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<ul><li><p>My SEO Plan Whats Included? </p><p> (866) 461-RANK </p></li><li><p> (866) 461-RANK </p><p>Sign-Up Today </p><p>and Receive </p><p>Your First </p><p>Month Free! </p><p> Only Pay the </p><p>Setup Fee to </p><p>Get Started! </p><p>Keyword Research Well work with you to identify what buying, or focused, keywords will rank </p><p>your website! SEO Arbiter will find the keywords that are getting consumers to </p><p>buy, or longer tail, keywords. These are known to convert. SEO Arbiter zeroes in </p><p>on these few, qualified keywords, but for a longer term. </p><p>Website Review (On-Page Factors) Following your Keyword Research Consultation, well review your website. Youll </p><p>receive a FREE On-Page Factor Report detailing what simple, one-time changes </p><p>can be made to your website. These on-page changes can help to increase </p><p>your rankings. Please note: These one-time changes are not what will get you </p><p>fast results! Its all about links and more links! </p><p>Link-Building Services (Off-Page Factors) Once weve established your qualified keywords, we go to work with consistent, </p><p>proprietary link-building methods. This is what will increase your rankings and </p><p>get you results! Your Starter Plan guarantees you around 500 links per month, </p><p>resulting in higher rankings AND more customers. These targeted links are </p><p>customized to your specific link-building needs, based on keywords, customer-</p><p>base, product or service, and potential prospects. </p></li><li><p> (866) 461-RANK </p><p>What Are Links? Links are simply references from other websites back to </p><p>your site. Google changed the ranking rules and </p><p>determined that it would no longer trust what you say </p><p>your site is about, rather what others say your site is </p><p>about. Thus, theres the need for many references, or </p><p>links, back to your site. SEO Arbiter devotes hours each </p><p>day to your link-building efforts. This raises their trust </p><p>AND your rankings! </p><p>What are SEO Arbiters Link-Building Methods? Our approved methods include: </p><p> Website Directories </p><p> Article Marketing </p><p> Blog Commenting, &amp; </p><p> Proprietary MethodsWhy We Get Better Results! </p><p>Straight from Google! </p></li><li><p>If you have more questions, </p><p>please contact your Sales Executive: </p><p>Phone: (866) 461-7265 </p><p>E-Mail: </p><p> </p><p> (866) 461-RANK </p><p>Questions: Any questions related to your SEO Plan, please contact: </p></li></ul>