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  • * Kayden Kelly CEO & Managing Director

  • Simple Changes can Double your Conversion Rate! B2B / B2C Lead Gen / Ecommerce

  • *March 22, 2009Blast Advanced Media | www.blastam.com | (916) 724-670115BenefitCostIncrease ConversionBuy More TrafficX

  • Optimize your conversion rate!

  • *March 22, 2009Blast Advanced Media | www.blastam.com | (916) 724-670117FREE Tools Analytics - Website Optimizer - 4Q SurveyHow do you increase conversion?

  • Who should design your site?Let your USERS design your siteX

  • What users wantFeel SmartSense of AccomplishmentReduce StressConfirmationReassurance

  • Top 10 Web Usability PrinciplesMotivate (by Segment) Design your site to meet specific user needs and goals. Use motivators to draw different user "personae" into specific parts of your site. User task flow Who are your users? What are their tasks and online environment? For a site to be usable, page flow must match workflow. Architecture it's 80% of usability Build an efficient navigational structure. Remember if they can't find it in 3 clicks, they're gone. (Affordance) Make obvious how to interact with page Make controls understandable. Avoid confusion between emblems, banners, and buttons. Replicate Why reinvent the wheel? Use best practices (80%) and fine-tune to your specific site the last (20%). Use ergonomically designed templates for the most common 8-12 pages. 1996 - 2009 Human Factors International Inc.

  • Top 10 Web Usability PrinciplesUsability test along the way Test early in design using low-fidelity prototypes. Don't wait until the end when it's too late. Know the technology limitations Identify and optimize for target browsers and user hardware. Test HTML, JavaScript, etc. for compatibility. Know the technology limitations (iPhone Popularity Skyrocketing!) Identify and optimize for target browsers and user hardware. Test HTML, JavaScript, etc for compatibility. Most websites have huge problems here!Know user tolerances (Fast! Big Factor in Enterprise SEO) Users are impatient. Design for a 2-10 second maximum download. Reuse header graphics so they can load from cache. Avoid excessive scrolling. Multimedia be discriminating Good animation attracts attention to specific information, then stops. Too much movement or static visual noise distracts, slowing reading and comprehension. Use analytics Monitor traffic through your site. Which pages pique user interest? Which pages make users leave? Adjust your site accordingly. 1996 - 2009 Human Factors International Inc.

  • 5March 22, 2009Blast Advanced Media | www.blastam.com | (916) 724-6701201 Measure & AnalyzeWebsite Optimization Strategy** Repeat Indefinitely **

  • WhatPeople Do

  • Setup Goals

    Are people taking the desired actions?

  • Where are people abandoning in the process?

  • Complete Arkangel ShakespeareSearches119Sales0Setup Site Search Tracking in Google AnalyticsAre they finding it and buying?What are your users looking for?

  • Segment your analytics data

  • Segment your analytics data

  • Segment your analytics data

  • Losing 2 of 3 users on Popular PagesTop Exits

  • Another Great, Cheap Tool!

  • WhyPeople Do What They Do

  • 4Q Surveys (Free Tool)

  • Usability Tests are Cheap & Eye Opening!Watch & Listen to Identify ObstaclesWhere, How, Why

  • Weak LinksChangesTestValidateRepeat

  • Start Testing (Its FREE!)

  • A/B TestingABVS.originalnew

  • Added Email Newsletter

  • Added Email Newsletter How did you find us?

  • A: Original

  • Email Opt-in & How Heard-11%Email Newsletter Opt-in -25%Not Just Layout

  • Decrease Cost Per Acquisition (More $ 4 PPC)Decrease Bounce RatesEliminate Subjectivity (HIPPO)Let your Users tell you what works BESTWhat to Expect from Testing - GWOIncrease your conversion rate

  • Credit: Jim Sterne, Web Metrics BookFunnel Problems?

