rules 1 and 2. the uniform make the first impression positive

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Rules 1 and 2 Slide 2 The Uniform Make the FIRST IMPRESSION positive. Slide 3 Officials Basic Gear Slide 4 By telephone or e-mail: - Confirm the time and location of the game. - Confirm the time and location of meeting. - Confirm consistent uniform: long pants or shorts; long- or short-sleeved shirt. At the meeting site: - Review any new rules for the year and the rule exceptions for this game. - Agree on how to call the game. - Discuss any pertinent information (e.g., field, teams, coaches, weather). - Review field mechanics. On the field: - Enter the field as a team. - Be fully prepared and in the appropriate uniform. - Show respect for all coaches, players and spectators. Communication with partner: Slide 5 Preparation with table: Table personnel: - The home team must provide the official timer and the official scorekeeper. - Identify who will perform each role. - Do they have experience? Check clock: - Is it operational? - Will the scoreboard clock be used or will the time be kept at the table? - Does the timer know how to operate it? Review: - Start and stop on whistle. - Length of quarters. - End-of-period procedure. Slide 6 Penalty Clock: - Explain your communications with them. - Go over the 2 conditions of release. - Cover early release procedures. Horn: - When is a horn allowed for substitution? - What if a horn is requested at an improper time? If there is a problem: - Note who has the ball, where the ball is, and what the problem is. - Sound a double horn at the next dead ball. - The officials will come to the table to sort out the problem. Preparation with table: (continued) Slide 7 The Playing Field Slide 8 The Field: Slide 9 The Crosse: Overall length: 40 to 42 or 52 to 72 (4 long poles permitted on the field at one time) Minimum of 6.5 at the widest part of the head. Slide 10 Slide 11 Required Equipment and Shoes NO Hockey Helmets Helmet Face Mask Mouth Guard Shoulder Pads Arm Pads Gloves Lacrosse Stick Rib Pads are Suggested BUT Optional Slide 12 Additional Equipment Required for Goalies Goalie Stick Throat Guard Chest Protector Goalies are NOT required to wear shoulder pads or arm pads 40 to 72 Slide 13 Mechanic 4: Coin Toss Five to ten minutes before the scheduled start time, the referee moves to the corner of the home teams attack area and calls for captains, and the umpire does the same with the visiting team. Do not use your whistle yet (not until bringing teams on to field for the line-up). Each official introduces himself to his captains and waits at the corner of the offensive box for the other official to be ready. Slide 14 Make sure the captains know that the home team will face the bench and that the speaking captains should stand next to the referee. You may want to ask the speaking captain if he knows what selection he will make if he wins the coin toss (or if he loses and has to choose a goal to defend). When both officials are ready, they signal and proceed to the center of the field, with the referee preceding the umpire by about 5 steps. At the center, the home team faces the table area and the visiting captains face away. The officials face each other and stand to the sides of both teams captains. Coin Toss (continued) Slide 15 Slide 16 The Line Up Slide 17 Session 1: Activities and Discussion Slide 18 Work with Partners to complete the activities sheets. Slide 19 The Playing Field Field Diagram for Activity 1 Slide 20 The Playing Field Field Diagram for Activity 1 Slide 21 Lead and Trail Positions During a Settled Situation L T Activity 2: Positioning - a Slide 22 Positioning During a Contested Loose Ball Near the End Line ADAD L T T L Activity 2: Positioning - b Slide 23 Positions on a Clear from the GLE L T Previous Lead is new Trail, and previous Trail is new Lead Activity 2: Positioning - c Slide 24 Required Equipment NO Hockey Helmets Rib Pads are Suggested BUT Optional and Shoes Helmet Face Mask Mouth Guard Shoulder Pads Arm Pads Gloves Lacrosse Stick Activity 3: Required Equipment Slide 25 Questions ???


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