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    Kemppi OyP.O. Box 13FIN-15801 LAHTIFINLANDTel. +358 3 899 11Fax +358 3 899 428

    Kemppi (U.K) Ltd.Fraser RoadMartti Kemppi BuildingPriory Business ParkBedfordMK443WHENGLANDTel. +44 845 6444201Fax +44 845 6444202

    Kemppi Welding MachinesAustralia Pty LtdP.O. Box 404(2/58 Lancaster Street)INGLEBURN NSW 2565AUSTRALIATel. +61 2 9605 9500Fax +61 2 9605 5999

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    KEMPPI Sverige ABUpplands Vsby / Swedentel. + 46 8 590 783 00fax + 46 8 590 823 94

    KEMPPIKONEET OYLahti / Finlandtel. + 358 3 899 11fax + 358 3 734 8398

    KEMPPI Norge A/STnsberg / Norwaytel. + 47 33 34 60 00fax + 47 33 34 60 10

    KEMPPI Danmark A/SSkovlunde / Denmarktel. + 45 4494 1677fax + 45 4494 1536

    KEMPPI Benelux B.V.Breda / The Netherlandstel. + 31 76 571 7750fax + 31 76 571 6345

    KEMPPI (U.K) Ltd.Bedford / Englandtel. + 44 845 644 4201fax + 44 845 644 4202

    KEMPPI France S.AEpone Cedex / Francetel. + 33 (0) 1 30 90 04 40fax + 33 (0) 1 30 90 04 45

    KEMPPI GmbHButzbach / Germanytel. + 49 6033 88 020fax + 49 6033 72 528

    KEMPPI Switzerland AGCrissier / Lausanne / Switzerlandtel. + 41 21 637 3020fax + 41 21 637 3025

    KEMPPI Spolka z.o.o.Zabki / Polandtel. + 48 22 781 6162fax + 48 22 781 6505

    KEMPPI WeldingMachines Australia Pty Ltd Ingleburn /Australiatel. + 61 2 9605 9500fax + 61 2 9605 5999

    KEMPPI OYLahti / Finlandtel. + 358 3 899 11fax + 358 3 899 428

    Kemppi Product Catalogue 2004 2004 Kemppi Product Catalogue

    KEMPPI OYThe challenge of joining metals by electric arc has been the driving force in developing Kemppi welding machines. Throughout the history of more than 50 years Kemppi is a recognised technology leader. Our aim is to provide the customers with modern, efficient production equipment, with high quality features benefiting the users with reliable easy-to-use equipment The Joy of Welding.

    Today we offer a complete range of electric welding machines for MIG/MAG, MMA and TIG methods. Our range of products extends from simple weld anywhere MMA power sources to a sophisticated range of multi-process welding sets.

    Since the beginning of its foundation Kemppi has invested a lot in research and development of welding equipment. This work is benifiting many satisfied customers who repeatedly trust our product reliability and performance to get the job done. Our enthusiastic and innovative approach to technology and product development continuously presents new more powerful and intelligent solutions to the everlasting problem of increasing welding quality and productivity. This is the foundation of Kemppis customer commitment as a leading welding brand.

    Kemppis task is to look beyond the product. Concentrating on the satisfaction of needs essential to the customer Kemppi product extends beyond machines to include quality service levels, supporting customers to aim for the best.

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    The history of Kemppi arc-welders

    1949 Kemppi Oy was founded by Martti Kemppithe 1950s Export activities were startedthe 1960s The first MIG/MAG machines and thyristor controlled rectifiers were developed1977 Kemppi introduced the world-first series-produced multi-process inverter power source

    Hilarc 250 at the exhibition Schweien & Schneiden in Essenthe 1980s New inverter generation, including the first IGBT-inverters for MMA- and TIG welding1990 Kemppi was the first manufacturer of welding machines to receive the ISO 9001 Quality

    Certificate of Det Norske Veritas1993 The first digital inverter generation was introduced at the exhibition Schweien &

    Schneiden in Essen1997 Kemppi presented the AC / DC -welding machines, the sixth generation of IGBT -

    technology2001 Seventh generation of inverter welders was presented

    KEMPPI WELDING EQUIPMENTKemppi Oy is committed to technical excellence that is testified with ISO 9001 quality management system received already in 1990 and ISO 14001 environmental management system since 2001. All Kemppi welding machines and accessories have CE marking. CE mark indicates that a product complies with all European directives and essential harmonized standards for health, safety, environment and consumer protection that may apply to that product.

