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PUNCTUALITY AT WORK The issue of TIMELINESS perhaps you think that is not related to the prevention of accidents. However, although this ratio is not too lean and there indirectly. PUNCTUALITY AT WORK Visit in Youtube the channel INDUSTRIAL SECURITY



2. The issue of TIMELINESS perhaps you think that is notrelated to the prevention of accidents. However,although this ratio is not too lean and there indirectly. 3. In fact we could say that all the activities and attitudesare related in one way or another, to the prevention ofaccidents that accident prevention should be an integralpart of everything we do, both inside and outside ofwork. 4. Do you think theTIMELY WORK isimportant to preventaccidents? 5. TIMELINESS is important in preventing accidents. Manyworkers think they set a schedule entry and exit is only aproblem of organization and discipline, however, whenanalyzed some can easily see your relationship withprevention. 6. We can make a list of factors related to TIMELINESS to helpprevent accidents or how tardiness can lead to accidents. 7. First we have to consider TIMELY WORK as a primaryresponsibility. We have a work schedule that is designed tomeet the needs of the plant and perform operations here. 8. The first thing that jumps out is that if we violate thesehours will cause inconvenience to our coworkers when wearrived late because we cause disruption and inconvenienceto those who already have a production rate. 9. Obviously the late attention and concentrationwanders who are already working and thus thepossibility of an oversight or a moment's distraction anaccident or injury occurs is created. 10. Secondly, the late start the work emotionally disturbedbecause we know that we are behind and we can notwaste time. That lack of peace no longer have the samemindset. We can even come to feel nervous cause somuch disruption and this nervousness can result in anaccident. 11. Third, the rate of production is already established andrunning. In our quest to achieve that pace to try not todelay production work faster. Many times what we getwith such a predicament is to forget certain rules toprevent accidents, mistakes and negligence that canprovoke injury. 12. For example, you may put the equipment or machineryin motion without checking that everything is in properorder and that there is no defect, or did not perform theinitial inspection for machine guards or equipment areproperly positioned. 13. Fourth, it is possible that late we forget or overlook the useof personal protective equipment provided and therebyincrease the likelihood of unnecessary injuries in anaccident. 14. Failure to use appropriate personal protective equipmentis a serious mistake because it exposes us to the dangerwithout protection. 15. And finally, having to walk between jobs in operation to getours, always involves the possibility that some material oraction we cause operator injury not covered such as passwhere a welder performs its task could provoke an eyeinjury if proper protection is not worn. 16. You could continue to bring other points about theimportance of TIMELY WORK to prevent accidents. It'senough to make us remember and keep in our minds ishow TIMELINESS prevenci6n related accidents. Recall thatthe simple act of getting to work on time we are helping toprevent accidents.