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  • www.righterp.com

    Fully Cusomizable Business Solution

    Developed and Marketed by

    Right Information Tech. Solutions M-10B, Al Habtoor Towers, King Faisal Street, Sharjah, U.A.E.

    PO Box: 47152, Tel: +971-6-573 8433 Fax: +971-6-573 8473

    Email: info@righterp.com, web: www.righterp.com


  • www.righterp.com | Confidential


    1. Introduction 03

    2. General Features 04

    3. Industries (Segments) 05

    4. Modules 06

  • www.righterp.com | Confidential


    Right IT Solutions one of the leading ERP Solution Provider in U.A.E.

    founded in the year 2005, with software development center at Sharjah. We are engaged every aspect of Information Technology, including Software Development, Consulting and Training. Our professionally qualified IT and

    Management Professionals developed and supporting Right ERP, a fully customizable Enterprises Resource Planning (ERP) Software.

    Why us

    In this emerging world of new business concepts and technology, running a business is not as easy as before. Combine this with the competition and low

    margin makes survival, a challenge. For a businessman most of his time is eaten away by customers and staff, resulting in lesser time to management their resources efficiently and effectively.

    What we do

    Often, it is hard for employees to manage the business without a proper software solution and management consultants who can guide and advice. Here

    comes our role, we provide management consultancy and the software solution, Right-ERP, which takes care the clients entire business process. This helps the

    management for timely planning, managing and analyzing of the resources.

    How we do

    Our consultants apply their knowledge to a broad range of problems in

    widely differing scenario. We are able to use our highly specialized knowledge and experience in a wider context. Our services have been designed to suit the requirements of the clients, considering the relevant drivers in their sectors of

    operations. We provide analytical and tested analysis of the company. We will come up with clear, thought-out solutions, recommendations on improvements

    in quality, efficiency, and much more. We have found that there are similarities in requests for consultancy support, naturally leads to some common, cross-sector solutions.

  • www.righterp.com | Confidential

    General Features

    1. Right ERP Designed & Developed Using Latest Technologies viz. MS

    SQL Server, .NET, Crystal Reports

    2. Totally Integrated Modules and Sub-modules

    3. Window based, Easy-to-use

    4. Multi-User, Multi-Location, Multi-Department, Multi-Currency

    5. User-Defined Document Types

    6. User Access Control Menu wise & Action wise

    7. Edit Log on Every Master & Transaction

    8. Approval Log on Every Transaction

    9. Excel Import/Export Masters & Transactions

    10. Variety of MIS Summary and Detail Reports in all Modules

    11. Drill-down for Onscreen Reports

    12. Built-in Personalized Dashboards

    13. Paperless Office

    a. Built-in Document Management System

    b. Online Approval of Documents

    c. Auto Emailing

    d. Personalized Alerts & Reminders for all users

    e. Emailing of Reports as Attachment or as Body of the Mail

    f. Approval Flow Multi level, Value based, Role based

    g. Inbox with Status-bar Alert & Email Alert

    h. Multiple Document Attachments for Masters & Transactions

    i. Centralized search for attached documents

    14. Reports

    a. Analysis of Data on Grid

    b. Single Click Filtering

    c. Drag and Drop Grouping

    d. Customized Printing

    e. Properly Aligned Excel Export

  • www.righterp.com | Confidential

    Industries (Segments)

    1. Contracting

    2. Construction

    3. General Trading

    4. Distribution

    5. Real Estate

    6. Jewelry Manufacturing

    7. Jewelry Trading

    8. Manpower Supply

    9. Auditors

    10. Advertisement & Printing

    11. General Services

    12. Retail (POS)

    13. Supermarkets

    14. Restaurants

    15. Production/Manufacturing

    16. Warehousing

    17. Equipment Hire

  • www.righterp.com | Confidential


    Financial Accounting

    1. Multi-Currency

    2. Multi-Level Security

    3. Multi-Division

    4. Multi Branch

    5. Month Opening & Closing

    6. Budget Entry

    7. Sub Ledgers with multiple Control account

    8. Audit Trail User wise / Action wise / Document wise

    a. Transaction Log (Added /Modified /Deleted etc)

    9. User defined voucher types

    a. Petty Cash Voucher, Receipt Voucher, Bank Payment Voucher etc With /

    Without Logo

    10. Auto Year-End & Closing JVs

    a. Auto generated Closing Journals

    11. Accounts Payable / Accounts Receivables

    a. Online/offline matching

    b. Quick Batch Payment/Collection

    c. Statement of Accounts

    d. Facility to Print / Fax /Email in any format

    e. Balance Summary

    f. Salesman wise / Party wise / Date wise

    g. Ageing Analysis Detail / Summary

    h. Multiple Sub-ledgers

    12. Post Dated Cheque (P.D.C) Module

    a. PDC Payable

    b. PDC Receivable

    c. Cheque Bouncing

    d. Cheque Canceling

    e. PDC Release Options (With Modified Date/Bank)

