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Long ago in Japan, there lived a poor old man and woman. The old man often went to the mountains to cut grass. The old woman often went to the river to wash clothes. One day, while she was washing, a big pink object came floating down the river. When the woman saw it, she was very happy. She used a long stick to pull it close. When she got a good look at it, she said, "Wow! It's a great big peach! She quickly finished washing and returned home. She wanted to give the peach to her husband to eat. She said, "Look at this wonderful peach I found in the river!" But when she cut the peach in two, out came a child! Seeing this, the old couple was surprised and happy. The man said, "Let's name him Momotaro" (meaning Peach Boy) "because he came from a peach." The old couple loved the boy, and he grew strong. They also put much care into his schooling, and he became clever. One day, Momotaro got an idea. He decided to cross over to Devil Island, a place full of devil thieves. He planned to take the riches away from the devils and return home. He asked for advice from the old couple about his plan, and he asked for some food. The old woman made some tasty dumplings, and Momotaro put them in his bag. He then made every kind of preparation for his journey, and he set out for Devil Island. As Momotaro walked to Devil Island, a dog came to him and said; "Momotaro! What do you have in your bag?" Momotaro replied, "I have some tasty dumplings." "Give me one, and I will go with you," said the dog. Momotaro took a dumpling from his bag and gave it to the dog. Then a monkey came and got a dumpling in the same way. A bird also came flying and said, "Give me a dumpling too, and I will go along with you." So all three went along with him. In no time, they arrived at Devil Island. They broke through the front gate at once. Momotaro entered first, then his three followers. Many devils came out to meet them. There was a big fight. The bird bit the devils in the eyes. The dog attacked their legs. And the monkey jumped on their backs. Then Momotaro and his friends pushed forward. At last, they met the king of the devils. His name was Akandoji. Akandoji quickly attacked Momotaro with an iron club. But Momotaro was ready and got away. Finally, they fought hand to hand. Momotaro took Akandoji down and tied him up with a rope. The rope was so tight that Akandoji could not even move. It was a fair fight, and Momotaro won. After losing, Akandoji said, "I promise to give up all my riches." Momotaro laughed and said, "Hand them over!" Momotaro collected a great pile of precious things. He took them and marched home bravely with joy. He thanked his friends for his success. "I couldn't have done it without you," he said. When Momotaro returned home, the old man and woman welcomed him joyfully. "Congratulations! You did it!" they said. There was a big celebration. They told many stories about the adventure, and they delighted in their treasures. In the end, Momotaro became a man of influence. He was very rich and honorable. And he lived happily ever after.

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Momotaro was found in a peach. A large peach was found in a tree. Momotaro didnt go to school. The Monkey wanted a dumpling. Momotaro didnt win the fight.

1. This is a famous folk tale within Japanese culture. Do you know any famous folk tales in your country? 2. Why do you think Momotaro was found in a peach? 3. How do you think the old couple felt when they found Momotaro? 4. What are the morals you can learn from this story? 5. Momotaro was kind to share with the animals and the animals helped him in return. Have you ever shared something special? If so what was it? 6. Momotaro received help from his new friends. Have your friends ever helped you with something important? If so what was it? 7. How important are friends in your life? 8. How important is family in your life? 9. Momotaro received a good education. What is your favorite part about going to school? 10. There were evil devils on the other side of the mountain in this story. These devils made it difficult for the village to live in peace. Are there any bad things in your city, country, or town? For exampleCrime, poverty, disease. 11. In the end of the story Momotaro gains influence in his town. What is something influential that you would like to achieve in your lifetime.









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I was _____________ when I heard the news. Its was an amazing story. She ___________ got onto the horse. We all knew she was afraid. The police ______________ the robber as he ran from the bank. Jesus had many ________________ throughout his life. A man with great ________________ can help build a business from almost nothing. It takes a lot of time and _______________ to start a business. I think he is_________ because no one else knew the answer to the question. The______________ broke into the house late at night and took all her jewelry.