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  • Taameer Al Junoob Company- Bassrah, Iraq - Tel: 00964 7808351747 -UAE 0503763299 hayder@tameeraljanoob.com

    Tameer Aljanoob co.

    1.1 Business with Us

    Tameer Aljanoob co. conducts a wide variety of construction work throughout Iraq. Tameer Aljanoob co. is known for its expertise in constructing major highways, bridges, transit projects, buildings new constructions renovation, military bases, and power plants, Oil fields, logistic service, Rigs move & Gas services, civil, electrical, mechanical, concrete work, roads net work, UXO clearance, security guards, supply materials, heavy &light equipments rental, logistic services, camps construction, catering & life sport, design & drawings, water and sewer net work system, transportation and sea transportation, pipe line . We are solidly positioned to help our clients capitalize on opportunities and achieve their goals. 1.2 Stability, Reputation and Experience Tameer Aljanoob co. is one of the largest construction and mining organizations in Iraq, with more than 10 district and area offices throughout Iraq. We have a proven track record for delivering large and challenging projects on time and within budget. Tameer Aljanoob co. approach to detailed and methodical planning translates into "no surprises" for our clients. As employee-owners, our people are dedicated, have high expectations based on the company's past success, and bring a sense of urgency to every project. Our employee training and development programs are among the best in the industry nation wide.

    Tameer Aljanoob co. is successful because we have people with the ability and desire to build exciting and challenging projects. Our people have a drive to excel and the willingness to accept new responsibilities. They have initiative. They explore new ideas. They seek better solutions. They are enthusiastic, hardworking and committed to quality and excellence.

    As an employee-owned company, the company's assets are managed by those closest to the work. Long-term strategies are formulated by managers who grew up in the business. Most of our executives are long-time Tameer Aljanoob co. employees who started as project engineers, superintendents and foremen. At Tameer, employees are promoted to levels of greater responsibility on the basis of their demonstrated ability.

    After our people, our reputation is our most important asset. A reputation for honesty and integrity is essential to our business. We conduct our business in a manner that earns us the respect and goodwill of those around us. Doing good work, completing it on time, and dealing fairly and honestly with everyone involved are essential to maintain our excellent reputation in the industry.

  • Taameer Al Junoob Company- Bassrah, Iraq - Tel: 00964 7808351747 -UAE 0503763299 hayder@tameeraljanoob.com

    1. General Contracts : It is practiced its business since 1983 as it is commenced its jobs in the field of irrigation and land

    reformation projects with international grand corporations such as Philip Holzman Germany Co. Ltd. To complete the general mount project for more than 600 km long renovating millions of acres of agricultural lands in the middle and south of Iraq and anticipation with Brazilian Companies such as Mends Junior International Co. to erect many bridges through that project . Also, of the activity of the company the service projects , erection dams, water giant projects such as its anticipation if performing Basrah Water project from Nasiriyah to Basrah by about 300 km approximately and also the project of Um-El-Ma'arik extended for about 250 km long as well as performing many sanitary projects , roads networks , rain water projects , reconstruction Iraq including reconstructing more than 200 schools in the south of Iraq an built more than 6 camps in favor of Iraqi Army by its full service and by individual efforts it is paved airport runways and air base for Iraqi air force within Basrah International Airport and a camp for Iraqi Army at Baghdad International Airport and anticipated in some works of reconstructing naval base at Um-Qasr as the performance with most grand US Corporations such as Weston solutions, ITSI, Flour Amec, ECCI, MCI, Sallyport and also in anticipation with KBR Co. and Al-Khurafi Kuwaiti Co. executing many projects and power stations for many oil fields as logistic services, Rig moves, heavy equipments for Schlumberger and construction camp for weatherford oil . Of the activities of the company executing civil works , electrical works , mechanical works , electronic works, constructions, bridges & roads networks , water and sewer pipelining works and has a department of design and mapping . The company possesses many concrete, asphalt plants and many heavy equipments and machineries.

