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This is the Alpha release of Shatterdome - a fan game for Pacific Rim, based on the Microlite20 system (loosely).


  • SHATTERDOME: Role-Playing in the world of Pacific Rim

    ShatterdomeA Microlite20 Role-Playing Game set in the world of Guillermo Del Toro's Pacific Rim

    Welcome to the PPDCThe world as we knew it changed seven years ago. That was when the Trespasser appeared.

    August 10th, 2013, we thought it was just a 7.1 earthquake off the coast of San Francisco. It wasn't. Thatwas it walking. The first Kaiju, Trespasser, walked right up to San Francisco and we couldn't do anything about it. We tried. We fought it, but it didn't fall until six days, 30 miles, three cities and three nuclear warheads later.

    Too bad it wasn't the last one. It wasn't until the fourth Kaiju appeared that we began to start making weapons that could take care of them without having to wipe a chunk of our planet off the map.We took it down with the first Jaeger, Brawler Yukon, in Vancouver, Canada. It was close, but it worked. Soon we started building more of them. Later came the best place to put them the Shatterdomes.

    The Pan Pacific Defense Corp was formed by the nations of the Pacific Ocean to not only organize the Jaegers and their pilots, but also to built the best bases to protect the people and deploy theJaegers the Shatterdomes. Placed at strategic locations throughout the Pacific coastlines, they are there to house the Jaegers and protect the world each has a hangar large enough to launch at least ten Jaegers, and the larger domes such as Hong Kong or Los Angeles can launch thirty from one hangar. And each is staffed by a large variety of personnel.

    You exist as a member of the PPDC. What kind of member you are is up to the path that lead you here.

    Building your characterStatsAll characters in Shatterdome have four stats Fitness, Agility, Mind and Charisma. To generate these stats, roll 4d6 and add up the three highest results. Do this four times, so you will have four values. Then put them where you wish to put them. After this, add 1 to any one stat. Every stat also has a Stat Bonus. This is equal to the (Stat-10)/2, rounded down. Next come your derived Stats - HP is equal to 6 + your STR modifier. Each level after first, add 1d6+STR mod again. AC is equal to 10 + your DEX modifier. Rangers add +2 plus an additional +1 for every even numbered level to their AC, while Scientists and Engineers add +1 plus an additional +1 for every threelevels in those classes they possess.


  • SHATTERDOME: Role-Playing in the world of Pacific Rim

    ClassesEvery character has a class in Shatterdome. The classes are Commander, Engineer, Ranger and Scientist. Most people are only going to have one class however some will want to multiclass. Every time a character levels up, they may take a level in whatever class they wish assuming it makessense for them to have taken a level in that class, subject to GM approval. However, a few things must be kept in mind with multiclassing. A class's specialty skills are only improved for levels in that class. So a level 5 Engineer/Level 2 Ranger would have a Communication skill of +6 (+5 for Engineer level, +1 from Ranger level), a Drift skill of +5 (+2 from Engineer levels, +1 from Drift Training and +2 fromRanger level), a Knowledge skill of +3 (+2 from Engineer levels, and +1 from Ranger levels), a Physical skill of +4 (+2 from Engineer levels, +2 from Ranger levels), and a Technology skill of +8 (+5for Engineer level, +2 from Technically Inclined, +1 from Ranger level).

    TalentsEvery character gains two talents at 1st level and a new talent at every level after that, no matter what classes they have. However, whatever class they take at that level allows them to take talents from that class so if Ranger Jon Jafari took a level in Engineer when he reached 5th level, he could pick any Universal or Engineer talent. If he instead took a level in Ranger, he could pick any Ranger or Universal talent. There are also Background talents, special Universal talents that can only be taken at 1st level. Universal talents and background talents are listed after the classes. Talents that are dependent on level for abilities are based off of the class they were taken in so if Ranger Jafari took Negotiator as an Engineer talent, he counts his bonuses based off of his Engineer level, not his Ranger or Scientist levels.


  • SHATTERDOME: Role-Playing in the world of Pacific Rim


    Tendo Choi, an EngineerEngineers are both the ones who know how to work on a Jaeger and how to help guide them.

    Skill Training Engineers add their Engineer level to their Technology and Communication skill ranks, and their level to all other skills.

    Technically Inclined Engineers gain a +1 bonus to their Technology skill rolls, and an additional +1 for every three levels they possess.

