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  • STEM & MakerSpaces: Cheap or FREE!

    Amy Farkas

    STEM/Technology Educator

    Seitz Middle School

    Riverview Community School District

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  • What is STEM?

  • MakerSpaces in STEM Labs MakerSpaces are a great addition to any STEM Lab!

    They give students places to engineer, explore and imagine!

    Ask parents for a list of common household items to help stock

    yours without breaking the bank $$$:

  • MakerSpaces

  • MakerSpaces

  • MakerSpaces

  • MakerSpaces

  • MakerSpaces

  • MakerSpaces

  • MakerSpaces

  • MakerSpaces

  • The EDP

  • Engineering Design Process

  • Engineering Design Process

  • eGFI for Engineering Click this link to access the Teacher Welcome page:

  • Teaching Channel

  • Scratch ( Scratch uses Block Style Coding with commands/properties for

    each block. Scratch translates very naturally to LEGO


  • PBS Digital Media: NOVA LABS

    PBS Learning Media created 6 individual Labs that use

    technology to learn about science.

  • NASA’s BEST (Beginning Engineering, Science and Technology)

    NASA's Beginning Engineering, Science and Technology, or BEST, activity guides

    bring the principles of engineering alive to younger audiences. The content in the

    guides can be used to supplement curricula during the school day or as activities for

    after-school clubs. Educators may use the materials as a set or as individual activities.

    NASA's BEST activity guides help teach students the engineering design process. The

    guides accommodate three grade groups (K-2, 3-5 or 6-8), and all follow the same set

    of activities.

  • NASA Opportunities for Educators

  • Khan Academy Khan Academy partnered with NASA to explain

    astronomy and space exploration:

    Other STEM areas can be searched by topic, with

    courses available for anything from Engineering

    disciplines to Agricultural Science!

  • Click this link for the Teach and Learn Page

    This portion of the site is searchable for lesson plans:

  • Link Engineering


  • PhET Simulations

  • DiscoverE

  • EiE - Engineering is Everywhere

  • Nat Geo Innovation Lab

  • Explore Learning: Gizmos ($)

    Learning Gizmos are not free, but the 30 day trial is enough time to work through multiple simulations with your class if your timing is planned correctly.

  • Instructables provides instructions on how to do or create just

    about anything you can imagine! This is the MacGyver of websites,

    it can give you instructions on how to design/make/engineer any

    project you can think of!

    Here is a link to an Educator’s Guide and helpful Student Rubric:

  • 3D Design with Tinkercad with

  • Teachers Pay Teachers While some STEM teachers may eschew the use of pre-paid lessons, I find that they save me formating time. Here are a few that I use and highly recommend:

    The Nitty Gritty of Teaching STEM:

    Intro to STEM Critical Thinking:

    Mystery Design Box Challenges:

  • STEM Buddies We meet once per month with 5th graders from Huntington Elementary School for STEM Buddies. The 8th grade STEM students foster a mentoring relationship, and they work together to complete an engineering design project.

  • Some Additional STEM Resources This link will take you to a document that I update periodically

    with websites and projects for STEM classes.

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