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Get noticed and improve your chances of success! Research shows that people who self-promote are landing interviews faster and have a more expansive network.


  • Simple Ways To Self-Promote
  • Leave Your Signature! The easiest way to get noticed is by using a customized signature. Use it in emails, articles, and comments. Your signature should be the last thing people see! Miss Awesome Great article, cant wait to read more! Thanks, Miss like this
  • Use Recommendations! Recommendations are a great way to be noticed because they are testimonials of how others view you. People dont mind giving praise to those they feel deserve it.
  • Get Followers! One way to get followers is to follow others. Though you could always make it easy for people to follow you by making sure you give them the opportunity. Use social media widgets for Twitter! follow me!
  • Give! Associate yourself with a cause and stay vigilant about giving and promoting it. I use and never miss a chance to share success stories, and the initiative Im sponsoring.
  • Share and Share Alike! Whether its a re-tweet or sharing a post, sharing gets positive recognition. Whats more, folks are more apt to share your tweets and posts, when they see you sharing. Its a cool way to get noticed!
  • Create Something! Create something; then tell somebody! Be creative and have fun doing it. Its super easy to create something, upload it online and post an update.
  • Join Them! Join a association or chapter. Join a LinkedIn group, or a MeetUp. Being involved is the best way to get noticed and notice others, too!
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