    Jaeger Technician They can organize a repair or upgrade effort on a Jaeger with a successful Technology Challenge the amount of successes needed equal to either 1 for every 10 kHP the Jaeger took (for a repair) or 1 for every 5 Upgrade points being added (for an upgrade).

    Engineer Talents - Administrative You're used to command situations, or at least command of a small part of

    the greater whole. You're at your best when helping other people work together towards a common goal. You gain a +1 to Communications and Subterfuge rolls. When lead engineer on a project, may make a Mind+Communication check to give all subordinates a +1 bonus to all rolls related to that project for 1 hour.

    Air Support An Engineer with this ability can use a Technology Challenge to pilot a remote drone, to be able to assist the Jaeger pilots with finding a Kaiju. An Engineer with this ability gives the Pilots of the Jaeger a +1 bonus to Initiative. He can attempt a Knowledge Challenge to increase the bonus by +1 for every success but a failure could mean that the Jaeger suffers a -1 Initiative for each failed roll.


  • SHATTERDOME: Role-Playing in the world of Pacific Rim

    Amateur Psychologist You specialize in dealing with Jager crews, and do your best work staring at instruments, analyzing their data, and then relaying that to other people. Your actual people skills are none too shabby either. +2 to Communications rolls, and Jager pilots that they are in contact with automatically gain a +2 to all rolls to recover from failed drifting, or saves to get out of chasing the rabbit.

    Combat Tactician You're used to analyzing combat situations and using for analysis to help the people in the field. Alternately, even without ranger training, sometimes you may be a good candidate for co-pilot. You gain a +1 to all Charisma-based rolls. Once per round, when in contact with Jaeger pilots, may make a Mind+Communication check to give one Jaeger a +2 to Attack rolls or AC. The bonus lasts until the Engineer's next turn.

    Crisis Management You're at your best when everything else is at its worst. Really, you find things kind of boring when it all goes according to plan. When in contact with a Jaeger that is at half or less of its kHP, you may make a Mind+Communications roll vs. DC 15 to give that Jaeger a +1 to all rolls, or alternately, roll the same check vs. DC 25 to allow the Jaeger to halve any penalties due to damage, conditions, Kaiju abilities, etc. for one round. "Don't worry, Redflag Horowitz, here's how you compensate for that torn off arm..." - Engineer Barry Kramer

    Ex-Pilot Requires: Combat Tactician You know the ins and outs of piloting a Jaeger, because you used to do it. This gives you a knack for helping pilots out that others may lack.You gain a +1 to Charisma rolls that involve Rangers (that stacks with Combat Tactician's bonus), and if you succeed at that Talent's Mind+Communications roll, the Jaeger may apply the bonus to both Attack rolls and AC, instead of only one.If you also have the Organizer talent, you may raise the DC by 5 to give the bonuses to an additional Jaeger.

    Human Radar You just have a sense for things. Instruments can lie, your gut doesn't. TheGM should allow you a Mind check for observation to get a gut feeling of something about to happen vs. a difficulty ranging from 10-20 depending on the situation. If this check is passed, you may either give yourself a +2 bonus to initiative rolls and retain your full dodgebonus when surprised or may pass these benefits on to one other person (or Jaeger in the field) by passing a DC 15 Charisma+Communications check.

    In House Psychologist Requirement: Amatuer Psychologist. An Engineer can use a Communication roll to help any pilot who is having a hard time with a fight or The Drift. If their Communication roll goes past the save DC of the Ranger's Will Save, the Rangers gaina +2 bonus, plus an additional +1 for each additional success this is an Endless Challenge.

    IT Agent An Engineer with this ability can help override a Jaeger if the engineer is in a control room, being able to turn off certain systems or take care of minor things for example, setting a Plasma Caster to load with a successful Technology Challenge, the amount of successes equal 1 per 10 Kilometers the Jaeger is from the Shatterdome.

    Jerry-Rig The pilots are in trouble, but they have on their side someone who can adjust the reactor of a Jaeger at the last moment. On his turn as a full-round action, the engineer can attempt a MIND+Knowledge challenge against 15 + the amount of Energy Points the Jaeger is under its maximum. Each success gives the Jaeger back 1 Energy Point, but any failures will reduce the total to 0. For example, Engineer Hirouki makes a check for Havoc Luna's reactor. Havoc Luna has normally 20 Energy Points, but its down to 3. Hirouki


  • SHATTERDOME: Role-Playing in the world of Pacific Rim

    makes a check against DC 32 (15 + 20 3). He managed to make thre


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