South 20th S treet.
..in mi m i in [ iminnfiiTiBwiT—inini-M Wi——— — m— WWT
P ablo
..............................— ................... — I—
1, U nscram ble this; nhionasgtw's hirtabdy aws etyysdrae
2. R iddles for today. What A m erican has had the la r g e st fa ­ m ily? (Answer: G eorge W ashington--he was the father of h is country) What state is the c lean est? (Answer: (Wash) ington. What anim al d rives an au tom ob ile?
(Answer: A road hog)
D rypers: Something they very seldom are, on b ab ies.
Luniversity: A co llege for crazy people. Kleenex: Your daily n ose-p ap er . M eowsic: A serenade of cats in the night. Baby: N ew ly-w et. W easel: If blow s at noon.
by Wendy Wirth and Jean M orin.
t09 PARK PLACE. -COCKTAWS- LUKCME'S- D im m e r s - "RANGUi e t s -
FIRE CANTONESE CUISINE jrao-wc© -smturcays* ^ho-U-oo
moftrs - II4O-B-0C Swtmfxs-
It's time to prepare for the annual talent show. Get your acts fead y now, and enter one of these ca tegories:
Instrum ental M usic Vocal M usic Dance V ariety.
P r iz e s w ill be g iven for g ra d e s 1 - 3 , and g ra d e s 4 - 6 . F in a l is ts w ill go to the c ity -w id e ta le n t show.
Through me sp ir its im m ortal speak the m essa g e that m akes the world weep, and laugh and wonder and w orship.
I te ll the story of love and hate. I am the incense upon which prayers float to heaven.
I am c lo se to the m arriage alter, and when the graves open, I stand nearby. I ca ll the wanderer hom e, I open the lips of lo v ers and through me the dead w h is­ per to the liv ing .
I speaJk through the birds of the air, the in sects of the fie ld s, the crash of w a­ ters on tock -rib b ed sh ores, the sighing of the wind in the tr e es , and I am even heard in the clatter of w heels on city s tr e e ts .
I know no brother, yet all m en are my brothers; I am the father of the best that is in them . I am of them and they are of m e. For I am an instrum ent of God.
There was an odor of death and d e ­ cay emanating from one of the P oint's b u sin ess buildings la s t week. At a.bout midnight the p olice w ere called in , and in ten m inutes two o fficers appeared on the scene; O fficers R obert Saddler and R obert Peckham . A fter a thorough search , they found the cause of the odor, and called the health departm ent. Next morning a large sack fu ll of dead shrim p was picked up.
# jfc >;« cs[« # # sfc # sje
I v istted Point Molate this week, to view the beautiful E ast B rothers Light= house. While at the R aodering FLant, I m et Carl S terigriff, who helps to op er ­ ate the plant. This plant has been at Point M olate for over 20 y e a rs . They make dog food from b eef scra p s.
s[; sje sje sje s£ sjesje sje sje sje sjesje sje sje sje sje
Did you know that Point M olate was at one tim e one of the la r g e st Shrimp producers in the world? What happened?
sje sje sje Sje sje sjesje sje sje sj: sje sje sje
Winehaven at P oint M olate, now a Navy w arehouse, was one of the la r g e st Wine cen ters known, about 100 years ago.
sjesje * sic sfc Sje Sje He Sje >£ % sje # # * * #
M em ories of the m ovie, "Blood A lley" w ere conjured up by Richard and E rn est B aroni and Robert Souza as they w ere v isitin g the Point Molate area . The picture was on location here , Albany, El C errito, B erk eley and parts of Oakland The picture starred John Wayne and Laufl&r B acall. Som e scen es included the E ast B rothers Lighthouse, and the K aiser Ship yards,
sje sjesje sje sjesje sje sfc#>Je**e sjesje sfssfcsjesj:
O v e rh ea rd com m en ts: "Isn't it nice to se e all those lo v e ly vio lins hanging in th<» window of the store next door to the
Santa F e , and to watch the proprietor playing one?"
sj: sje sje sje sje sj: sje sje sis sje sje sje sje * s£ sje sje sj: sje sje 3}: sj: sje
I turn to the future I laugbuand l i f t my head Clouds may darken the sky of life , Yet to the y ea rs that are ahead Life b loom s as we travel on. Tom orrow co m es. Why w orry? We are younger yet for growing older.