    Kemppi welding machines are designed and manufactured by Kemppi Oy in Finland in conformity with following IEC and EN-standards:

    EN 60974-1 Safety requirements for arc welding equipmentIEC 60974-1 Part 1 Welding power sourceEN 501199 Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)IEC / EN 60974-2 Welding power source - Part 2: Liquid cooling systemsIEC / EN 60974-5 Welding power source - Part 5: Wire feedersIEC / EN 60974-7 Welding power source - Part 7: Welding torchesIEC / EN 60974-10 Welding power source - Part 10: Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Requirements

    Critical electronic components are carefully selected and tested by Kemppi in accordance with Kemppis own standard requirements. Electronic units are manufactured and tested by Kemppi. After final assembly all machines are tested in Kemppis production. Kemppis production department keeps test files available for 10 years.

    Kemppis mission is that Customers rank Kemppis products and services to be the best on the market.

    Operating temperature

    Kemppi welding machines have a wide operation temperature from -20C to +40C, so machines are suitable for even the extreme conditions.

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    Degree of protection

    Degree of protection for Kemppi machines is IP 23C. IP classification, degree of protection is shown as two figures: The first figure 2 indicates guarding protection during operation and handling for solid bodies with a diameter bigger than 12 mm. The second figure 3 indicates equipment is protected against water spray falling at up to 60 degrees from the vertical.

    Duty cycle

    Rated power of Kemppi welding machines is given as amperage based on the duty cycle percentage. The duty cycle has been tested and its performance characteristics are given for the temperature of +40C. Therefore the actual duty cycle value can be higher in normal room temperature. Duty cycle 60% means 6 min arc time and 4 min rest time.

    Kemppi ICS (Isolated Cooling System)

    In Kemppis inverter power sources, a significant amount of heat is generated by the power semiconductors attached to the cooling elements, the transformer and the chokers. In order to guarantee reliability and optimal safety, the internal temperature of the machine has to be kept low.

    In Kemppi machines component heat output is moved to the air flowing through the equipment by means of a fan. Kemppis welding inverters use modern electronics to control the welding process, to guide the power source and to improve interface usability. Best of all, these components require no fan cooling.

    Welders work under dusty, dirty and damp conditions in which equipment is constantly being subjected to hard mechanical stress. In response to this challenge, Kemppi has developed the Isolated Cooling System ICS to improve the reliability of Kemppi welding equipment and to minimise maintenance.

    With ICS it is possible to maintain low component temperatures by directing the cooling air only through those power components that need cooling and by preventing the cooling air from reaching the electronic circuit cards. ICS switches the cooling fan on only if heat is generated in the power components.

    The end result is less dirt inside the machine, less maintenance.

    Kemppi MLS (Multi Logic System)

    The Multi Logic System (MLS) is Kemppis answer to growing need for high-quality welding user interfaces. With MLS it is possible to adapt the welding equipment to the welding job to the needs of the welding company. Exchangeable and clear panels allow the welder to input the current welding functions into the characteristics of the welding equipment.

    The same panels can be used with numerous power sources. The panel features have been selected carefully based on the needs of welding applications and customer companies worldwide.

    The MLS concept is based on flexibility and updatability. Modern digital technology is used to guide both the power source operations and the operating panels. The data transfer between the power source and the panel takes place in a fast digital channel.

    The visible user interface (displays, controls, switches) hides versatile Set Up functions that ensure panel functions comply with different welding needs without jeopardising usability. MLS makes it possible to solve future needs without having to replace the product. The characteristics of the present panel functions are changed and developed by adapting the software.

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    Kemppi Oy 3Kemppi welding equipment 4


    Migger, Super Migger, Migger 210 10Kempomat 2100, 2500, 3200, 4000, 1701, 2001, 2501 12Kempoweld 3200, 3200W, 4000, 4000W, 5500W, 2501 14Wire 200, 400, 550 15Kempomig 3200, 3200W, 4000, 4000W 16Feed 400 17Kemppi Pro Evolution 3200, 4200, 5200 18Promig 501, 501L, 511, 530 19Promig 100, 200, 300 and Procool 10, 30 20Operation panels for Promig 21Wire feed rolls 22Consumable parts of wire feed mechanism 23


    Mastertig 1500, 2200 26Mastertig MLS 2000, 2500, 2503, 3500, 3503 28Operation panels for Mastertig MLS 30Mastercool 10 and 12 31Kemppi Pro Evolution in TIG-welding: Protig 410 32Operation panels for Protig 33Mastertig AC/DC 2000, 2500, 2500W, 3500W 34Operation panels for Mastertig AC/DC 35


    Minarc 110, 140 38Master 2200 40Master 50