  • Simple Changes TestimonialsImagesReadabilityUser PathwaysCall to ActionOffer/BonusesNavigation/LayoutTagline/USPHeadlineIntro TextHome

  • DetailTestimonialsImageGuarantee/ReturnsBenefits/ReviewsCall to ActionOffer/BonusesNavigation/LayoutTagline/USPHeadlineIntro TextCartOrdering OptionsCart ImagesCall to ActionMessaging/OffersNavigation/LayoutCategorySort/FilterNavigation/LayoutTagline/USPHeadlineIntro TextHomeTestimonialsImageReadabilityUser PathwaysCall to ActionOffer/BonusesNavigation/LayoutTagline/USPHeadlineIntro Text25%25%25%25%

  • 2x Your overall site Conversion Rate!

  • 2x Your Revenues!

  • Overnight!(actual results may vary and typically take 3 months to 1 year. If you have excessive pains please consult a professional)

  • Continuous Improvement is the key!Monthly Revenues up 70%+ over record sales

  • Category/SearchProductCartCheckoutOrdersSite Visitors60%50%30%82%2,952Conversion RateAverage Order ValueTotal Sales2.95%$65.00$191,880BeforeHome100,00040%Double Your Conversion Rate!

  • $286,650/month$3.4 million/year

  • How achievable is this really?Key Funnel Step & Top Landing Page

    17 Destination Pages on site

  • What are we testing?

    What is a conversion?Action want to test Hypothesis?State QuestionPredicted OutcomeTest Plan

  • Best Practices are starting point, they are not rules, you must Test!

    Keep it Simple & Bold (major changes, fewer variations - A/B) Conversion within 1-click Test Pages with Most Potential ImpactTop of FunnelHigher TrafficKey Process Step Its just an Experiment right? (Carry out tests just to see what happens) Be Patient (Dont Get Frustrated and Dont Rush to conclusions)Top 5 Website Optimizer Beginner Tips

  • Intermediate TipsStart doing Multivariate Tests Disable Multivariate Combinations you dont want before you start

    Disable Poor Performing Variations0/36

  • Intermediate TipsUse WASP to see what tools your competitors are using

  • Advanced TipsHow do you measure conversion on a video or a non-commerce site where the primary conversion is to watch the video or read the content of the page?

    Time Spent on page

  • Advanced TipsSegmentationFor example, Member vs Non-MemberPersona A (+8-10%)Persona B (-4%)

  • Advanced TipsLink Click Tracking Move forward in funnel !!!!!!! Track Phone Call Conversions in Google Analyticswww.Ifbyphone.com Combine GA + GWOReview differences in AOVRequires enabling Ecommerce Tracking in Google Analytics

  • Why Optimize for Conversion?Testing is your Insurance Policy to avoid harmful changes Maximize your website and marketing investments The tools are all FREE or InexpensiveOpt-out of the recession with little investment

  • Put the best info and calls to action Above the FOLD (avoid false bottoms that make users think there isnt any more content)Repeat your Call to Action throughout a long page Add a Form to the page to generate leads or even order your product Make Calls to Action contextual and specific to content of page versus generalized calls to actionCall to Action Button Design (shape, style, size, color, whitespace, grouping, etc)Customer Centric copy with benefits not just features (We We Calculator)Remove Clutter (Dense well organized and separated content is not clutter)1 versus 2 versus 3 column layoutMove content around on page From Right-side to Left-sideChange paragraph/content order (Make sure you use the funnel style of writing for the web with most important point at top to fine points at the bottom (i.e. details)Test Variations of Navigation and on some landing pages it might even be best to remove some or all navigationAdd categories/sub-categories to your home page - order and weight by popularity/importanceEmphasize Important Content (Bold, Larger/Colored Font, etc)Large Headlines with clear user benefitsTop 5 Reasons to stop ____Why you need ___3 Things you may not know that could kill you Make your content scannable Add Sense of Urgency messaging like Sale Ends Today or Only 5 LeftDifferent Fonts (Sizes, Colors/Contrast, Styles)Tagline/USP in header that provides distinct positioning/differentiationIncrease body copy (just enough) to overcome all common objections

