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SHIP’S TYPES Ali Taufiq Hidayat Marine Engineering Dept. ITS Surabaya Adopted from : Ship Knowledge a Modern Encyclopedia

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  • 1. SHIPS TYPES Ali Taufiq HidayatMarine Engineering Dept.ITS Surabaya Adopted from : Ship Knowledge a Modern Encyclopedia

2. HistorySource : Ship Knowledge a Modern Encyclopedia Source : wormstedt.comThe period from 1800 until the Second World Warsaw the rise of the regular service liner. This wasthe result of the transport of cargo and passengersbetween Europe and the colonies in the East andthe West, and the increasing number of emigrantsleaving for North America 3. After Second World WarExactly, after the 1970s more and moreuniversal ship were replaced by specializedvessels that can carry only one type cargo.This process had already started on muchsmaller scale since 1900. The new vessels are :- Oil tankers- Heavy cargo ships- Bitumen tankers - Cattle ships- Chemical tankers - Reefers- Container ships 4. Oil Tanker Source : : 5. Bitumen Tanker Source : 6. Chemical TankerSource : Source : 7. Container ShipSource : 8. Heavy Cargo ShipSource : Source : Ship Knowledge a Modern Encyclopedia 9. ReeferSource : Source : 10. Ships for the Transport Bale and Unit Cargo Container vessels Heavy-cargo vessels Multipurpose vessels Cattle ships 11. Multipurpose vessel Source : marinetalk.comSource : 12. Cattle shipsSource : Ship Knowledge a Modern Encyclopedia Source : 13. Ships for the Transport Refrigerated Cargo LPG/LNG carriers Conventional refrigerated ships Fishing vessel 14. LNG/LPG carriers Source : globalsecurity.orgSource : 15. Fishing vessel Source : detail.en.china.cnSource : 16. Ships for the Transport Bulk Cargo Crude carriers Product tankers Chemical tankers Bulk carriers 17. Crude carrierSource : marineinsight.comSource : 18. Bulk carrierSource : Source : 19. Ships for the Transport Roll-on/Roll-off RoRo freighters Car and passenger ferries Recreation Cruise ships Sailing/motor yachts 20. Roll-on/Roll-offSource : Source : 21. RecreationSource : workboatsinternational.comSource : 22. Thank YouSee you to the next part ..