some of my best friends are robots

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This is the presentation I gave at nextMEDIA in Toronto on December 1, 2009. I wanted to convey the message that we need to bring more human into our use of the new tools that are built for humans.



some of my best friends are robots

tara missrogue hunt

the singularity is upon us...

tale #1: Rogers robot army

composite: not an actual photograph

Were not here to replace existing channelsof communications and customer care...

(which channels would those be?)...but to complement them.


Tip for Rogers: instead of hiring ppl for Twitter, why not try hiring ppl to answer your phones?

Thanks for the follow!I usually tweet about

social media and baking!You can find out more

about me on my website: a great day!

tale #2: automated human bots

follows the same number of people who follow him/her and is in the thousands

follows you, then unfollows you if you dont follow back right away

if you DO follow back, sends a chirpy thanks for the follow message instantly

will stop #followfriday-ing people if you dont reciprocate

sends out timed tweets - usually promotional in nature and spaced out rationally during the day

tell tale signs of an automated human bot

tale #3: humans trained to be bots

Wisdom includes:

when and how to make the exception to every rule

when and how to improvise

knowing that real world problems are often ambiguous and ill-defined and the context is always changing

knowing how to use moral skills in the pursuit of the right aims

taking the time to get to know the people that you are serving, to try new things and occasionally fail and learn from those failures

caring for people.

smart, efficient & logic driven

ambiguous, feeling & wise

the new Turing test

any action that prioritizes rules, protocols, logic, efficiency, procedures or any other type of pre-set guidelines at the cost of relationships or compassion towards other human beings indicates robotic nature.

how to de-robotize (and join the human revolution)

personal brand vs. personality!

get a personality

dare to be imperfect

admit your mistakes

expose your quirks/passions

have fun

whenever you start to feel pidgeon-holed or stagnant, challenge yourself to try something new

read, listen to and open your mind to people who think different than you

The majority of successful people followed their passion, not a formula...

message vs. purpose


message purpose

outgoing two-way

externalized internalized

crafted believed in

brand-centric intention-centric

pushed people are drawn to

creates noise creates connections

benefits oneself benefits the world

agreed upon/official discussed/changing

head gut

consistency vs. compassion#3

consistency may be efficient, but it doesnt make the recipient feel like a special snowflake...

consistent compassionate

scheduled follow-ups thinking of someone and dropping them a note

auto-responders making sure you are interacting with the people you follow

crafted messages/responses

sending personal notes to those you know...even if you

have to tell them you are really busy at the moment.

pre-scheduled posts post when you are inspired/have something to say

sending the same message to multiple people

responding to people individually

responding to absolutely everybody

responding when it is appropriate/real

shortcuts vs. investments


why shortcuts dont work:

you rob yourself of the opportunity to learn

short term thinking damages long term relationships (burns bridges)

will lead to long term costs

you miss out on connections

you miss out on opportunities

you miss the point

quantity vs. quality


when you concentrate on numbers, you lower the potential of engagement...

basic math50 good conversations

yield20 solid sales

(plus repeat/referral)

150000 spam messagesyield

11.25 sales*(low repeat/referral)

50 good conversationsyield

20 solid sales(plus repeat/referral)

*based on studies of average spam (porn aside) click-thru rate of 0.0075% - purchase may be lower

more math

gained 100,00 extra followers@geoffliving (7,500 followers) posted this photo + tweeted it = 140 views =

1.86 click through rate

@kanter retweeted it = +120 views = 0.001 click through rate

(120,000 followers) - (relationships) < (7,500 followers) + (relationships) +


the key lies in relationships...numbers dont matter, engagement + impact does.

real influencers use their powers for good not for personal glorification...

joining the human revolution

1. personality instead of personal brands

2. purpose instead of messaging/mission statements

3. compassion and caring over consistency

4. long term investments instead of taking shortcuts

5. quality over quantity

I lied.

Im partial to humans.

without us being better humans, the future of technology scares me...

and without us bringing humanity into business, well create a miserable future...

join the human revolution (for a better future)


Tara missrogue, quebec, canada514-679-2951

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