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Social Media Dos and Don'ts

Branding Strategy

Blogging SeaIntroduction Why Social Media?Everybody knows whatsocial mediais. Social Media is a platform to connect with other peoples and brand building.. Apart from chatting with friends and fun, social media plays an very important role to create brand reputation and online for business or Internet Marketing Guide and Blogging TipsWhy Social MediaWhy you want to use social media? What are your objectives? For.

1. lead Generation2. Acquisition 3. Engagement 4. Retention5. Increase Traffic 6. Increase Sales 7. Branding

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Social Network Comparison

Social Media Best PlatformsWhich social media platformwould you pick? If youthinkFace book and YouTube are your best network because theyare most popular.Just because a site is popular doesnt mean it isa good fitfor you business.

Create Social Media StrategyRespect the Social Media GuidelinesCreate Your Business Goal Understand Your Right AudienceCreate Content Strategy for Social MediaCome up With Best Banners and Images Focus on Posting TimingsAlways Use Post Variations Build Network and Relationships Dont Over Promote Check How to Create Best Content Strategy

Avoid Things on Social Media

Dontpromote your business everywhere in one time.Dontcross character limit (first do analysis for social sites.)DontSell every time: Social networks are not for sell, its for sharing, share useful things.Dontpromote too much (Dont over promote your product)Dontcreate more than one profile for your brand.Delete all duplicate profile and pages from social media.Dontrepeat same post again and again.

Social Media ToolsSocial media has done many changes. Now every thing is new and updated, Some best features and tools has recently updated on social media platforms.Latest Pinterest Web Analytics ToolFacebook Event Promotional ToolTwitter Promoted VideoCheck Complete details about these tools

You Should Do in Social MediaHighlight your key points; make very informative title for your post.Use Hash Tag (#) in every post with proper keyword.Use real pictures in social media profiles and pages.Be active in social media and maintain your accounts updated.Build Relationships and make connectionUser Interaction: Interact with peoples and attend their queries.

AdviceTry to Create Best Content Strategy and Always Use variations on your Post Dont Forget to Create.Blogger Outreach Campaign Blogging CampaignGuest and Press Release Writing Create Youtube Channel and Start MarketingVisit for More Digital Marketing Topics