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  • Presented by: Josefina B. Bitonio Regional Director CDA Dagupan Extension OfficeOctober 29, 2016 at NSCC Plaza, Caoyan, Ilocos Sur

  • 32 warm bodies 18 CDS=Iis Ave= 85 coops/CDS-II


  • No. of Registered Cooperative as of Aug. 2016 = 1,536

    Compliant cooperatives 1,138Issued with SCOs 102Under Dissolution 5Dissolved 291Total 1,536

  • 1536

  • NOTE: CoC Data as of August, 2016 (CoC Issuance for New Coops Included)

    Statistics of Coops per Type (Data on Types of Coops as August,2016)TypeReg. CoopCompliant CoopNo.% ShareAdvocacy11100%Agriculture55100%ARC24414057%Consumer1286853%Credit1979146.19%Dairy10-Federation131079.92%Health22100%Housing10-Marketing523159.62%MPC83149759.81Producer321650%Service181055.55%Transport44100%Union5240%Worker2150%TOTAL153687857.16%CoopBank33100%EC2100%

  • 1138Compliant coops

    71162.47%With COC

  • Phil. 26,322 19,939compliant cooperatives = 75.75% Accomplishment Report as of July 2016

  • Phil. 19,939compliant cooperatives8516 cooperatives with COC= 42.71%Accomplishment Report as of July 2016

  • Philippineswith COC= 42.71%Accomplishment Report as of July 2016Region 1 % of cooperatives with COC = 62.47%

  • Statistics of Coops per Type Data on Types of Coops as August,2016

    TypeIssued with COCNo.% ShareAdvocacy1100%Agriculture480%ARC3915.98%Consumer4938.25%Credit81 41.11% (3)Dairy0-Federation753.85Health2100%Housing0-Marketing25 48.08% (2)MPC483 58.12% (1)Producer13 40.63% (4)Service15.56%Transport4100%Union240%Worker0-TOTAL71146.29%CoopBank3100%Electric Coop3100%NOTE: CoC Data as of August, 2016 (CoC Issuance for New Coops Included)

  • CTE: Region No. of Operating Coops 878 476 with CTE 19 Pending 4951138=43.49%

  • Pang 381LU 124IS 99IN 130Reg. 1 73464.49% of the Total Operating coopsAgriculture Cooperative refers to a primary cooperative which or whose members are involve/engage in raising/culture of plants, animals, fungi, and other living organism for productive and economic purpose and in related activities that lead to the reduction of cost and/or value addition of outputsMemorandum Circular No. 2015-05Series of 2015SUBJECT : GUIDELINES FOR THE REGISTRATION OF AGRICULTURE COOPERATIVEDATE : September 16, 2015

  • As of June, 2016Regions 1,3, CARSACDECO & SHSC luzonwideExcept NSCC Nationwide

    1. NSCC142. SACDECO163. SHSC174. St Lucy MPC65. Sto. Domingo Devt Coop106. Suyo MPC37. Fatima (Vigan) MPC28. Kailian MPC19. NSCC MPC1079

  • As of June, 2016

    1. PANELCO III92. United Primary MPC23. SAMPAC of Mangatarem NHS24. Bugallon Enterprises and farmers MPC35. Saytan Savings and Credit Coop16. Biba Diwa MPC17. Ilocandia Seed Growers MPC18. LU MPC39. Tubao Credit210. St Louis Credit Coop211. Bayanihan Credit Coop112. SACDECO634

  • MC 2012-12 Revised Guidelines in the Registration of Labor Service and Workers Cooperatives and D.O. 18-A of DOLE was adopted.As to nature of activities - Engaged in contracting and sub-contracting arrangements as defined by law.As to existence of employer employee relationship - Existence of employer employee relationship is at all times observed in contracting and sub-contracting arrangements during the deployment of the member. Trilateral relationship exists between and among the principal, contractor and the member-employees.

  • List of Coops with Labor Service Activity

    No.Registration No.Name of CooperativeStatus ("Complaint "or "Not Complaint")19520-01001412Federation of Sual Multi Purpose CooperativeCompliant29520-01002949Logolog Farmers Multi Purpose CooperativeCompliant39520-01006564Pabuyao Multi Purpose CooperativeCompliant49520-01000148Pangascasan Womens Multi Purpose Cooperative (PWMPC)Compliant59520-01003697Poblacion Multi Purpose CooperativeCompliant69520-01002131St. Anthony Baybay Sur Multi Purpose CooperativeCompliant


    In the light of the controversy regarding Endo and the necessity to conduct further study on its implication to Labor Service Cooperatives in relation to the proposed legislations on the end of Endo, the Authority by virtue ofBOA Resolution No. 313, 8-2016, dated September 20, 2016, is hereby enforcing Moratorium in the registration of Labor Service Cooperatives.This issuances shall cover registration of new Labor Service Cooperatives or amendments thereof, the purpose of which is to include contracting and sub-contracting activities.The above-stated moratorium shall be effective immediately.You shall be notified of any policy changes on this matter upon instruction by the CDA Board of Administrators.

