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  • “The most reliable way to

    predict the future is to create it.”

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    Swedes are really good at building sustainably in wood. World leaders, actually. In Skellefteå, we are proud of our role in this success and love to share

    our experience with others. Let us tell you what we think.

    weden has a well-earned global reputation for excellence in sustainable construction. It’s

    certainly something on which we pride ourselves, especially as our approach contributes positively to the global climate challenge. That is why we have decided to dedicate ourselves to taking advantage of – and further de- veloping – the creative solutions that make wood the obvious choice for construction. And of course we look favourably on all types of partnerships with those who share our ambitions.

    WHAT HAS MADE SKELLEFTEÅ SUCH A SUCCESS IN THE SECTOR? Well, there are many factors that make our prominent role in the develop- ment of wooden construction entirely natural. First and foremost, just take a look at our surroundings. Skellefteå sits in a vast green ocean of excep- tionally strong, slow-growing trees that provide quick and simple access to quality timber with unique construc- tion properties. This is also one of the most important explanations for the long tradition of wooden construction that has deep roots in Skellefteå. Today we are a well-established clus- ter of successful companies that have both the knowledge and the courage to shift the boundaries of what is pos- sible in modern wood construction.

    Another advantage we enjoy is that the progressive local timber industry is complemented by the expertise of research institutes. Skellefteå is home to industry-leading institutes for wood research and development that are working together with the timber industry to find new, innovative ways to use wood as a building material. This is a partnership that benefits all those involved. Timber industries and construction companies gain access to the institutes’ cutting-edge expertize and knowledge, and the institutes are able to test the results of their research directly against the market. The result is that we in Skellefteå continue to develop as a centre for modern and innovative wood con- struction. In addition, we are more than happy to share our experience with others as well as collaborate and gain new knowledge.

    IN SKELLEFTEÅ, WE ALWAYS CHOOSE WOOD TO BUILD WITH WHEN POSSIBLE Skellefteå’s timber construction strategy is to continue to increase construction in wood, both where it is visible and also where it is used as a load-bearing structural material. Because the aim of sustainable con- struction is to use building materials that emit the lowest possible levels of carbon dioxide, we have to consider

    wood as a potential material in all projects. There are of course several aspects that have a role to play in the choice of building material and construction solutions: aside from the climate factor, we need to consider whether it is both technically and eco- nomically sustainable to build in wood.

    ECONOMICALLY AND ENVIRON MEN T­ ALLY ATTRACTIVE LIVING HABITATS Regardless of the type of project, it is the economic factor specifically that we all need to assess. By stimulating new, creative concepts for construc- tion using wood, we have created the potential for living spaces in which economic, social and environmental factors bind together to contribute to sustainable development. Here in Skellefteå, we have taken advantage of these opportunities in order to ensure that the city develops in an attractive way, in both the near and more distant future. On the following pages we display some examples of interesting projects that are both new and old. Please take a look at them in more detail – or better still, visit us here in Skellefteå. If you do, you will have the chance to talk to us about how we could collaborate to build a sustainable future.

    1. MINIMAL ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT An apartment building made of wood has an environmental impact half that of an equiva- lent concrete building.

    2. ONLY YOUNG- GROWTH FOREST SEQUESTERS Forest that has stopped growing no longer sequesters carbon dioxide – it’s environ- mentally friendly to cut down and plant new trees!

    3. CLIMATE + ECONOMY = SMART! Thanks to our creative solutions in modern timber construction technology, there need be no quality compromises.