    13. Cheque Printing

    a. Cheque leaves / Specially Printed Stationery

    b. Different formats for different banks

    14. Bank Reconciliation

    a. Sorting as per voucher date / Cheque Date

    15. Prepayment Module

    a. Auto monthly distribution of prepaid expenses

    16. Multiple Cheque Entry

    a. Multiply Cheque can be entered with different date & Amount in a single

    voucher entry.

  • www.righterp.com | Confidential

    17. MIS Reports

    a. General Ledger Reports

    i. Day Book

    ii. Bank Book

    iii. Cash Book

    iv. Accounts Transaction Summary

    v. Voucher Type wise summary

    vi. Trial Balance

    vii. Profit And Loss

    viii. Balance Sheet

    b. Budget Reports

    i. Comparison with Actual

    ii. Comparison with Last Period

    c. Sub-Ledger Reports

    i. Statement of Accounts

    ii. Sub-Ledger Balance Summary

    iii. Ageing Analysis Detailed

    iv. Ageing Analysis Summarized

    v. Outstanding Statement of Accounts

    vi. Sub Ledger wise PDC List

    vii. Matching(Settlement) Details

    d. PDC Reports

    i. Bank wise PDC Report

    ii. Bank wise Monthly Report

    iii. Sub-ledger wise PDC Report

    iv. PDC Summary Report

    v. Cheque Register

    e. Other MIS Reports

  • www.righterp.com | Confidential

    Inventory Management System

    1. Multi-Currency

    2. Multi-Level Security

    3. Multi-Location (Store)

    4. Multi-Unit of Measurement

    5. FIFO/Weighted Average Costing

    6. Grouping/Categorization of Materials

    a. Raw Material / Finished Material

    b. Brand / Category / Group / Type

    7. Product wise bin/storage location

    8. Material Issue Note

    a. Material Issue to Jobs

    9. Stock Transfer Note

    a. Material Transfer- Store to Store

    b. Material Transfer- Job to Store

    c. Material Transfer- Job to Job

    d. Material return from Job

    10. Stock Adjustment Note

    a. + / - Adjustment of stock

    11. Extended Material enquiry

    a. Price Inquiry

    i. Product wise

    ii. Customer wise

    b. Location wise stock

    c. Reserved Stock

    d. Transaction details

    e. Purchase order details

    f. Issue details

    g. Sales details etc.


    1. Material Requisition

    a. Job wise

    b. Material Requisition Status Report

    2. Request for Quotation

    3. Supplier Quotation

    4. Approved Quotation

    5. Purchase order (PO)

    Local / Import

    6. Purchase order cancellation

    7. Goods Receipt (GR)

    a. GRN Qty

    b. GRN Costing

    8. Purchase order cancellation

  • www.righterp.com | Confidential

    9. Stores Issue to Job

    10. Product Costing

    a. Purchase Cost (Suppliers Invoice)

    b. Shipment Expenses

    c. Cash / Credit Expenses

    11. Purchase Return

    12. MIS Reports

    a. Stock Ledger

    b. Stock Valuation Reports

    c. Group wise, Category wise, Location wise,

    d. Product wise, Supplier wise, etc.

    e. Stock Status Report

    f. Stock Ageing Reports

    g. Reorder Level Report

    h. Purchase order Status Reports

    i. Pending PO report detailed

    j. Pending PO Summarized

    k. Supplier wise purchase order report

    l. Production wise pending PO List

    13. Other MIS Reports

    Sales Module

    1. Customer Enquiry

    2. Quotation

    3. Sales Order

    4. Sales Order Cancellation

    5. Delivery Note

    6. Delivery Return

    7. Sales Invoice

    8. Sales Return

    9. Consignment Out

    10. Consignment Sales

    11. Consignment Return

    12. Sales Day Book

    13. Sales v/s Current Stock

    14. Sales Trend Analysis

    15. Sales Analysis Graphs (Charts)

    16. Fast Selling Report

    17. Slow Moving Report

    18. Sales Analysis (Summary)

    a. Sales Person, Customer, Product, Product Category, Brand, Type, etc.

    19. Sales Analysis (2 Level)

    a. Sales Person, Customer, Product, Produc