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QuestionWhat superhero power would be the best to have?

Super strengthFlightInvisibilityTeleportation

Super Selfies ChallengeProjects Purpose:This projects purpose is for each student to CREATE an original ACCESSORY that a superhero/supervillain would need to have in order to magnify his/her powers to the fullest extent

Whats the CATCH This ACCESSORY will need to be able to be WORN by YOU and documented.

Project REQUIREMENTSAn ACTION PLAN with a clear CONCEPT of what the ACCESSORY will...look like, what it is for, and the meaning behind the design is turned in before construction starts2. The project has been fired once (BISQUE) and is free from any imperfections, including:cracksbumps or uneven finishessharp edges from cutsbroken piecesas well as an appropriate FINISH (acrylic paint or glaze) has been applied which fits within the CONCEPT of the project.

3. An artist statement form has been filled out upon completion, fully explaining the purpose behind the concept that drove the creation of the project.

4. A PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS4. The FINAL PIECE has been properly displayed/submitted to a social media site (ie. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) on the day it is due meeting the SPECIFIC CHALLENGE.

So what is so SPECIFIC about this challengeyour unique accessory needs to be able to be WORN by you in your presentationmeaning this has to fit your specific measurement(s). worn does not mean: held ontoset on a tablepropped up against somethingThis means it needs to be located somewhere on YOU to receive full credit

An artist statement explaining what the concept behind the project was explaining briefly the accessory and how it magnifies the superpowerhashtag at the end of post for credit and searchability

5pts for every comment on the specific post1pt for every like favorite or star

10 pts for every progress picture that shows a SIGNIFICANT change

This DOES NOT include the following:change in photo anglethe subtle change from one color to anotherany minor additionsany minor deletions