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Description of the Proof of Concept for a 100kWa Biomass Energy System and Plan for 1MW System for Sanctuary Belize


  • 1. PROOF OF CONCEPT:COMMUNITIY SCALEBIOMASS ENERGY PRODUCTION Presented by:PEERLESS GREEN INITIATIVESA Market Based Model for Clean Residential Energy Production as a Profit CenterCarbon Footprint Credit Finance Availability A Validated Green Marketing & CSR Mechanism***

2. Overview: Why BioMass? Why Bamboo? Use the Naturally Abundant & Available Bamboo andWaste BioMass on Sanctuary Belize Use Proven BioMass Gasifiers to Create Natural Gas forOn-Site Generation of Power & Container Fuel Perpetual Fuel Source Supplying Is A Measurable Mode ofEarning Carbon Credits Effectively Save Up To 70% on Community Energy Costs Turn Energy Expense into a Profit Center Make Clean Energy as Showcase Marketing Driver 3. Bamboo-Sourced Energy and Carbon Cycle 4. GOAL OF CONCEPT GOAL: Deliver in approx. 90 days a BioGas100kWa Energy Grid Pictured here is a full scale multi MW system requiring only 10000sf partial covered plant. A 100KW system requiresonly 2500 sf part covered slab. This diagram ilustrates the straightforward and compact systems involved. 5. Plan of ActionTurnkey a 100kW* Grid Connected Power Plant on Site able to deliver complete energy requirement for Office, Staff Lodging & Woodshop Harvest & Process Bamboo Existing onthe Property to Fuel the Annual Requirementof BioMass. (requires 5 acres of bamboo) Demonstrate that Model can Produce on-site marketable electricity at a cost of $.10per kWh, $.20-25 effective cost per kWh(unit). Demonstrate Added Value MarketingPotential for Green Equity, Brand Equity &CSR Reporting*1MW = 1000Kw: Under non-severe weather conditions, one megawatt could power roughly 800to 1,000 average-sized American homes. 100KW can service 8-10 6. The Present Situation A Sample House at Sanctuary Belize consumed 1120 units (kWh)in one month. Sanctuary Belize purchases electric energy from Belize for $.48BZD per kWh. ($.24USD) Thats $543 BZD for Sample House. Or SB could make energy for $.14 BZD per kWh a savings of$386.20 BZD for sample house. (71% savings) And SB could be selling energy for $.30 kWh BZD and profit$179.20 BZD for sample house. 7. ABUNDANT RENEWABLE FEEDSTOCK & CARBON CREDITSSanctuary Belize has an Estimated 10,000 Tons of feedstockquality bamboo along Riparian Property along Sittee RiverSanctuary Belize has the following observed fuel items:> Waste Timber, Lot Waste> Construction Waste> Seaweed, Leaf LitterPLUS: Sanctuary Belize has no less than 3000tons of carbon storage certificates tiedin their bamboo and biomass (@$20 p ton) 8. Development To Date: Field Study Found Abundant Bamboo and BioMass Onsite Biomass is a Natural Capital Carbon Sink PGI Developed BioMass & Alternate Energy Tech In US,India and Cambodia A High Confidence Proof of Concept Opportunity Exists Important background information: Thousands of BioMass Fuel Systemsare Serving Homes,Business and Major Industry Worldwide. BioMass Fuel is Appropriate Tech when fuel is readilyavailable such is the case at Sanctuary Belize Sanctuary Belize could be leveraging VALIDATEDCorporate Social Responsibility global marketing forbrand equity, goodwill and to ethical consumers. (ie SEC, Bloombergand Reuters now scoring companies Enviro/Social/Governance (ESG) metrics) 9. The Renewable StoryOriginal forecasts which turned out to be wrong: Wind and Solar turned out to be Costly, TechComplex, Maintenance Prone, Fragile, slowROI, high Levelized pMW cost.Original forecasts which turned out to be true: Off-the-Shelf Durable and Existing Tech Canbe Converted to Clean Fuel Burners Biofuels are Renewable & Cost Effective Low GHG Output & Carbon Credit Incentives Profit & Savings of Biogas Increase asScarcity of Fossil Fuel Energy IncreasesLevelized Cost:Wind $ 83 p/MWhSolar$144 p/MWhHydro$ 77 p/MWhBiomass$ 56 p/MWh*US EIA 2010 10. Potential Alternatives Alternative strategies Remain on Government Grid and Suffer Price Shocks Invest In Costly High Tech With Slow Break Even/ROI Allow Others to Manage (and Profit from) Your Alternative Fuel Upstream Allow Sustainable Natural Capital to Remain Locked in Your Land Instead of Your Business Profit Plan Lost Value Addition of Carbon Trading & Finance Pros and Cons of each strategy Solar Is Free Fuel only if CapEx, Land Space and Maintenance Not Weighed* Wind Is Geo-Fickle, Prone to Disaster Damage BioFuel Follows a Natural Energy Cycle, is a Renewable Resource, Promotes Soil Resilience and is a Carbon Capture PROFIT Center 100kW = $113,000 PROFIT if sold at .20 p/Kw 100kW = $100,800 SAVINGS if on .24p/Kw Grid*The 1 MW photovoltaic solar installation by Gap Incs Western Distribution Center in Fresno, CA 11. INFRASTRUCTURE ASSUMPTIONS for 100kW Proof of ConceptTURNKEY Top-Down-Draft-Reburn-Gasifier + 3 phase 120kW**177,000USDAnnual Hours of Operation . 