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  • 1. Opportunities and Threats forSmall Firms and SolosShaun G. Jamison

2. Shaun G. Jamison 3. Brief Consult withBankruptcyLawyerDivorce Letter Written by Post DivorceLawyerCriminal Defense Simple Will Complex Estate Planning Contract Review Residential PurchaseAgreementServices Offered atTypical Included ServicesDiscountShaun G. Jamison 4. Shaun G. Jamison 5. Shaun G. Jamison 6. American Postal Montgomery Wards Workers Union 4%4%CLC Arag8% 27%Pre-Paid Legal 19% Hyatt Legal Plans 27%Legal Services Network(AARP/ALLSTATE) 4%Legal Club of America 7%Shaun G. Jamison, 7. Gain Clients at LowPayShaun G. Jamison, 8. Shaun G. Jamison, 9. Shaun G. Jamison 10. Shaun G. Jamison, 11. Differentiate Personal Relationship RatherThan Random Subscription Services Free Check Ups Newsletters for Current Clients Client Only Areas on Websites Streamline Client Interaction & Processes Shaun G. Jamison 12. Monthly Fee for Property Managers -Friedman & Ranzenhofer: $399 for Gold Plan (3Hours) and $599 for Platinum (5 hours) Monthly Business Retainer - Furnari Scher:10-20% discount on pre-paid fees.Shaun G. Jamison, 13. No major change based on current practice, however LegalZoom announced a partnership with attorneys which may destabilize Shaun G. Jamison, 14. Firms with excess capacity should carefully investigate particular plans and weigh LSPs against other low fee opportunities. Shaun G. Jamison,