Sje sje sje sje sj: sje * sje sje sje sje sje sje sje sj: sje sje
We attended a very short City Coun­ c il m eeting Monday evening. Several of the item s w ere put off until next week. The council com m ended patrolm an of the year, C harles W. Snyda- .
232*9627 109PA^KPl*C£
EXCELLENT POOD out sarvjcft
l SO WOkh mfihort
Op«n dolly 60m-9pm Sunday ^om-lprn
The sam e D r. M ayer of the C o m m it­ tee of R esp o n s ib ility w ill be showing h is new film on h is tr ip to V ietnam . Save the d a te : Sunday, A p ril 7, a t 7 p . m .
G race L u th e ran C hurch . CARE about the c h ild re n of V ietnam ]
The re c e n t death of two of P o in t Richm ond 's o ld e s t p io n e e r la d ie s brough som e m e m o rie s of c o n v e rsa tio n s long p a sse d . . . . one tid b it te c a l le d was the q u e ry of M rs . T ran n ie D ornan as to when she had m oved to the P o in t . H er re p ly was to the e ffec t th a t she h a d n 't m oved out h e re un til 1905. The re p ly to th is was a laugh ing , "Oh, y o u 're ju s t a 'C h a r l ie - c o m e - la te ly '. '"
L O U IS E . H A M M O N D ^ J-ritchloXS * 2 3 5 -6 7 1 7
DECORATIVE. fabric** lamp*-drapenao corp«ta •fornttura -accessories
D ear E d ito r: The p o e try of M rs. E a k le 's c la ss is
m uch en joyed. I hope they w ill p roduce some m o re fo r pub lica tion soon]
S in ce re ly , L ou ise H am m ond.
One of the te a c h e rs a t W ashington school h a ils f ro m M inneapolis , M in n es ­ o ta . She re c e iv e d h e r B .S . d eg ree fro m the U n iv e rs ity of M inneso ta , and began h e r teach ing c a r e e r in Mounds View, M inneso ta . C onsequently she m oved to C a lifo rn ia and taugh t in M cCloud , C a lifo rn ia and E l C e r r i to b e fo re com ing to W ashington.
B efore teach ing fu ll- tim e , th is te a ­ c h e r was ac tiv e in the C h ild re n 's Home Socifety, in R epub lican W om en's o rg a n i­ za tio n s, in s e v e ra l b rid g e clubs; and when hhe liv ed for a tim e in Kentucky, she was ac tiv e in v o lu n tee r Red C ro ss w ork . She s t i l l k n its , sew s and b e ­ longs to b rid g e c lu b s .
With h e r background , she is not, as you m ight p ic tu re h e r , a l i t t le old lady by now. She d o e sn 't look old enough to have c h ild ren , ages 5 and 3 1/2] But she does, and w hile she is teach ing , h e r husband is w orking tow ard c o m p le ­ tion of h is D o c to ra te a t U. C.
As is a lm o s t obvious, M rs . L e s lie h as tra v e le d through m o s t of the U .S ., pki« C anada. B es id e s , s h e 's an e x c e l ­ len t, te a c h e r fo r our second g ra d e s .
M ountains a re often m ade of m o le - h il is . U sually out of f e a r . U sually out of fe a r of im ag in ed r a th e r than r e a l p ro b ­ le m s .
Many an u p ris in g h as b een s ta r te d jb y using p e o p le 's fe a r s . U sing th em fo r m o tiv es not spoken in the open.
This v e ry thin& can happen in R ic h ­ m ond, -where c o m m u n ita tio n is poor, w here people a re h a lf- in fo rm e d .
As c itiz e n s of th is town, you owe it to y o u rse lv e s and to b th e rs a ro u n d you to be w e ll- in fo rm e d p eo p le . . . to know fa c ts . The r e c e n t c o n tro v e rsy in v o lv ­ ing the School B o ard can v e ry w ell be the cau se of p ro b le m s . . . m o u n ta in s . . . th a t w ill be i r r e v e r s ib le , once they b e ­ gin g row ing .
B ussing is a m ag ic w ord w hich seem s to cau se fe a r , and thus it is a w ord to be u sed to acco m p lish o th e r ends. You should know th a t the school b o a rd p a sse d on a p o licy , w hich only r e ­ a ff irm s the p o licy th a t h a s been follow ed in R ichm ond. It is nothing new.
