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  • 1. SEOSearch Engine Optimization

2. WHAT IS S E O? 3. SEO is the process of affecting the visibilityof a website in a search engine's "natural"or un-paid ("organic") search results. 4. WHYSEO IS ANIMPORTANT? 5. SEO = ONLINE VISIBILITYHigher Traffic Volume= =+Relevant ContentHigher Conversion Rates 6. 01POSITION 02POSITION 03POSITION 04POSITION 05POSITION 06POSITION 07POSITION 08POSITION 09POSITION 10Average Traffic ShareAverage TrafficShareONGOOGLE 7. KEYWORD 8. Keywords are the phrases in web contentthat make it possible for people to findweb site via search engines. 9. TYPES OF KEYWORD 10. Broad Keywords (1 or 2 words )ex. Food, Online PizzaLong Tail Keywords (Generally 3 or more words )ex. How to drive a car ?Medium length Keywords (2-3 words )ex. WebDesigning in Rajkot 11. HOW TO CHOOSEKEYWORD? 12. 13. TYPES OF SEO 14. ON PAGE SEOOFF PAGE SEO 15. Platform or Technology Choice Choose Your Domain Name Site Map Mobile Friendly Url Html Tags Meta TagsON PAGE SEO 16. META TAG 17. Directory Submission Social Bookmarking Submission Blog Posting Article Submission Blog Commenting Review Posting Profile Creation Social Media OptimizationOFF PAGE SEO 18. THANKYOUTHANKS FOR WATCHING THIS PRESENTATION