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Grace Lee5A4/06/2015Our Rube Goldberg machine

Group: Emmy, Grace, Phoebe and Milly. Rube Goldberg machine

Our instruction was to create a machine that made a simple task but in a complicated way. The machine also needed to have 4 simple machines and 4 elements.I joined a group with Emmy, Phoebe and Milly. We planned out that we would flip a page in a book and throw some rubbish in the bin, but that our original idea.Our final point of the machine was to flip the page in the book and put the lid on the bin.

ObjectiveProject Description


Emmy learnt about chain reactions and what they are.Phoebe understood how simple machine work and what they are(Same with me).Milly found out how to make a Rube Goldberg machine and what pulley are.



Measurements of the box(approx.)Length: 173 cmWidth: 107 cmMeasurements of the actual machineLength: 172 cmWidth: 44 cm

What we did

Step . Plan on what we need and on the starting design.Step 2. Put our plans together.Step 3. Bring materials in.Step 4. Make the elements of the machine.Step 5. Put the elements together and try to make it work smoothly.Step 6. Video the Rube Goldberg machineStep 7. Type up our reflectionProcedure / Measurements

Dominoes x17Roll of masking tape x1(we used very little)Empty tube of tennis balls x1Approx. 30 cm of plastic tubing x1Marble roller with marbles x1Handmade wedge x1


Swim noodle x1

Lego car x1

Mini F1 car x1

Cardboard box x3

Pulley x1

String x1

Desk bin x1

Hardcover book x1

Paper roll x1

Simple machinesSimple machines:

PulleyInclined planeWedgeWheel and axel

Marble roller and tube-Element 1I searched through my old toys and found the old marble roller from Grade 3. The marble roller is at the very start of the machine which the marble later goes through the tube.

Wedge and car-Element 2We never thought of this element because we originally used the catapult. For a long time we kept using the catapult hoping it would work but.. There were some technical difficulties. We finally had an idea of a new element(the wedge and the car) and removed the catapult.

Car and dominoes-Element 3Fortunately, this element was part of our original model, which was a relief of not having to change everything incase it backfired.

Pulley and bin-Element 4Mr. McKie supplied us with pulleys and Emmy brought in her Smiggle desk bin. This element is the last stage of the machine and the hardest part because we couldnt get the dominoes to release the string properly.(But we worked out what was going on after experimenting closely).

Enjoy and thanks for watching/reading!Video