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  • Importance of punctuality in students lifePunctuality is the most important characteristic of all successful People. The student, the official, the trader and even the lay-man all have to observe punctuality in order to win glory and success in life.Punctuality brings in its trail efficiency. It may make or mar a career. If we look at the lives of all great men, we would realize that they had got a time schedule for every day. Mahatma Gandhi used to rise early in the morning. He used to keep up appointments and was punctual to a minute.

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  • 7 Tips for Being Punctual Improve Your Life by Being On Time


    1.Make Being Prompt a Priority.The first step in becoming punctual is accepting that you have a punctuality problem. Then, realize that its not a cute or quirky character trait. Instead, its a habit thats having a negative impact on your career, on your business, and/or on your relationships. Make a commitment to drop the tardiness habit and become punctual.Made By Danish Joshi

  • One reason why you may have a tendency to be late is because you simply have too much to do. If your schedule is unrealistic, how can you possibly be on time for anything? Its better to say no to something you dont have time for than it is to say yes and then be an hour late.Take out your to do list and ruthlessly cross out anything thats not a priority. Make sure that you only commit to do the number of things which you can realistically get done, and which you can realistically be on time for. Punctual people accept that they cant do it all.

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  • Preparation is one of the keys to punctuality. As an illustration, if youre constantly late leaving your house in the morning, set up the night before. The night before, do the following:Choose the clothes that youre going to wear and lay them out.Pack your bag and leave it by the door.Make your breakfast one idea is to cut up some fruits, put them in a container, and store the container in the fridge.

    As a second example, if youre constantly late to school because you cant find what you need, start preparing for bag long beforehand. Atleast an night before the next day , gather all of the materials that youll need and place them on a corner of your desk or on a chair.Always be prepared to be on time.Be Prepared to Be On TimeTip#3Made By Danish Joshi

  • Have you been late before due to oversleeping? Wake up immediately when the alarm rings dont give yourself any chance at all to renegotiate yourself to sleep! Oversleeping usually results from not having enough sleep Be sure to give yourself sufficient sleep-time the night before.Wake up immediately when your alarm rings.Tip#4Tip#5This means transport that adheres to a strict time schedule, such as trains and maybe buses, depending on the quality of bus transportation service where you live. You want to reduce the variances in your commuting path as much as possible to reduce chances of being late.Use reliable forms of transportMade By Danish Joshi

  • In case you do become late for some reason. The backup plan can be taking a faster but costlier mode of transport (e.g. taxi), picking out an alternative mode of travel, and so on.Tip#6Have backup plansIf yourre usually late because you sleep in too long, try going to bed early when you know you have to be in class the next morning. Going to bed on the same time each night helps your body get into a routine, making it easier to get up on the same time each morning.Asking others for suggestions, especially those you envy for their seemingly effortless punctuality, can give you ideas on how to improve. If youve already made progress in being on time, reward yourself! A little commendation can go a long way in the battle against being late.Tip#7Go to Bed on TimeMade By Danish Joshi

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