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<ul><li> 1. Session Hashtag: txnsinnovate <br />STOP<br />competing.<br />START<br />innovating.<br />Steps<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. Session Hashtag: txnsinnovate <br />The business of non-profits <br />is the business of innovation.<br />(Whatever your mission.)<br /> 3. EVERYBODYS <br />TALKING<br />ABOUT<br />INNOVATION.<br /> 4. Session Hashtag: txnsinnovate <br />Goals for today<br />Discover a better way to innovate<br />Share a few NPO innovations<br />Excite you about possibilities<br />Give you specific takeaways<br /> 5. Its not inventing something new.<br /> 6. It is improving something that already is.<br /> 7. Its like regeneration.<br /> 8. Why does innovation<br /> seem so difficult?<br /> 9. Its a Mind Game.<br />Customers<br />Competition<br />Culture<br />Market structures and boundaries <br />exist only in our minds.<br /> 10. There are well marked, specific boundaries.<br /> 11. Are you willing to use your common sense?<br />Are you willing to listen to your customers?<br />Are you willing to follow a proven process?<br /> 12. Need<br />The awareness of a deficiency<br />VALUE<br />NEED<br />FILTERS<br />Word of mouth<br />ESTEEM<br />Research<br />PSYCH<br />NEED<br />Salesperson<br />ORIGIN NEED<br />ORIGIN<br />NEED<br />EDUCATION + EXPERIENCE<br />BELONG<br />PERF<br />NEED<br />Direct experience<br />Indirect experience<br />I need to eat.<br />I still need to eat.<br />Low cost.<br />More energy.<br />My family will think Im smart.<br />One of those healthy people.<br />But now <br />I also need<br /> 13. What If Hybrid:Sweet Beginnings<br />Launched in 2000 in Chicago<br />Most-Important-Customers:Ex-offenders.<br />Unmet need:Providing transitional employment upon release from prison.<br />Innovation:Create a community based business as a pathway back.<br />57% of the residents of North Lawndale neighborhood of west Chicago have done prison time.<br />Employees do all the work involved in operations, manufacturing, website maintenance, sales.<br />Most stay 90 days as a way back with work experience and a resume entry.<br />Results:Fewer than 4% have gone back to prison compared to 65% national average.<br /> 14. 15. Whats a Value Chain?<br />Identifies each entity involved in a transaction between the original<br />provider and the end user.<br /> 16. Many Choices<br />Alums<br />Families<br />LOCAL NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION<br />Government<br />Foundations<br />Organizations<br />Individuals<br />Corporate sponsors<br />Local media<br />Existing<br />Future<br /> 17. Whos The Most Important Customer?<br /> 18. For NPOs, there are almost always two MICs:<br />the recipient of services and the donor.<br /> 19. Whats a Value Curve?<br />A one page visual mapping tool to clearly understand what is most important to your Most Important Customers.<br /> 20. Commercial Paint <br />Manufacturer<br />Price<br />Ease of use<br />Distributors<br />Color Selection<br />Containers<br />Mixing Tools<br />Grade quality<br />Supplements<br /> 21. What They Assumed<br />Price<br />Ease of use<br />Distributors<br />Color Selection<br />Containers<br />Mixing Tools<br />Grade quality<br />Supplements<br /> 22. Contextual interviewing is <br />the single most important <br />thing you can do in innovation.<br /> 23. Understanding them:think, see, feel, hear, say + do<br />Thick branch<br />Huge wall<br />Pipe<br />Rope<br />Hand fan<br />Pillar<br /> 24. What do they<br />THINK + FEEL?<br />What do they<br />What do they<br />What do they<br />HEAR?<br />SEE?<br />What do they<br />SAY + DO?<br />PAIN<br />GAIN<br />THINK + FEEL?<br /> 25. Good Careers Academy<br />Launched in 2009 in San Antonio<br />Most-Important-Customers:South Texas employers and future workers.<br />Unmet need:How to provide a personalized career path and certification for a fraction of the cost as a for-profit training school.<br />Innovation:Creating a new kind of community partnership.<br />Careers:<br />Pharmacy technician<br />Computer Support Specialist<br />Certified Nurses Assistant<br />Licensed Commercial Drivers<br />Customer Service<br />Supply Chain Technician (including Internal warehousing, Internal logistics and transportation)<br />Results:Lifetime earning potential increased by more than $500,000.1,000 annual graduates each year,resultingina90%graduationrate(vs.a38%rate at for-profit schools).<br /> 26. Insight!<br />Before interviews<br />After interviews<br /> 27. To Be<br />Job site ease of use<br />Containers<br />Supplements<br />Disposability / reusability<br />Price<br />Color Selection<br />Distributors<br />Grade quality<br />Mixing Tools<br /> 28. 29. Case Study:826 National<br />Launched in 2002<br />Most-Important-Customers:Low income students and local donors.<br />Unmet need:Helping students get the individual attention they need to develop ideas and writing skills due to overcrowded classrooms.<br />Innovation:Create project-based learning tutoring centers within wacky branded kid magnets like pirate and super-hero retail shops.<br />To raise funds, inspire creativity, and advertise programs to the local community, most of centers include a street-front retail store filled with unusual products, entertaining signage and books for sale. <br />8 Chapters:San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, New York, Ann Arbor, Boston, Chicago, Washington DC <br /> 30. To Be<br />Job site ease of use<br />Containers<br />Supplements<br />Disposability / reusability<br />Price<br />Color Selection<br />Distributors<br />Grade quality<br />Mixing Tools<br /> 31. Prototype<br /> 32. Case Study:Water of Life<br />Most-Important-Customers:Poor families in Africa and supporters.<br />Unmet need:Providing life sustaining clean water.<br />Innovation:Create low cost system using existing technology.<br />Results:Nearly 100,000 systems provided in the first nine months of operation with over <br />20,000 new supporters inspired to help.<br /> 33. Without action, the world would still be an idea.<br />Georges F. Doriot<br /> 34. MARKETPOWER<br /><br />twitter @wallnotes<br /><br /></p>