    4. PLEASANT LIVING ENVIRONMENTS Wood is the natural choice of material to create a cosy and harmonic experience of life


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    “We are now taking further steps forward in the refinement process and how we take advantage of the benefits of wood.” Dan Magnusson, chair of the foundation Träenigheten Skellefteå


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  • 1 Ekorren, multi-storey car park 2 Skellefteå Kraft Arena 3 Norrvallaläktaren, soccer stand 4 Skellefteå Stadshotell, city hotel 5 Lejonströmsbron, old wooden bridge 6 Industrial building by Leos Lekland 7 Horse riding stables, Hedensbyn 8 Älvsbacka Strand, apartment buildings 9 Balderhallen, sports centre 10 Glasmästaren, Bonnstan, sheltered housing 11 Industrial premises, Kroksjön 12 Vuxhuset, campus, school for adults 13 Moröhöjdens förskola, preschool 14 Library, campus 15 Sports centre, campus 16 Ekorren, apartment building 17 Lotsen, Ursviken, office building

    18 Leos Lekland, play centre 19 Solbacken, shopping centre 20 Älvsbackabron, wooden bridge 21 Norrskenet förskola, preschool 22 Seminariet, old school building 23 Pavilion, Skellefteå Hospital 24 Pellets warehouse, Skelleftehamn 25 Brygg Club & Café and Skellefteå Brewery 26 Älvsbacka Park, apartment buildings 27 Ömans, old commercial premises 28 Nilsro, Anderstorp, terraced houses 29 Klockarbergsbroarna, wooden bridges 30 Kårhuset Stock, campus, student union building 31 Amerikahusen, Anderstorp, semi-detatched houses 32 Sunnanå Strand, semi-detached and detached houses

    33 Indoor soccer hall, Norrvalla 34 Markstedtska gården, old wooden building 35 Air traffic control tower, Skellefteå Airport 36 C-hallen Skellefteå Kraft Arena, indoor ice rink 37 Reception, Skellefteå Camping 38 Rödhaken, Sörböle, sheltered housing 39 Skellefteå Cultural Center 40 Köpmangården, old wooden building 41 Bonnstan, old church town


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    Hedensbyn Kroksjön Ursviken Skelleftehamn Skellefteå Airport

    7 Horse-riding stables 11 Industrial premises 17 Office building Lotsen 24 Pellets warehouse 35 Air traffic control tower





  • “The wooden city of the future is energy efficient, with buildings that turn their faces towards the sun, making them energy suppliers and smart CO2 stores.” Magnus Silfverhielm, architect

  • 1. EKORREN MULTI-STOREY CAR PARK The car park is built of solid and glue-laminated timber, with a structure from Martinsons in Bygdsiljum. The beams and joists are also made from solid wood, but covered with a thin sheet of rubber. The building, including the basement, has 135 parking spaces. There is a shop and some offices on the ground floor. The three levels of parking have two important advantages over other multi-storey car parks; they are light and well-ventilated. The roof projection and lathes that let light in and out mean that in the evening the building shines light towards the pedestrian street.

    But the black façade was controversial and the politicians were unsure. At the time, the architect described how “roasted red paint pigment makes the walls a warm black” and how “the daylight caresses the building’s exterior”. Rumour has it that the building was granted planning permission in spite of this.

    Architect: AIX arkitekter. Client: Polaris Fastighets AB/ Setra Plusshus. Year built: 2009.


    7. HORSE RIDING STABLES, HEDENSBYN Riding school with a glue-laminated timber structure and a façade made of timber panels. Years built: 1980, 2010.

    6. INDUSTRIAL BUILDING BY LEOS LEKLAND The building is expected to become a flexible solution that can be adapted by the companies who want to move into it. Year built: 2016.

    5. LEJONSTRÖMSBRON The bridge over the Skellefte River was built in 1737 and is Sweden’s oldest remaining wooden bridge. With a length of 207 metres, it is also the longest wooden bridge used by motor cars in Sweden. Year built: 1737.

    2. SKELLEFTEÅ KRAFT ARENA Ultra-modern multi-event arena with grandstands made of glue-laminated timber. During ice hockey matches, the new arena has a capacity of c. 5800 spectators, 4,350 of whom are seated. Year built: 2008.

    3. NORRVALLALÄKTAREN A modern stand with 1000 seats at Norr- valla’s artificial grass pitch. The stand and load-bearing structure are made of glue- laminated timber. Year built: 2011.