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Recruiting and Retaining Boy Scouts. Recruiting Growing Your Troop. Troop Attributes. Is your troop unique? What sets your troop apart ? Activities last summer? Last weekend ? Last month? What does your troop offer the boys that they cannot get elsewhere?. Your Recruitment Toolbox. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


PowerPoint Presentation

1Recruiting and RetainingBoy Scouts


Growing Your Troop

Troop Attributes3Is your troop unique?What sets your troop apart?Activities last summer? Last weekend? Last month? What does your troop offer the boys that they cannot get elsewhere?

Your Recruitment ToolboxWebelos TransitionPeer to Peer RecruitingRecruiting in the CommunityRecruiting CalendarAvailable Resources


Webelos TransitionVisit Pack MeetingsWebelos Open Tent FlapWebelos Woods District EventWebelos Open House District Event5

Peer to Peer RecruitingFirst Class Requirement10. Tell someone who is eligible to join Boy Scouts, or an inactive Boy Scout, about your troop's activities. Invite him to a troop outing, activity, service project, or meeting. Tell him how to join, or encourage the inactive Boy Scout to become active.

Friends Talk to Friends About ScoutingHigh Adventure CampWhat did you do last weekend?Big Boy ToysResume buildingNo limit on who to ask nor how many times


6Recruiting in the CommunityMiddle SchoolsInformation and Registration NightTroop brochureHigh SchoolsClub day at beginning of school yearPTSA publicationOtherCommunity bulletin boardsChurch bulletinsLibrary boardsHOA

77Recruiting CalendarCalendar should reflect your units plan

Annual calendar of events created by PLC and TroopRecruiting Calendar based on your Troop calendar8Available Resources

Chief Seattle WebsiteMembership Resources

National ResourcesMarketing MaterialsMembership

Market Analysis Tapestry Report

BeAScout Unit Pin ManagementSelf help for families looking for a unitcheck it out9Retention

Keeping Your Troop Healthy

Your Retention ToolboxFirst Class in a YearPath to EagleSummer CampYour Unit AttitudeRecruit the ParentsSuccession Plan


First Class in a Year

Tenderfoot WeekendImmediate camping weekend nearby Promote activity during recruitingOlder scouts teach sections

First Class Open HouseAid in completion of any outstanding requirements12Path to Eagle

Troop Eagle CoordinatorResume buildingCollege or vocational schoolJob applicationsAvocationParents


Summer Camp

A 2001 Harris Group survey found that78% of Scouts would recommend summer camp to their peers81% of parents saw a positive change in their son96% of Scouts would definitely or probably recommend summer camp to other parents98% of Scouts talked about summer camp AFTER with their son50% of Scouts had a leadership experience14Your Unit Attitude

We are ALWAYS happy to see you!Patience with the boysFollow up personally with boys who have gone missingUniformsConflicts

15Recruit the ParentsParent opportunity to spend one-on-one time with your son no standing on the sidelinesGreat use of their family timeScouting offers unique activities and opportunitiesThere is something for everyone

16Succession PlanIdentify and personally invite parent to join as a volunteerVolunteer opportunity is a small identifiable taskOpportunity to show your son how an entire community joins in raising a child

17Membership Chair

A Unit Necessity

Membership ChairWelcome CommitteeRegistrar for YouthRegistrar for AdultsGuiding ParentsRecharter19

Welcome Committee

Welcome to MeetingParent OrientationPaperworkIntroductions to LeadersTraffic Cop20Registrar for Youth

Submit registration form to CouncilGather registration information and fees for the troopProvide Scout contact data to Advancement ChairEnsure Troopmaster or other tracking system has correct and updated information

21Registrar for Adults

Submit registration for the CouncilGather registration information and fees for the troopEnsure Troopmaster or other tracking system has correct and updated information22Guiding Parents

Difference between Cub Scouts and Boy ScoutsAdvancement Outing sign-upsScoutmaster Conferences and Board of ReviewSigning up volunteers23Recharter

Who is your Commissioner?Work with Unit Commissioner on annual recharter