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  • RAAS Marketing & Business Consultancy Services


  • About Us, What we do

    A consulting company providing a range of services to improve its clients brand image, business prospects and Sales

    Market entry and business facilitation services

    RAAS Marketing & Consultancy Services

  • Business Process Re-engineering


    Executive alignment

    Plan & Assess



    Training & Execution


    Risk Management

    Crossing the chasm

    RAAS Marketing & Consultancy Services

  • Strategic Marketing

    Strategy & Planning

    Research & Audit

    Communication & Positioning

    Content Creation

    Lead Generation


    RAAS Marketing & Consultancy Services

  • Managing Change

    The execution plan that carries people and their aspirations together, at the same time ensuring goals and objectives are pursued diligently

    We believe change is the only constant, and thus its important that we are ready to handle change, to ensure change brings joy and success, and not animosity and a fractured organization

    RAAS Marketing & Consultancy Services

  • Public Relations & Social Media

    Corporate Communications

    PR Strategy

    Brand Awareness Building

    Social Media Engagement

    Product / Services Launch


    Event Management

    Internal Communications

    MentoringIt takes much more than just having great products and services to attract and retain customers and create brand loyalty

    RAAS Marketing & Consultancy Services

  • Corporate Branding & Advertising

    Create A Personal Connect

    Cementing Credibility

    Attract and Retain Talent

    Build A Corporate Identity

    Online Marketing



    People dont want to hear from you unless they have heard of you

    RAAS Marketing & Consultancy Services

  • Vendor / Partner / Distribution Development

    Identification of vendor

    Scanning & Evaluation

    Assessment & Qualification

    Negotiation & Deliberation


    Contract signing


    Performance management

    RAAS Marketing & Consultancy Services

  • Solar Energy Development Site assessment, feasibility study Project Scanning & Evaluation Project Assessment & Qualification Identification & qualification of

    partners / JV / consortium Project report Planning out freeze the specs Selection of equipment vendors Execution and O&M Performance management

    RAAS Marketing & Consultancy Services

  • Energy Audit Services..towards a greener future

    Energy audit of manufacturing & process plants, and commercial building

    Recommendations & Report


    Change in inevitable.progress is optional

    - Tony Robbins

    RAAS Marketing & Consultancy Services

  • We are passionate about marketing

    Thank you