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  • Rube Goldberg En gin eerin g

    Ch allen ge

  • Rube Goldberg En gin eerin g Ch allen ge Outlin e: 1. Introduce Rube Goldberg

    2. Learn about simple machines

    3. Explore the possibility of putting these simple machines together as one complex machine

    4. Competitors should brainstorm a Rube Goldberg machine & create a blueprint

    5. Competitors build, test, adjust and retest their Rube Goldberg machines

    6. Film it! Post it to you favorite social media account with the hashtag #stemchallenge2020

    7. Submit a form on -Goldberg-challengeto enter the contest

  • 1. Wh o was Rube

    Goldberg? And how does he relate to


  • ○ Cartoonist, best known for his zany invention cartoons

    ○ Received an engineering degree from UC Berkley

    ○ Only person to be listed in Merrial Webster Dictionary as an adjective

    ○ Created over 50,000 cartoons

  • Engineering Design Process

  • 2. Sim ple Mach in es

  • Simple Mach in es

    ○ Watch the Bill Nye video about simple machines:

    ○ - %20Simple%20Machines

    Competitors try to create each of the following: ○ Lever - changes the size and direct ion of forces. The function of a

    lever is to release or set an item’s posit ion. The middle pivot point is call the fulcrum.

    ○ Wheel & Axle – reduces frict ion and force needed to move an object . The function of a wheel and axle is to create movement using a circular movement.

  • Simple Mach in es Con tin ued

    ○ Inclined Plane (Ramp)- spreads out the work/force over a long distance. An inclined plane’s function is to serve as an angled transition between two uneven points.

    ○ Screw - a ramp wrapped around a wedge. A screw’s function is to hold two items together in a fixed position.

    ○ Pulley - changes the direction of the force . A pulley’s function is to move an item from one place to another.

    ○ Wedge – used to separate or connect two items. A good example is an axe used to cut wood. The wedge is the blade attached to the handle that is used to drive the log into two separate pieces.

  • 3. Put th e Sim ple

    Mach in es Togeth er

    Watch videos and discuss with the group to begin


  • Wheel



    Screw Lever Wedge

  • 4. Select a Task

    & Create a Blueprin t

    Ask your family to help you solve a task and draw a


  • Select a Task for your Mach in e ○Turn a light off

    ○Crush a soda can

    ○Drop a bottle in a recycling bin

    ○Water a plant

    ○ Plant seeds in a pot of soil

    ○ Pop a balloon

    ○ Fill a glass with water

    ○Shut a door

    ○Squeeze toothpaste onto a toothbrush

    ○Turn off an alarm clock

    ○Put food in the pet bowl

    ○Bring an item to you, like a pair of shoes

    ○The list goes on and on!

    Possible ideas to get the competitors thinking:

  • Create a Blueprin t

    ○ Engineers plan their designs before building! ○Brainstorm! Draw several designs and select the best one!

    ○Approve your plan with an adult prior to beginning to build!

    ○Collect your materials prior to building to make sure you have everything you want!

    ○Get creative!

    Use paper and pencil to draw a plan:

  • 5. Build , Tes t, Adjus t an d

    Retes t!

  • Engineering Design Process Select a task

    Brain s tormIden tify problem areas

    & m ake im provem en ts

    Begin Buildin g & Tes tin g

    Blueprin t

  • Materials ○Collect all of the materials you will use. Use the “Simple Supplies” list to check off the items you are using to create your simple machines. Remember, you earn 1 point for each unique item you use from the list!

    ○Look all over the house for various unique items to add to your project.

    ○Adult supervision is required for using items that you know you cannot use alone! Be sure an adult is helping you!

  • A Rube Goldberg machine is, in its es sen ce, a tria l-an d-error th in g.

    - Adam Sadowsky

  • Have fun! Need help? Reach out to us with

    questions at

    Rube Goldberg�Engineering�Challenge Slide Number 2 1. Who was Rube Goldberg? Slide Number 4 Slide Number 5 Slide Number 6 Slide Number 7 2. Simple Machines Simple Machines Simple Machines Continued 3. Put the Simple Machines Together Slide Number 12 Slide Number 13 Slide Number 14 4. Select a Task & Create a Blueprint Select a Task for your Machine Create a Blueprint 5. Build, Test, Adjust and Retest! Slide Number 19 Materials A Rube Goldberg machine is, in its essence, a trial-and-error thing. Slide Number 22 Slide Number 23 Have fun!