It is quoted h e re : "The B oard of E d u c a ­ tion re a liz e d th a t few p a re n ts w ish th e ir c h ild re n to be tr a n s p o r te d fro m th e ir n e a r e s t school, and i t h a s no in ten tio n cf in s titu tin g a tw o-w ay busing p ro g ra m . F o r th is re a so n , the B o ard re a f f irm s its p r e ­ sen t busing p ra c t ic e s .
"The p re s e n t tra n s p o r ta tio n a r r a n g e ­ m en ts of the d is t r ic t w ill be con tinued un til the sp ec ific p ro b le m s of o v e r -c ro w d ­ ing, d is ta n ce and tra ff ic h a z a rd s a re so lved . The d i s t r i c t w ill t r a n s p o r t c h i l ­ d re n with p h y s ica l and le a rn in g handicap^, and s tuden ts p a rtic ip a tin g in sp e c ia l p r o ­ g ra m s . "
Know your fa c ts . A ttend schoo l b o arc m e e tin g s .
© U lS)© © N^sttn? FURNITURE
G 7 0 H O W A R D 5 T - 5 .F . * 4 3 4 * 3 5 0 0
Do you have som eth ing to do on Sun­ day m o rn in g ? If not, you a re alw ays w elcom e a t the P o in t G ospel Chapel: 235 W ashington A venue. The s e rv ic e s a re a t 11:00. When you com e you will be s u re to find a w arm w elcom e. B ring your fam ily and f r ie n d s . See you th e re .
A sk y o u rse lf : W hat have I done fo r God? W hat am I doing for God? W hat am I going to do fo r God?
--W . W.
C o n sid e r the follow ing quote fro m M a rg a re t M ead in Joh L affin 's book, the H unger to C om e, "We can no longer say th a t fa m ilie s should have as m any c h ild re n as they can affo rd , th a t a ll cour le s have the r ig h t to have as m any c h i l ­ d re n as they w ish . We cannot now, as a people continue to ex to l a way of life w hich. . w ill u ltim a te ly tu rn the e a r th fre a h ab itab le p lace to a g rim , overc ro w d ed p r is o n w here in d iv iduals w ill su rv iv e on ly by stepp ing over the b od ies of those
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IOIO NEVIN RICHMOND 2 3 4 -9 8 2 7
3774 DAM ROAD EL SOBRANTE 2 2 3 - 9 3 2 5
c m i e m
Sundaij .Church School*****££: KIW! Youth Qroap- pw.
________ " Por.sono.g3__________
i ^ i i k s s$-00 WloYoOa. u
7-30 a.m .
1:00 'P.M. • % venir^. service \X/$dnes6a 7-oop-m.- midwKsefVice
s tru c k down by hunger and d e s p a i r . . . and above a ll we m u s t re a l iz e th a t the tim e to l im i t our fa m ilie s is now, th a t the l i v ­ ing m u s t take p re c e d e n c e over the u n ­ b o rn now, if fu tu re g e n e ra tio n s a re to be b o rn in to a liv eab le w orld . "
F a m ily p lanning fa c il i t ie s : C o n tra C o sta County H ealth D ep artm en t 233-7080; o r See your p r iv a te d oc to r: o r the P lan n ed P a re n th o o d c e n te r , O akland: 654-8822.
PO IN T COUNTERPOINT is p u b lish ed w eekly in P o in t R ichm ond by DR^ E n te r p r is e s . 212 B ishop A venue, P t . R ichm ond, 94801 Telephone: 235-4222 (hours a su a lly a - v a ilab le : 3 to 6 p . m . , 7 to m idnigh t) E d ito r: Donna R o se liu s . 235-4222. A s s is ta n ts : Eunie M orin , 233-5358
D orothy King, 237-4772 (P le a se ca ll th e se la d ie s if unable
to re a c h e d ito r . ) News m ay a lso be le f t in m ailbox a t 212 B ishop A venue.
C ontributoi*s; Mid D ornan, G lo ria C rim ,
F e b . 24, S a tu rd ay : R ichm ond M aen n e r- C hor C o n ce rt and D ance, B erm u d a Room , R ichm ond A ud ito rium , 8 p . m
F e b . 26, M onday: 7 : l§ p .m . D rugs and A buse F ilm a t W ashington School A u d ito riu m .
