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S choolwide P lan Beachmont Veterans Memorial School Educating Tomorrows World Together. 2013-2014. RoseMarie OConnor Principal. Table of Contents Time Line - Update. 1.Beachmont Schoolwide Plan Introduction .....June School Profile .Sept. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Schoolwide PlanBeachmont Veterans Memorial SchoolEducating Tomorrows World Together

    RoseMarie OConnorPrincipal2013-2014

  • Table of ContentsTime Line - Update1.Beachmont Schoolwide Plan Introduction .....June School Profile .Sept.Vision.Sept.Components of a Schoolwide Program

    2.Schoolwide Planning Teams & CalendarSchool Council MembersOct.Leadership Team MembersOct.Calendar of Meetings/Activities..Oct.-June3.Needs AssessmentDemographics Students...Oct.Demographics Teaching Staff Oct. .Assessment...Oct.Accountability (AYP).Oct. Organization of School Year and DaySept.Curriculum and Instruction.. Aug.Professional Development...MayFamily and Community Involvement.Sept.-June4.Summarize/PrioritizeSummarize Programs Strengths and Challenges.MayPrioritize Needs.May

    5.Program Mission & Goals.June

    6.School Improvement Plan.June-MayTheme I: Students Learning/Curriculum and InstructionTheme II: Teacher Learning /Professional DevelopmentTheme III: School and Community InvolvementTheme IV: School Facilities (Climate, Safety and Respect

    7.PartnershipsCommunity and Professional Partnerships...Oct.Coordination and Integration of Federal, State and Local Services and Programs

  • 1. Beachmont Schoolwide Plan


    School Profile

    Vision Statement

    Ten Essential Components of a School Wide Plan

  • Introduction

    The schoolwide plan presents the vision/mission statement, needs assessment, summary of priority needs, and action plan for the Beachmont Veterans Memorial School. The principal, leadership team, school council, and teachers contributed to the development of the plan. The plan is intended as a living document to guide school activities with updates based on findings from implementation and process evaluation, as well as annual needs assessment. The school plan is in concert with the Revere Public Schools NCLB Strategic Plan and Goals, and the District Improvement Plan, as indicated below:

    No Child Left Behind Goals:Goal 1:All Students Proficient or Advanced in Reading/ English Language Arts and Mathematics Goal 2:All Limited English Proficient Students Proficient in English and Reaching High Academic Standards in Core SubjectsGoal 3:All Students Taught by Highly Qualified Teachers Goal 4:All Students Educated in Learning Environments that are Safe, Drug-free, and Conducive to LearningDistrict Improvement Plan Goals:

    Primary Goal:Improve student achievement by exposing all students to rigorous course work, setting clear content standards and evaluating student performance using a tool called the MCAS, Massachusetts aspires to ensure that all students acquire the knowledge, skills and competencies necessary to lead productive lives.Goal 1: To meet the needs of all learners through inclusive modelsGoal 2: To continue using tier instruction through small differentiated groupsGoal 3: To institute ANet and PLGs

  • School Profile

    Beachmont Veterans Memorial School ProfileEducating Tomorrows World TogetherThe Beachmont Veterans Memorial School is located in Revere, Massachusetts, an urban seaside community 7 miles north of Boston. The original school was built in 1979 as a kindergarten through grade eight building; however, the building is now Pre-K through grade 5, including 3 Small Learning Group classrooms and 3 PDD classrooms as well as an Integrated Early Childhood classroom. We have full day kindergarten. We are entering our eighth year in partnership with the Bay State Reading Institute which fosters a three tier reading model and has encouraged implementing the position of a Reading Coach. Our school is multicultural and diverse and has an enrollment of approximately 380 students with a staff of 30 faculty and personnel. Although there have been several changes in the school configuration and of the population, our commitment to quality teaching/learning, and our focus on student achievement remains constant. This year our staff is receiving professional development training in ANet and Professional Learning Groups.The Beachmont Veterans Memorial School promotes educational excellence and academic standards aligned with the Massachusetts Frameworks. All members of our school community are encouraged to strive for academic achievement and personal growth in a learning environment that encourages and fosters positive self-esteem. We promote learning that is meaningful and recognize individual learning styles. We provide our students with differentiated learning instruction and cooperative educational experiences. Our school community is dedicated to nurturing a learning culture where students exercise mutual respect, take risks, and attain knowledge necessary to prepare them to become socially responsible citizens and life long learners.Working with an understanding of clear expectations for excellence, we celebrate our achievements and hard work. Respect and responsibility are our watchwords as we work with our students to become contributing members of their community.

