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As digital technologies advance, chances are your industry partners will require less square footage to show off their products and services. Your challenge is to convert or grow those dollars into sponsorship opportunities that are appreciated by your conference attendees and grow your revenue line. Learner Outcomes: • Gain insights for aligning your sponsorship menu with attendee mattering. • Explore sales strategies for growing sponsorship contribution.


  • Sponsorship From Logo Recognition to Attendee Mattering
  • 2 Presenter-Attendee Agreement
  • 5 Vibrate please
  • 6 Safe space to agree, disagree, ponder, & question
  • About Me @VelChain
  • About You 8
  • Photo by jefzila - Creative Commons Attribution License https://www.flickr.com/photos/52151298@N00 Created with Haiku Deck
  • Learning Objectives
  • Your Turn: Which learning objective is most important to YOU? Explore sales strategies for growing sponsorship contribution. Gain Insights for aligning your sponsorship menu with attendee mattering.
  • Win Win - WIN
  • Kim Skildum-Reid: Its no longer If you love the event, you should love our brand. Or Pay attention to us (and our logos)! Instead its We know you love this event we love it too! And weve thought of a few ways to make it even better for you.
  • Make best parts better Make the worst parts suck less
  • 22 Pricing Strategy Market-Based? Value Based? Cost Plus?
  • What attendee does or feels
  • What attendee gets
  • What sponsorship inventory items fall short on mattering and should be killed?
  • What are/should you charge for Attendee Wi-Fi? Mobile App? exclusive sponsors of
  • Organize around your best customers and their goals, not your products.
  • Transactional EVERYONE ELSE MID TIER (50-100 Companies) TOP TARGETS (10-25 Companies) Consultative
  • Budget Spender vs. Budget Maker
  • Leverage Leadership Relationships: Match Power with Power
  • Sponsorship Leverage (aka Activation)
  • Leverage also known as activation is what a sponsor does with a sponsorship after the deal is done and is the most critical factor in getting a good result from an investment. Kim Skildum-Reid The Corporate Sponsorship Toolkit
  • eyeballs clicks conversations views metrics sound bites feedback stories actions data opportunities 87% Have Increased Need for Validated Results Source: IEG/Performance Research 2013 Sponsorship Decision-Makers Survey

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