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  • 1. Album Covers

2. The black and white photo of the artist represents the image of her going back in time and resurfacing her feelings from this certain past relationship. This is due to black and white photos being associated with the classic past of the war days, which brings back the topic of the songs, having fights with her old boyfriend.
Her eyes are shut in this photo to connote her feeling of relief, the fact that she is relived that her feelings are out in the open after bottling them up for many years, she rest her head on her hand as a sign of her sleeping showing that she can finally sleep.
The 21 is highlight as the album cover name, this connotes the image of the artist coming of age. This coveys that her songs are more meaningful due to her seeing the world in a different light since she has grown a older and wiser.
The artist name is in big white letters on the side of the page, this coveys the image that her songs are a strong statement and that each one can stand alone, this is show in how each letter is in a capital. The colour white connoted the aspect of her innocents which is highlighted with the thin letters that make up her name saying even though my songs are big I am still delicate.
3. The image on the front cover feeds of the words of the album born this way the image reinstates the word by showing her body they way it was born, natural. This is showing how people can still be beautiful the way they are, this artist embraces this by tilting her head backwards covey the image of looking for strength.
The writing on this album cover represents the writing of the devil, this message is brought across due to the harshness of the way the writing breaks of connoting splinted wood. This is turn on its head by it being in the colour of white, this is to convey the image of the artist being innocent, revelling the message of people giving her abuses which she does not deserve.
The colour of the album cover is tinted with the colour of grey, this induces the image of her being striped back to the natural her this shows how in doing this she is still rising above everybody else. This help bring the main message across due to her connoting the image of if you embrace your body you will be more confident and receive strength like the artist has.
4. Back Cover
5. The righting at the background shows the name of the artist, this represents the past success of his career the past that lead him to numerous performances on stage leading him to rehab due to drugs and alcohol.
The picture on the back cover helps continue the message of Eminem's journey to recovery. This is due to him being positioned on the top of the building showing how he is reflecting over his pervious life. This conveys the image of showing the audiences the feelings of the songs.
The righting on the back cover of the magazine gives the connotation of the album being a long list of regrets or misstates, we get this feeling due to the connection of the name of the album which is called recovery the way to get to this is apologising which is shown on the back cover through the way the righting is positioned.
6. The bright lights highlighting the song titles fits in with the them of Plan B s album, this is due to the album having a show business feel. It represents the reality of being famous due to the way the songs are being related as his privet light and how they are on show by the bright light.
The colours of the back cover keep adding up to highlight the songs, this represents striping back the other attention and just showing of the songs. This conveys the image of the songs giving all the information showing the audience that the artist has worked hard on the lyric as they speck for themselves.
The line of song represent a schedule of performances, this connotes the aspect of the songs create a journey such as a play does when it is performed on stage. This is because of the artist telling the audience about the journey of him and his girlfriends together.
7. Whole Digipacks
8. The colours are continuous throughout the pack, it shows how the songs are reflecting the same feelings throughout the album. The imageryshown on the album gives the audience the options that the songs are peaceful, this is because of the way the album uses nature to connotes the feeling of the album due to the connection of nature and the genre of peaceful songs. This meggae in continued throughout the whole design of the Digipack due to the light blue colour of cover conveying the image of vacation, a peaceful time.
9. Other Type of Album Cover
10. This album cover is hand drawn all over, this helps create a different effect and makes it attractive for audience to see. This album gives the image of the artist being different connoting the image of the artist song being interesting and experimental. This shows the confidence in the artist telling the world not to be afraid of doing something different within music and in general life.
The colour of this album is in black and white, the only colour is the red in the heart, this is a statement made by the singer showing the audience how love is very important in daily life. Is shows how she really means what she says, this is because of the focus drawn of the image of teachingthe meaning of loving somebody.
The image on the front cover is of a group of animals and a person and the front looking like she is teaching them, the way the artist name is placed over the drawing of the person give us the impression that the women is the singer of the album. The rest of the images drawn on the album cover show many different type of animals, the animals represent different people from all types of races to genders. This advertised the message of equality and loving everybody as individual people of the planet.