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These slides are supporting materials for educators who participated in the Thompson TECH Talks, November 8th, 2013.


  • 1. I Er ma ic ge Co c ns re tan di tin t: ea uThe 5 CsSupporting 21st Cent ury LearnersThompson TECH Talk November 8th, 2013Andy McKielSt. James-Assiniboia School Division

2. 21st Century Skills?Image credit: Stfan 3. 21st Century Skills?The 5 Cs Image credit: Stfan 4. COMMUNICATIONImage credit: St fanthe sharing and understanding of ideas and information through a variety of mediums 5. COLLABORATIONImage credit: lumaxartthe process of working together toward a common goal with meaningful contributions from all members 6. the ability to gather, analyzeand synthesize information for an intended purposeImage credit: Paulo MargariCRITICAL THINKING 7. CREATIVITYrabo: mark e credit Imagf no ssio t e xpr ntex e nd w co nt a ne e pm in a velo deas e de vel i th no 8. inder Image credit: jazwCITIZENSHIP becoming an informed and active member of society to promote the common good both locally and globally, while protecting individual rights 9. Yeah, but...Image credit: Stfan 10. Yeah, but... what does it look like? Image credit: Stfan 11. IGNITE 12. Better Together 13. Community Unity 14. Blurred Images 15. Chilling with Nanuq 16. Chilling with Nanuq 17. Chilling with Nanuq 18. 5 Cs5 projects 19. 5 Cs5 projectsScalability 20. 5 Cs5 projects students SCHOOLS DIVISIONS PROVINCEScalabilityWorld