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Roll Out of LTE Progress & Challenges By DR T.H. CHOWDARY Director: Center for Telecom Management and Studies Fellow: Tata Consultancy Services Chairman: Pragna Bharati (intellect India ) Former: Chairman & Managing Director Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited & Information Technology Advisor, Government of Andhra Pradesh T: +91(40) 6667-1191(O) 2784-3121® F: +91 (40) 6667-1111 [email protected] Keynote address @ IETE : 11 th Sept 2012

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Roll Out of LTE Progress & Challenges . By DR T.H. CHOWDARY Director: Center for Telecom Management and Studies Fellow: Tata Consultancy Services Chairman: Pragna Bharati (intellect India ) Former: Chairman & Managing Director Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited & - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Roll Out of LTEProgress & Challenges


Director: Center for Telecom Management and StudiesFellow: Tata Consultancy ServicesChairman: Pragna Bharati (intellect India )Former: Chairman & Managing DirectorVidesh Sanchar Nigam Limited &Information Technology Advisor, Government of Andhra PradeshT: +91(40) 6667-1191(O) 2784-3121F: +91 (40) 6667-1111 [email protected]

Keynote address @ IETE : 11th Sept 2012

Man in Search of SpeedRunning ( Marathon) Horse BicycleSteam/ diesel /electric locomotives on railsAutomobiles on roadsAeropelanes in the skyRockets into space2S673 _Sept'12Information TransportPost OfficeTelegraph/TelexTelephoneRadioTVInternetMobile phones Communications SatellitesOptical FiberDigitization, Packet switching , Routers, Compression, Encryption 3S673 _Sept'12Mobile Penetration in the Last DecadeS673 _Sept'124Source: Voice & Data, Sept 2011 and IT U World Telecoms/ KT Indicators Database * EstimatesPer 100 InhabitantsInformation traffic grows exponentially Globally the number of mobile internet users will surpass desktop users by 2015Smart phones, social networking, video on demand, video streaming, e-education, e-books, mobile video conferencingBOYD (bring your own device) Push up information storage & transport 5S673 _Sept'12Generations of mobile systems1G, 2G,3G, 4G and LTE (long term evolution)DigitisationComputer Switching ( Routers), MPLS ( multi protocol label switching )Modems (analogue 4kbps, 16 kbps)BB (Broadband), 64 k, 256k, 2MBPS, 8 MBPS, 100MBPS ,(N GBPS)

6S673 _Sept'12Evolution for Data AccessYear1997200020032003+200620082012


Data Rate9.61153842 MBPS4MBPS8MBPS100 MBPS

GSM Evolution3GLTE

EDGE - Enhanced Data Rates for Global EvolutionLTE Long Term evolution; GPRS: General Packet Radio ServiceGSM: Global Service Mobile