F e b . 26, M onday: 8 p .m . , M a sq u e r 's T ry o u ts , M asq u e rs p lay h o u se .
F e b . 28: W ednesday: D r. A lb e rt H ibbs, L ec tu re , CCC , 8 p .m . Gym.
M arch 4, M onday: CCC fre e film : The B rid g e on the R iv e r Kwai.
M arch 5, T uesday : W ashington School T a len t Show.
M arch 8, 9> 15,16: "T he M agnificen t C uckold", CCC S tagedoor G uild.
P A P E R CARRIERS: M ike A lla ire , A nna & M ichelle H ealy, John B a rb o u r, D avid Hein, S an d ra K in te r, Je a n M o r­ in, R oni & Jo d i R o se liu s , J a r e d R o ss , L isa S im pson, N ina W illiam son , Joan B a rb o u r,
NEW WANT AD: Baby S itting : M rs . R aym ond Sw ift C lose to School. 235-9810
A ir P o llu tio n C ontro l T elephone N um ber;
day o r n ight: K L 2-1300.
Frances S m ith . C irc u la tio n M anager: Ju lie D avis
WANTED: A PIANO Does Anyone have a piano that could be donated to Washington School? They need one more; I f ,you know where one is available , ca ll 232-1436
WANTED: RUGS Any Size rugs, that you don't need.
Call 237-4772, or 235-4222
WANTED: A ROUND TABLE About 5 fee t in d iam eter. If willing to donate, ca ll C ris at 235-7128 after 7 p. m .
WANTED: l Som eone who would be w illing to donate
som e tim e to teach BASKET WEAVING to 4th - 6th grade G irl Scouts. For m ore inform ation ca ll Grethe Tedrick, 234-0415.
WANTED: A RIDE Two working g ir ls need a ride to Oakland, K aiser Center area, 8 - 5 , Call 234-1501
WANTED: RAINGEAR For Grade School Children, for the out­ door education project of H uscicon. Leave in sp ecia l box at Washington School, or ca ll 235-3897
WANTED: TWO COOKBOOKS Two C hinese Cookbooks, by Henry Low, which w ere borrowed from Bob Young. P le a se return if you have them .
TEENS FOR HIRE: Babysitting:
P at & Kathy Dornan: 234-5334 L isa Sim pson 232-4283 (also p e t-s ittin g ) B ecky R oss; 234-6328 Sherry & Loretta M ertle:232-9995 L isa W illiam s:233-5211 D e b b ie -CoJ-e-S-:2 3 4 -1 0 4 5 ____________ _________
Odd Jobs: R obert Drake: 234-8031 Steve L izarraga: 233-4692 Dale Westman: 234-3327 Cindy F orbes: 232-5395
BABY SITTERS: M rs. Ramona Calvan: 235-4369 M rs. Swift: 235-9810
Wilda Longacre: 237-1385 Mary (36 Cottage, TVpt. 7) 237-1385
MODERN DANCE: New Dance W orkshop-1837 A lcatraz Ave. B erk eley . Susan Cherniak, Ana Swearingen, in stru ctors. Children, Beginning: T h u rs., 3:30-4:15 Teen, Beginning: T h u r s ., 4:30-6:00 Adult, Beginning:T ues. 7:30-9:00 p. m. j . Thurs. 10-11:30 a. m. Adult Inter m ediate: M on., 3 :30 -5 p .m . For m ore inform ation ca ll 233-8468
NEWSPAPERS COLLECTED: Call for pick-up se r v ic e . . . 233-3696
TUTORING Is your child working up to grade lev e l? Tutoring by qualified teacher Individual p rag ram m ing M arlys L. R eynolds, 560 Washington Ave. Phone 234-4617 for conference
SEWING MACHINES REPAIRED In Your Home. Any make, age, condition F ree E stim a tes . 30 y r s . experien ce. Point Richmond resid en t. Call 234-2590 or 233-3480
INTERESTING CLOTHES Hand-made &designed. R easonably price-, since made & sold at hom e. Have sold my things in San F ran cisco boutiques. Call 237-0838 after 5
JUDICIOUS PRUNING A cacias, Eucalyptus, et cetera . Jim R oberts - 235-3032
February 27 thru Hareh 2 HOURS 12 NOON TO 6 P.M. - PHONE 235-0936