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  • 1. Social Media FatigueAND HOW TO KEEP IT FRESH ONLINE By Katrina (Scooter) Kokoska@kkokoska //
  • 2. What Well Cover What is Social Media Fatigue? Why its not that big of a deal How to address new platforms Strategies for managing multiple platforms and keeping your consumers engaged@kkokoska
  • 3. What is Social Media Fatigue?@kkokoska
  • 4. SMF in Numbers 24% of Early Adopters use Social Media less frequently than when they first signed up. View technology practically 31% Aspirers are bored with their social network. Young, mobile, brand-conscious Gartner Research Branded content needs to be kept fresh and must be able to capture peoples attention instantly. The new generation of consumers is restless and short on attention span, and a lot of creativity is needed to make a meaningful impact, Brian Blau, Research Director at Gartner@kkokoska
  • 5. What does SMF look like? Facebook called disengaging Messaging friends is down 12% Searching for new contacts down 17% Joining a group down 19% - Global Web Index@kkokoska
  • 6. EXTRA EXTRA!!!
  • 7. But we were just taking it seriously 64% of companies said they will increase their 2012 Social Media budget. Decreasing print. 6smarketing In 2011, 10.1% of marketing budgets were dedicated to SMM. Up from 7.1% - Marketing Profs@kkokoska
  • 8. But we were just taking it seriously@kkokoska /
  • 9. @kkokoska /
  • 10. Content Creation on the Rise From 2010 to 2011: 27 to 95 million Tweets/day 3.5 to 7 billion pieces of Facebook content/week Companies using social media went from 35%- 49%@kkokoska
  • 11. Other Contributors New Social Media platforms Learning curve Rebuilding your network Time What if? Platform updates FOMO@kkokoska
  • 12. Just building it doesnt mean that theyll come because there are only so many hours in a day, and so many places people can maintain a presence online. Christopher Barger, Forbes@kkokoska
  • 13. Look At This Image!
  • 14. Social Media Fatigue is Twofold research, write, draft, post, measure, monitor, research, write, draft, post, measure, monitor, research, write, draft, post, measure, monitor, research, write, draft, post, measure, monitor, research, write, draft, post #exhausting@kkokoska
  • 15. Dont Panic
  • 16. A Brief History of Television 1920s-30s Became commercially available. Advertisers began taking advantage of the opportunity. More channels, more networks, more commercials.@kkokoska
  • 17. A Critical Mass Not Been Reached Social networking is the fastest growing social media behavior online. Global users managing their profiles monthly rose from 36% - 59% by 2011. Microblogging went from 13% - 24% Uploading video went from 21% - 27% - Global Web Index@kkokoska
  • 18. Not Even Close 4 in 5 active Internet users visit social networking sites. Social networking sites dominate peoples time online. Americans spend more time on Facebook than any other US site. Nielsen 43% of US companies successfully found new business using SMM last year. Marketing Profs@kkokoska
  • 19. Facebook: 82% Growth Registered Users Linkedin: 138% Growth Registered Users Twitter: 252% Growth Tweets per Day@kkokoska
  • 20. 5 Tips for Managing Multiple Platforms
  • 21. #1: Choosing the Right Platform(s)
  • 22. Demographics Who uses each network? Where do they come from (geographically)? Where do they come from (click through)? How do they like to use social networks? Are they in your target market?@kkokoska
  • 23. Google+ Demographics Users are mostly male More than 1/3rd are aged 25-34 years old 59% come from other Google properties@kkokoska demographics-habits/1
  • 24. Facebook Demographics@kkokoska 2011-statistics
  • 25. Pinterest Demographics@kkokoska
  • 26. Consider the Platform How will the layout work with your brand/message? Is it opt in? Ease of use? Ease of engagement@kkokoska
  • 27. @kkokoska
  • 28. @kkokoska
  • 29. @kkokoska
  • 30. @kkokoska
  • 31. What type of content is shared? Facebook: Fun for random sharing and promotions. Inherently supports multiple types of media Twitter: Smaller, more niche. Knowledge sharing and seek & assist Pinterest: Visual Google+: ???@kkokoska
  • 32. Barrier to Entry How hard is it to build a network on each platform? Can I bring my contacts from XYZ with me? Is acceptance required? Do I need an invitation?@kkokoska
  • 33. What Else Should I be Looking at? Other than demographics, and basic platform functionality, step back and look at the bigger picture before choosing your platforms. . . Look at the full landscape.@kkokoska
  • 34. Search Plus Rolls Out@kkokoska twitter-crazy-107554
  • 35. @kkokoska
  • 36. @kkokoska twitter-crazy-107554
  • 37. #2: Join Them
  • 38. Listen
  • 39. #4: Differen


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