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  1. 1. SANCTUARY BELIZE - VACATION GETAWAY Sanctuary Belize is creating a community of at least 1,700 home sites and condos that people can buy and live in. Whether theyre looking for a vacation getaway or dreaming of living in a tropical paradise, this is an amazing complex of natural wonder of 14,000 acres that feature forest, river, pristine beach and rainforest, all within a vast wildlife preserve on the southeastern coastline of Belize.
  2. 2. Rare in Nature Sanctuary Belize is a rare spot in nature, located on the southeastern coastline of Belize. It is a welcoming place to those who want to live in a paradise unlike any other. The sanctuary sprawls over 14,000 acres of forest and river, rainforest and pristine beach, all of it bordering a 110,000-acre wildlife preserve. The country itself is located in the Western Caribbean and shares borders with Mexico and Guatemala.
  3. 3. Natural Wonder Sanctuary Belize is an amazing complex of natural wonder. It boasts a community of 1,700 home sites and condos, and people can move there permanently, or hang on for one-of-a-kind vacations. Belize itself is still pristine, and often compared to Hawaii in the 1960s or Costa Rica in the 1990s. For real estate investors the time is right and the place is hot.
  4. 4. Green Technology Sanctuary Belize is located on the southeastern coast of that Central American nation. Its developers have partnered with architects and designers and builders who use green technology innovations that are ecologically sound and economically feasible, as well as environmentally appropriate. The Sanctuary is a 14,000 acre property in a sprawling wildlife preserve, and hosts a 250-slip deep water marina..
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