    Top 50 Tips on What to Test using Google Website OptimizerRearrangeAnswer who, what, when, where, why and howSummarize/bulletize benefits at bottom of pageAdd Testimonials (with photo, name, company, logo, title)Add Media Logos (if featured in news) or other logos of things that will add credibilityLarger/Wider Search BoxRemove Instructions since it should be easy to use and not require any explanation (of course you may need to improve your page first)Test Images Show your product/service in use to demonstrate benefits and so user can better imagine what it would be like to own it and how would improve their lifeShow happy customers (with product if applicable or after using product, etc)Tell a story with product imagesMore than one image (especially different views from side, back, top, bottom)Larger versus smaller versus no images (no images has surprised many as the best result in some cases)Add Ability to ZoomAdd Captions under your imageAdd Call-outs to draw attention to parts of a photo/image and add info to point out most important aspectsOffer other ways to order by phone and fax (in cart)Removal or de-emphasis of coupon/promo field in cart/checkoutAjax/DHTML to hide optional form elements unless neededRemove unnecessary fields or change order of fieldsVisually Group and separate related fields# of checkout steps (1 vs 2 vs 3 vs 4)

    Repeat main offer and benefits in cartUpsell on add to cart action or in cartAdd Guarantees, Return Policies, Privacy Protection (if ask for personal email/info)Credit Card and other payment logos when asking for payment infoAdd Reassurance Logos like Verisign, BBB online, McAfee Secure, Trust, and etc.Increase/Decrease Prices (your pricing can cause concern by being lower than someone expects especially compared to your competitors)Odd Pricing ending in 9s and 7sDifferent OffersFree ShippingSave 20%Buy 1, Get 1 FreeBuy now, pay laterPay in installmentsFree trialLonger/shorter commitmentMore/less Product CopyTabbed content versus long page of content Add reviewsIn Stock Messaging (above or below add to cart)Rich media like Video and Flash AnimationClick to Call, Live Chat, and other widgetsAbility to sort, filter, rank, and search product category and sub-categoriesProximity of content elementsAdd vertical/horizontal spaceMove closer or farther away from certain content on the page to see if proximity helps or hurtsPhone Numbers - where they are placed, how obvious, and know that different phone numbers may actually impact conversionFaster loading pages (Optimized Images, etc) as load time can be a big impactWhat is clickable - users expect almost everything to be clickable (www.CrazyEgg.com)

  • Twitter @blastamWebsite Optimization Blogwww.blastam.com/blog Website Optimization Platform www.motivitycms.com Thank you! Top 50 Tips for What to Testwww.blastam.com/blogEmail [email protected]

  • www.MotivityCMS.com(Subsidiary of Blast Advanced Media)Integrated with Salesforce.com, Constant Contact, Google, etc.Flexibility Streamlined Checkout (No Registration Required)Robust Promotion MgmtUp/Cross-Selling100% Search Engine FriendlyMarketing Focused Website Optimizer Analytics Adwords Maps Graphing Base Checkout More...Google IntegrationWebsite Optimization Platform

  • Download 50 Tips for What to Test

  • 19Price PointsProduct CopyHighlight DifferentiatorsFree ShippingCustomer Service GuaranteesHigh Impact Ecommerce Test Aspects

  • 13Website Optimization & Online MarketingSince 1999, Great Clients including:

    *Dont Increase Ad Spend! Conversion Delivers!Maximized sales conversion is a competitive advantageBest bang for your buckMultiplier effectHigher conversion = higher profitability = higher marketing budget = more traffic = higher profitability*Consider pricingDont Assume Ask Your Actual UsersTest with real peopleWatch what they do, where they go, how they get to where theyre goingIdentify points of frustration or hesitationBest Practices are starting point, they are not rules, you must Test! (ex. assurance messaging negligible)EnlistFriendsFamilyStaff (not cursed by knowledge)Only 15-30 minutesInexpensive Tools Watch and take notesCamtasia to record (capture more details)Blurry image vs clear image Squeeze More Sales Out of Your Existing Online Campaigns IGiven the economic downturn, learn how companies are using the latest tools, like Google Website Optimizer and others, to maximize online sales without increasing their ad spend. Three internet retailing companies will discuss how they are increasing the ROI of their ad campaigns in these tight budgetary times.