    (SGD) RAY R. ELEVAZOExecutive Director

  • 1. Laboratory82. Union23. Federation104. Cooperative Banks35. Consolidated1

  • SACDECOs AFLATOUNSAs of October 2016 with 3,000 Aflatounswith a Savings of Php 62 Millions

  • PROVINCENo. of CoopsMEMBERSMaleFemaleTOTALPangasinan38338,88750,88789,774La Union11519,57228,00747,579Ilocos Sur10149,39980,720130,119Ilocos Norte11511,90510,64422,549TOTAL714119,763170,258290,021

  • Reference: Membership VS Population in the Region

    Region No. of Coop MembersWorking Population% Share1290,0211,954,00014.84%

  • PROVINCENo. of CoopsBOD'sMaleFemaleTOTALPangasinan3831,2667962,062La Union115393296689Ilocos Sur101363247610Ilocos Norte115491257748TOTAL7142,5131,5964109

  • RegionalNo. of Board of Directors with mandatory trainings FY 2015)

    Cooperative Management & Governance746 (7.41%)Basic Cooperative Course464 (11.54%)

  • Pangasinan 2062 BODFY2015

    Cooperative Management & Governance153 (7.41%)Basic Cooperative Course238 (11.54%)

  • PROVINCENo. of CoopsEMPLOYEESMaleFemaleTOTALPangasinan3839149961,910La Union115264469733Ilocos Sur1017677781,545Ilocos Norte115492459951TOTAL7142,4372,7025,139

  • Coop Volume of Business VS GDPRegCoop Volume of BusinessGDP in the Region% Share19,631,481,122.373.09Coop Share?

  • PROVINCETOTAL VOL. OF BUS.Pangasinan4,487,493,065.89La Union640,269,508.11Ilocos Sur3,220,421,567.34Ilocos Norte1,283,296,981.03TOTAL9,631,481,122.37

  • P9,631,481,122.37 Reg. 111,000 coops reported P600 BillionVolume of Business= 1.60% of the total Php 600 B

  • PROVINCETOTAL ASSETSPangasinan2,505,239,420.18La Union1,468,721,189.81Ilocos Sur4,460,332,358.23Ilocos Norte1,155,551,269.24TOTAL9,589,844,237.46

  • PROVINCEPAID-UP CAPITALPangasinan1,144,388,787.99La Union455,848,868.45Ilocos Sur704,672,702.03Ilocos Norte334,613,482.16TOTAL2,639,523,840.63

  • PROVINCETOTAL EQUITYPangasinan1,560,824,353.00La Union594,205,941.83Ilocos Sur961,785,502.42Ilocos Norte433,576,814.09TOTAL3,550,392,611.34

  • PROVINCEGROSS INCOMEPangasinan481,574,140.70La Union221,223,441.61Ilocos Sur619,035,641.74Ilocos Norte200,438,133.42Total1,522,271,357.47

  • PROVINCESAVINGSPangasinan301,068,172.31La Union326,979,533.60Ilocos Sur749,385,128.83Ilocos Norte139,316,193.27TOTAL1,516,749,028.01

  • PROVINCENETWORTHPangasinan1,598,114,755.91La Union614,973,766.06Ilocos Sur1,012,992,311.01Ilocos Norte425,913,521.06TOTAL3,651,994,354.04

  • PROVINCENET SURPLUSPangasinan180,504,475.78La Union61,561,030.66Ilocos Sur105,908,137.36Ilocos Norte54,326,056.20TOTAL402,299,700.00

  • Financial Inclusion in terms of Usage. There is financial inclusion when everyone is able to use financial products and services (e.g., credit, savings, payments and insurance) effectively to their benefit. Such products and services must be appropriately designed, of good quality and relevant to benefit the person accessing them.

  • Microfinance remains an integral component of increasing access to finance among poor and low income households. SD, TD, Loan Portfolio Non-bank financial institutions. Helping one another with NGOs, cooperatives, and microfinance institutions to reach out to the 26 million Filipinos living below the poverty line.

  • City/MunicipalityNo. of Existing CoopNo. of Existing Branches Alaminos City3 Dagupan City9 San Carlos City8 Urdaneta City3 San Fernando City12 Candon City74 Vigan City116 Batac City7 Laoag City109 CITIES6020

  • Prov.MunicipalitiesBranchesPang24LU14IS2179IN1473

  • LoansInvestment by coopInsurance expenseSavings and Time Deposite-payment transactionsTOTALPANGASINAN1,105,294,936.4515,488,146.33not captured160,993,142.41not captured1,281,776,225.19LA UNION71,585,769.19845,793.5725,625,587.5898,057,150.34ILOCOS SUR647,677,037.0920,969,243.80529,260,060.291,197,906,341.18ILOCOS NORTE517,169,889.9817,202,944.75350,324,049.60884,696,884.332,341,727,632.7154,506,128.450.001,066,202,839.880.003,462,436,601.04

  • In summary, it can be stated that the reach of the Philippine cooperatives continue to improve. There are sustained increases in the number and reach of cooperatives, CBs, ATMs and other financial service providers. Cooperatives have addressed the physical barriers that hinder people from being included in the formal financial system. Aside from physical access to financial services, these services must be affordable, of good quality and relev


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