6000 ( 80 max)Feed per 24 hour period3.24 tonsOutput (kW) per 24 hour period 2400kWOutput (Kw) Annual 600000kW (units)Output (alternative unit) HP per 24 hour period3216HPOutput (alternative unit) HP per Year804000HPGRID CONNECTION CAP EXGrid connection (Intl Power 500v collector + UPS delivery track40,000USDIntegrated Grid Control System25,000USDProject Management & Tech Training50,000USDTotalPilot Cost 292,000USDCapEx=$2920 per kW installed.Wind = ($4000-6000 per kW)Solar = ($5000 -9000 per kW)**Induction motor/ AC 3 phase/50hz/brushless/400/230v/rate 216A 12. Power generation available (p hr) 100kWhAnnual hours of operation6000Annual power generation (units (kwH) 600000Annual biomass consumption 1020 tonsAnnual Operation Cost (Labor & Maintenance) 25000USD(50kBZD)Depreciation (Equipment straight 15yr) 7500USDProcess Cost (value of waste) 10000USDTOTAL COST POWER PER ANNUM42500USDCost per kW unit Grid 0.24 USDCost per kW unit BioGas 0.070USDDifference0.70.9%Savings per year 100,800USDCap Ex (292,000)USDSavings v CapEx Recoup in Y134% 13. Bi-PRODUCT PROFIT CENTER REVENUESCharcoal (Annual)90MTChar-fuel per MT (local market)$100USDBio-Char per MT (international market) $300USDActivated Cha MT (international market) $1000USDOffset to Fertilizer and Topsoil Costs $10000USD annualGas Converted CombustionConverter Kit$1000 installedGas Compressor (Cylinder Refiller) 10000Price parity per gallon gasoline 4:1World Bank Carbon Credit1 credit per 3 tons of bamboo (approx)1 credit per offset ton of GHGApproximate value of credit =$20Amount of future credits available for finance = 80% 14. TOP LINE PROFORMA100kW Pilot: (in USD)Annual Output CostMarket RateProfit600000units Energy 42500 $.20p/kW$77,500300 Tons of Char 5000$100$25,000300 Capture Credits$20 p/ton $ 6,000300 Reduction Credits$20 p/ton $ 4,500TOTAL Y1 47500 $113,000(World Bank Fi Value:$290,900)1MW:6000000 energy 150000$.20$1,050,0001000 Tons of Char 25000$100$ 75,0003000 Capture Credits $20 $ 60,0002250 Reduction credits $20 $ 45,000TOTAL Y1 175,000 $1,230,000World Bank Fi Value: 2,580,000 10yrs 0% 15. Recommendation: Authorize Proofof Concept as Part of ExistingEnergy Budget for Appropriate Technology P/O a 100kW Biogasifier With Validated TrackRecord for Use with Bamboo. Hire Professionals to Conduct Turn Key Gasifier toGrid Immediately Sample Harvest & Census Bamboo &Demonstrate Fuel Farm Process Summary of the expected results: Within 90 120 days & on budget,provide 100kW ofBiomass generated energy to SB facilities usingbamboo feed fuel Provide a profit and marketing plan for a scaled upfacility that can provide energy and motor fuel toSanctuary Belize; Provide SB 1st Annual CSR Integrated Report (GRI) Apply to World Bank Carbon Fund, Full Media Campaign 16. How To Engage SB Hires PGI on a Project Management Basis SB Authorizes and Allocates Capital Expenditure of$292,000 to Turnkey Proof of Concept including: PGI Sources a 100kW Proven Brand Gasifier & Genset; PGI Hires Its Network Grid Certified Electrical Engineer toScope Project and Install; SB purposes HR to assist PGI Conduct Census and Harvest50 tons of pole from Property; Create scalable infrastructurefor fuel farm processing; PGI will provide full time end-to-end project managementservices, reporting, marketing & monitoring; PGI will create special entity to do business and apply forcredits through World Bank Carbon Fund; for P/L; Project can be monetized by PGI forming corporation,issuing shares and executing operating agreement. 17. Marketing eco-friendly products isnt as easy as it might seem, particularly if the productsinvolve some kind of sacrifice or behavioral change on the part of the consumer. 3 RULES OF CREATING GREEN MARKET VALUE -Independent Validation-Social Acceptance-Endorsements 18. Who Is Using BioGas & Char?West Coast Rubber: 120kWSiemens India: 40 MWHindusthan Paper 9 MWGoteborg Energi4000 carsGovt of Thailand 9MWState of Assam 16MWSurabhi Bamboo 120kWPGS-Haiti20kWMNBA-IIT 12kW x10,000 community unitsPress Release:11-05-2012: Campbell Soup Co., OH: Fires up their new 12MWFactory Biogas (next to their 60 acre pilot solar farm 16MW) 19. MARKETING YOUR CSR The Power of Integrated Reportingto Increasingly Pragmatic & Social Impact Sensitive Consumers 20. PEERLESS GREEN INITIATIVESA UNEP PARTNER and UNDP GLOBAL COMPACT C.O.P. MEMBER COMPANYGREEN BUSINESS INITIATIVE & CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITYANALYTICS AND MANAGEMENT