S673 _Sept'127Spectrum Requirements 2G3GBWA


900 & 1800MHZ bands2,100 MHZ band2,300MHZ band

8S673 _Sept'12Radio Spectrum- Bands & FrequencyBandFrequency in GHZBandFrequency in GHZL1-2U40-60S2-4V50-75C4-8E60-90X8-12W75-110Ku12-18E90-140Ka26.5-40D110-170Q30-50Infra Red Light - Ultra Violet Below 1 GHZ : LW, MW, SW, VHF, UHF, SHF9S673 _Sept'12Limited Spectrum for Mobile BroadbandBest mobile broadband (300 MHz-3.5 GHz)Bounces from the skyBounces inside roomsPenetrates buildings and terrainReflects from buildingsFollows Earths curvatureTravels in a straight line Fades in the rain1 MHz10 MHz 100 MHz 1 GHz 10GHz75 meters7.5 meters 0.75 meters 7.5 cm 75mm 10S673 _Sept'12LTE deploymentMid 2009 Telia Sonera in Norway and SwedenSept 2010 Metro PCS USADec 2010 Verizon USANov 2010 Hong Kong: CSL Dec 2010 DoCoMo JapanAPril2011-SMART PhilippineJuly 2011- SK Telecom -Korea, Telestra- Australia, SingTel-Singapore3 Jan 12-South Korea -KTJan 2012- 40 Networks in operation in 29 countries229 commitments for deployment in 79 countriesIndia augure in1 4 cities in MP and Chattisgarh in Q1-12 Currently there are 197 LTE enabled devices from 48 manufacturersMTNL in Delhi & Mumbai in Q1-2011 (MTNL & BSNL allotted 3G spectrum even before auction but they required to pay what the auction determined)11S673 _Sept'12Tower RequirementsIndia s population density 150 (Andaman); Delhi -1800 per sq. mile 1000 subscribers per tower One tower for 6 sq.miles to 18 towers per sq.mileMBPS per tower for 2G-40; for 4G-800India has 4,50,000 towersTenancy ratio required :2 to 3 per tower To reduce radiation to less than 1 wt per sq. mtr we need at least 25,000 more towers at a cost of Rs. 7,500 cr.Local bodies and property owners are becoming hungry wolves and clearances are costing huge monies 12S673 _Sept'12Back -haul1.5 to 2 GBPS from each towerTerrestrial microwave is less expensive than Optical Fiber systems (digging and resurfacing costs are a source of unearned income for local bodies and highways)Both TDM and IP traffic require back-haul Encapsulation : Ethernet is cheaper than MPLS which is superior 13S673 _Sept'12Broadband wireless access (BWA) (1)The spectrum auction in June 2010 netted $ 8.4 bln (Rs. 40,000 Cr) (the 3G netted Rs. 68000 Cr)Target for broadband subscribers by 2014 100 mln Only Reliance Infotel has nation wide licence (cost $ 2.74 bln )Aircel has a spectrum in 8 circles, Airtel and Qualcomm in 4 circles each; BSNL all over India LTE ready equipment vendors - Nokia Siemens networks, Huawei, Alcatel Lucent & ZTEWiMax is also LTE technology and some a re deploying it. FD, LTE & TDLTE 14S673 _Sept'12Broadband wireless access (BWA) (2)132 operators in 56 countries are now investing in LTE 45 networks are in operation nowReliance uses LTE-TTD (time division duplex)Qualcom (which ha s licence in 4 circles) supplies equipment to every operator promotes TD-LTE in competition with WiMaxQualcom has multi mode chip sets which enable equal footing for services in 2G, 3G and BWA Aircel demonstrated high definition video streaming and three way video conferencing using inter-operable TD-LTE dongles Speed 110 mbps and low latency of 10-20 milli sec .

15S673 _Sept'12Monies raised through spectrum auction3G Rs. 68,000 CrBroadband Rs. 40,000 Cr Reliance Infotel (Mukhesh group) 4G Spectrum in June 2010 @ Rs. 4,800 Cr Investment to be made Rs. 27,500 Cr Content creation : 15% to creator; 15% to aggregator; 70% to Telcos but Reliance Infotel will pass on 50% to Telcos and aggregator Content- video on demand, live video, mobile video conferencing, e-education(bought online tutoring company extra marks education pvt.) , network 18 TV content, triple play ( voice, entertainment and education)Technology used: (TDD)- time division duplex- LTE will provide voice service through applications like Skype and Viber 16S673 _Sept'12Auctioning Spectrum is disastrous Gamblers instinctFirst mobile service licences were auctionedFantastic upfront paid bids led to near death of Telcos Telcso migrated to revenues share in 1999Right thing to do - invite bids for revenue share and not for spectrum price DOT/government has stake in Telcos wellbeing DOT/gov take equity in Telcos to controlMoney made is squandered on Feed and breed welfare programs About 30% of what users pay and tax on profits go to government Telecom R&D, and indigenous manufacturing languishing Defense, security , infrastructure are starved 17S673 _Sept'12Should Spectrum be Priced?Like air it is an inexhaustible resource , which can be used again and again all the while Infrared, ultra violet, x-ray..Solar power Suns light rays spectrum is not soldThe product that is electricity is sold Devices convert sunlight to electricity are sold and taxed . So only products and services derived from spectrum should be sold .Take Nitrogen from air and produce fertilizer what do you sell /tax?18S673 _Sept'12Industry Woes (1)Telco Revenues @ Rs. 1.5/2 Tln.Telco Investments of = Rs. 3 TlnTelcos debt Rs.3 TlnDebt of Telcos to Banks Rs. 1,00,000cr (R-Com = Rs. 35,000 cr)Profits are decliningARPUs lowest in the worldHyper competitionServices customersSickness for companiesDOT/TRAI-function?Raising Revenues for government or Reaching service upto aam admiReturn on capital employed