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  • Six Sigma Yellow Belt First Facts, than improvements The Six Sigma Yellow Belt course offers a practical first look at Six Sigma and Lean. What's more, the differences and similarities between Lean and Six Sigma are clearly set out. Each theoretical piece of knowledge will be put into practice, offering you a challenge. This way, theory and practice merge seamlessly.

    Objective The course will trigger you to really think through what value you provide to your customers and which methodology would match with your own role and added value in doing so. This way, Lean and Six Sigma are easy to understand and to put into practice. We also touch upon the prerequisites to implement both Lean and Six Sigma successfully. You will be part of a debate on the do's and don'ts for Lean and Six Sigma. On top of that, a Yellow Belt is keenly aware of the need for process improvements and the way he or she may contribute to that end. What you will learn: The course features the following topics:

    • Six Sigma and Lean; what do they offer and why are these essential techniques. • Introduction Six Sigma DMAIC-steps (Define - Measure - Analyze - Improve - Control) • Introduction Lean-steps (Value - Value Stream - Flow - Pull - Perfection) • How to read SIPOC diagrams. • How to collect data on processes (execute measurements, evaluate measurement errors and

    accuracy) • How to choose between the Six Sigma or the Lean approach • Six Sigma and Lean project management and how the Yellow Belt can contribute to these

    projects. • Working in teams (communication, decision making, working together as a team).

    Benefits After completion of this course, you will recognize the value you add for your customers and encourage the sharing of knowledge, as well as discussions based on facts. You will be able to clearly show your performance and your improvements thereof. But most of all, we will boost you with the energy to look with expert eyes at your company's processes and ways to improve them.

    Competences You will improve upon your analytical skills, project management skills and decision-making abilities. Your confidence, judgment and initiative will improve, as will your ability to act proactively.

  • How much time will you invest? The course will take an 8-hour day.

    Number of participants A maximum of 12 participants may enroll.

    Certificate Upon completion, you will receive a Certificate of Participation

    Cost of this course The cost to enroll amounts to 605,- (ex VAT). In case you enroll as a private person or as an employee from an organization exempt from VAT (e.g. government, health care, bank) an extra charge of 10% applies. Please indicate this as you enroll (either on-line or by telephone). Prices stated subject to change without notice. Housing The course takes place at a beautiful location with good facilities including tea / coffee and (cold) lunch buffet.

    Payment The invoice is to be paid in full prior to the start of the course. Acknowledged training -and consultancy company ProjectsOne is, and has been for some time, the leading training - and Consultancy Company in the field of process improvement. We apply our knowledge and hands-on experience to achieve sustaining results and high quality improvements, for which we have been awarded a CEDEO acknowledgement. In-company Should you wish to enroll with your colleagues, ProjectsOne can organize an in-company training for you. In addition, we can design a custom course to suit the needs of your organization. If you want to learn more about these possibilities, please contact us on +31 (0)23 707 8115 or

    Enrolling You can enroll on or by phone on +31 (0)23 707 8115. Should you be in doubt as to what course matches best with your (educational) goals, our advisors love to help you out, at no extra charge. A reservation is also possible, which entitles to an participation on a course at a designated location prior to a given date and time.

    FAQ During? Number of participants? Costs? Payment? Certificate?

    1 day Maximum 12 participants € 605 p.p. ex. VAT Before the course. You will receive a certificate of Participation

    Supply Conditions

  • About us ProjectsOne has been founded by enthusiast professionals with extensive experience in the field of process improvement. We train and coach people. We also manage the implementation of improvements. Our approach is direct and open-minded. No bulky reports, but outcomes that can be expressed in euros, customer satisfaction and a high morale of staff instead. This way, we are able to give you precisely the support you need to elevate your organization to a higher level.

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