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<ul><li><p>8/14/2019 Tabella Mezza 1h 30'</p><p> 1/2</p><p>rt Coach Printer Friendly</p><p> 2 12/18/2009 04</p><p>TRAINING:SMART COACH</p><p>Your current race time is: 0:41:30 for a 10 KYour distance training goal is: Half-MarathonYou currently train: 49 - 56 km/weekHow hard you want to train: HardYour long-run day: SundayYour training program Starts: Monday, 12/28/2009 and Ends: Sunday, 3/28/2010Length of your training schedule: 13 weeks</p><p>Wk Dat Mon Tues Weds Thurs Fri Sat Sun Total</p><p>1 12/281/3</p><p>Rest/ XT</p><p>Easy RunDist: 8 km@5:09</p><p>Easy RunDist: 8 km@5:09</p><p>TempoRunDist: 10 km,incWarm; 6 km@ 4:19;Cool</p><p>Easy RunDist: 8 km@5:09</p><p>Rest/ XT</p><p>Long RunDist: 16 km@5:09</p><p>50km</p><p>2 1/41/10</p><p>Rest/ XT</p><p>Easy RunDist: 10km@5:09</p><p>Easy RunDist: 10km@5:09</p><p>SpeedworkDist: 11 km,incWarm;3x1600 in6:31w/800 jogs;Cool</p><p>Easy RunDist: 8 km@5:09</p><p>Rest/ XT</p><p>Long RunDist: 16 km@5:09</p><p>55km</p><p>3 1/111/17</p><p>Rest/ XT</p><p>Easy RunDist: 11km@5:09</p><p>Easy RunDist: 10km@5:09</p><p>TempoRunDist: 10 km,incWarm; 6 km@ 4:19;Cool</p><p>Easy RunDist: 10km@5:09</p><p>Rest/ XT</p><p>Long RunDist: 18 km@5:09</p><p>59km</p><p>4 1/181/24</p><p>Rest/ XT</p><p>Easy RunDist: 11km@5:09</p><p>Easy RunDist: 11km@5:09</p><p>TempoRunDist: 11 km,incWarm; 8 km@ 4:22;Cool</p><p>Easy RunDist: 11km@5:09</p><p>Rest/ XT</p><p>Long RunDist: 18 km@5:09</p><p>62km</p><p>5 1/251/31</p><p>Rest/ XT</p><p>Easy RunDist: 10km@5:06</p><p>Easy RunDist: 10km@5:06</p><p>Easy RunDist: 10 km@5:06</p><p>Easy RunDist: 10km@5:06</p><p>Rest/ XT</p><p>Easy RunDist: 10 km@5:06</p><p>50km</p><p>6 2/12/7</p><p>Rest/ XT</p><p>Easy RunDist: 10km@5:06</p><p>Easy RunDist: 8 km@5:06</p><p>SpeedworkDist: 13 km,incWarm;4x1600 in6:27w/800 jogs;Cool</p><p>Easy RunDist: 8 km@5:06</p><p>Easy RunDist: 8 km@5:06</p><p>Long RunDist: 19 km@5:06</p><p>66km</p><p>7 2/82/14</p><p>Rest/ XT</p><p>Easy RunDist: 11km@5:06</p><p>Easy RunDist: 10km@5:06</p><p>TempoRunDist: 11 km,incWarm; 8 km@ 4:19;</p><p>Cool</p><p>Easy RunDist: 10km@5:06</p><p>Easy RunDist: 10km@5:06</p><p>Long RunDist: 19 km@5:06</p><p>71km</p><p>8 2/152/21</p><p>Rest/ XT</p><p>Easy RunDist: 11km@5:06</p><p>Easy RunDist: 10km@5:06</p><p>TempoRunDist: 13 km,incWarm; 10km @ 4:22;Cool</p><p>Easy RunDist: 10km@5:06</p><p>Easy RunDist: 10km@5:06</p><p>Long RunDist: 21 km@5:06</p><p>75km</p><p>9 2/222/28</p><p>Rest/ XT</p><p>Easy RunDist: 11km@5:03</p><p>Easy RunDist: 11km@5:03</p><p>Easy RunDist: 11 km@5:03</p><p>Easy RunDist: 11km@5:03</p><p>Rest/ XT</p><p>Easy RunDist: 13 km@5:03</p><p>57km</p></li><li><p>8/14/2019 Tabella Mezza 1h 30'</p><p> 2/2</p><p>rt Coach Printer Friendly</p><p> 2 12/18/2009 04</p><p>10 3/13/7</p><p>Rest/ XT</p><p>Easy RunDist: 11km@5:03</p><p>Easy RunDist: 11km@5:03</p><p>SpeedworkDist: 16 km,incWarm;5x1600 in6:23w/800 jogs;Cool</p><p>Easy RunDist: 10km@5:03</p><p>Easy RunDist: 10km@5:03</p><p>Long RunDist: 21 km@5:03</p><p>79km</p><p>11 3/83/14</p><p>Rest/ XT</p><p>Easy RunDist: 13km@5:03</p><p>Easy RunDist: 11km@5:03</p><p>TempoRunDist: 13 km,inc</p><p>Warm; 10km @ 4:19;Cool</p><p>Easy RunDist: 11km@5:03</p><p>Easy RunDist: 11km@5:03</p><p>Long RunDist: 22 km@5:03</p><p>81km</p><p>12 3/153/21</p><p>Rest/ XT</p><p>Easy RunDist: 13km@5:03</p><p>Easy RunDist: 13km@5:03</p><p>TempoRunDist: 14 km,incWarm; 11km @ 4:21;Cool</p><p>Easy RunDist: 13km@5:03</p><p>Easy RunDist: 11km@5:03</p><p>Long RunDist: 22 km@5:03</p><p>86km</p><p>13 3/223/28</p><p>Rest/ XT</p><p>Easy RunDist: 6 km@5:09</p><p>Easy RunDist: 6 km@5:09</p><p>TempoRunDist: 10 km,incWarm; 6 km@ 4:19;Cool</p><p>Easy RunDist: 6 km@5:09</p><p>Rest/ XT</p><p>Race DayDist: Half-Marathon@4:16Time: 1:30:09</p><p>49km</p><p>LEGEND</p><p>Example What it Means</p><p>Easy RunDist: 2mi@12:00</p><p>Run a total distance of 2 miles at a pace of 12 minutes per mile.</p><p>SpeedworkDist: 5mi, incWarm; 3x800 in4:00w/400 jogs; Cool</p><p>Run a total distance of 5 miles. Your run should include:- a warmup of about 1 mile- 3 repeats of 800 meters each; each repeat should take 4 minutes- a 400-meter recovery jog after each repeat- a cooldown of about 1 mileNote: Warmups and cooldowns are generally 1 mile each. But on some days,</p><p>you'll need to make them longer to reach the total distance for your run.</p><p>Rest/XT</p><p>Take a rest day, or do moderate cross-training activity.</p><p>Race DayDist: 5K@7:00 Time:21:44</p><p>On a race day, run your 5K at a 7-minute per mile pace. Your time will be 21:44.</p><p>BACKGROUND AND SPECIFICATIONS</p><p>The RUNNER'S WORLD SmartCoach is a free, interactive tool that combines science,mathematics and 40 years of collective running wisdom to bring you a proven,individualized training program. You can return to it as often as you want.</p><p>Copyright 2006 Rodale Inc. All rights reserved.</p></li></ul>


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