  • VisionOur school community is multicultural and diverse. We celebrate this rich tapestry of heritage and aspirations and remains united in our efforts to realize the full intellectual, social, and physical potential of every child. In this endeavor, we shall maintain a safe environment that nurtures curiosity, dignity, and the promotion of social responsibility.Our vision impels us to empower all members of our educational community in the decision-making process. The achievement of excellence requires the dedication, support, and understanding of all individuals.High expectations of achievement is the focus for all our students. We will use a broad range of instructional methodologies with a diverse, creative, and academically challenged curriculum to ensure student success. We will support one another in the development of these skills and curriculum and will hold ourselves accountable.Through the use of innovative technology, we will encourage and support our staff to implement new educational opportunities in order to educate tomorrows world together.

  • Top TenEssentials of a Schoolwide Plan

    REQUIRED COMPONENTS OF SCHOOLWIDE PROGRAMSUnder Section 1114 (b) (1), a schoolwide program must include the following components:1. A comprehensive needs assessment of the entire school (including taking into account the needs of homeless and migratory children as defined in Section 1309(2)) that is based on information that includes the achievement of students in relation to the state academic standards described in Section 1111(b)(1).2. Schoolwide reform strategies that:Provide opportunities for all students to meet the states proficient and advanced levels of student academic achievement described in Section 1111(b)(1)(D).Use effective methods and instructional strategies that are based on scientifically based research that:i Strengthen the core academic program in the school.ii.Increase the amount and quality of learning time, such as providing an extended school year and before- and after-school and summer programs and opportunities, and help provide an enriched and accelerated curriculum.iii Include strategies for meeting the educational needs of historically underserved populations.Include strategies to address the needs of all students in the school, but particularly the needs of low-achieving students and those at risk of not meeting the state student academic standards who are members of the target population of any program that is included in the schoolwide program, that may include:i. Counseling, pupil services, and mentoring services.ii. College and career awareness and preparation, such as college and career guidance, personal finance education, and innovative teaching methods, which may include applied learning and team-teaching strategies.iii. The integration of vocational and technical education programs. Address how the school will determine whether such needs have been met.Are consistent with, and are designed to implement, the state and local improvement plans, if any.3. Instruction by highly qualified teachers.4. High-quality and ongoing professional development for teachers, principals, and paraprofessionals and, if appropriate, pupil services personnel, parents, and other staff, to enable all students in the school to meet the states student academic achievement standards. 5.Strategies to attract highly qualified teachers to high-need schools.6. Strategies to increase parental involvement in accordance with Section 1118, such as family literacy services.7. Plans for assisting preschool children in the transition from early childhood programs, such as Head Start, Even Start, Early Reading First, or a state-run preschool program, to local elementary school programs.Measures to include teachers in the decisions regarding the use of state academic assessments in order to provide information on, and to improve, the achievement of individual students and the overall instructional program.9.Activities to ensure that students who experience difficulty mastering the proficient or advanced levels of the state academic assessments shall be provided with effective, timely additional assistance that shall include measures to ensure that students difficulties are identified on a timely basis and to provide sufficient information on which to base effective assistance.10. Coordination and integration of federal, state, and local services and programs, including programs supported under this Act, violence prevention programs, nutrition programs, housing programs, Head Start, adult education, vocational and technical education, and job training.

  • 2. Schoolwide Planning Teams/CalendarSchool Council Members Chart A ***Sample Council Meeting AgendaLeadership Team Members