    Oil Fields & gas Service:

    Since detection of the first oil wells in the south territory of Iraq, we have supported these in such areas as security, logistical support, Rig Moves, base camp construction, catering &life support, etc. for international oil companies working in these fields. We have provided support in the oil fields in Rumaila, Al Zubar, Luhais, Ertawiya, West Qurna Oil Fields, and Majnoon. We have the resources and the ability to provide comprehensive support to these and other areas of Iraqs main oil producing areas. Our ability to provide these services ensures our clients Oil & Gas operations are supported fully with no delay in service. Our familiarity with all these fields from their inception assists us greatly in providing great service to our clients.

    Security and Protection Service Ltd.

    Started in 1961, we have provided the asset protection for many domestic entities including the Ministry of oil, Ministry of electricity, Ministry of housing and construction, and the Bridges and Roads Commission. We have also provided security and protection for many international corporations including Russian Companies working in the oil fields as well as water companies working in the field of irrigation damming; Brazilian , German Companies working in the field of bridges and roads; and US Companies in reconstructing Iraq. We have provided protection for oil refineries, gas, oil wells, pipelines, as well as communication towers. We have provided a secure means for convoys transporting goods and personnel, static security for remote construction sites, man camps, companies and buildings.

  • Taameer Al Junoob Company- Bassrah, Iraq - Tel: 00964 7808351747 -UAE 0503763299 hayder@tameeraljanoob.com

    Demining and UXO-Clearance :

    This department of our company is responsible for the demining and clearance of UXO material that is common in post war Iraq. Throughout the area of operation there have been large amounts of UXO safely removed from potential sites for construction. Our staff has provided this unique service to many outside organizations in post war Iraq. The clearing of sites prior to commencing the work and erecting its projects provides our clients with the reassurance that their equipment and personnel are safe.

    Companys Projects History: 1. Provided over 200 of heavy equipment for AL-Khurafi company at the south & north Rumaila oil fields,

    Zuber oil field including bulldozers tippers, graders, excavators, flatbed & low bed trailers, cranes etc. (KBR)

    2. Full logistical and Life Support services at the south & north Rumaila oil fields and Zuber oil field. (KBR) 3. Full logistical and Life Support services for Qurna oil field in cooperation with Rban Al Safina & Madar

    Al Fyha. (Weatherford oil company) 4. Full logistic servise & Rig move and heavy equipment for all site work for. (Schlumberger oil) 5. Provided heavy equipment for all site work required for 777 Turkish (Halliburton) 6. Executed concrete works the molding works and reinforcement steel strutting works at the south & north

    Rumela oil fields, water plant, Basrah international Airport for KBR, AlKhrafi., marine works for the Iraqi Army at the location of Um Qaser neval for Weston solutions co., AL- Sho'Ba base logistic, base concrete and constructing, installing the communications towers along the way from Basrah to Nasiriya province, the base concrete to the Tallil Army camp in Nasiriya and all the concrete foundation to the Elect. Station in AlOmara and all the concrete foundation to the fuel station in Khor Azzubair.

    7. Provided Oil field support staff including electricians, mechanics & welders for Kellogg, Brown & Root (KBR) for both the northern and southern regions of the Rumaila oil fields

    8. Provided Oil field support for the Al Zuber oil field as well as for the primary KBR camp in Basrah airport. (KBR)

    9. Provided blast protection devices such as T-walls, Jersey, Texas, & Alaska barriers at Um Qasr naval base and Talil army base. (US Air Force/Weston)

    10. Performed High Voltage Transmission maintenance on 300KVA towers from Al Kut to Omara province. (Perini Corporation)

    11. Performed maintenance on monopole communications tower from Basrah to Nassiryah. (Al Atheer Co) 12. Transport, load, unload the oil pipeline from Um Qaser port to the SOC sites for the account of phocene

    (a French company). 13. Executed earth works, security guards and logistic services at the general project for the account of Philip

    Holzman company (German company).

  • Taameer Al Junoob Company- Bassrah, Iraq - Tel: 00964 7808351747 -UAE 0503763299 hayder@tameeraljanoob.com

    14. Construction camps and provided logistic services for at Um Qasr naval base, Talil army base, Basrah aircraft hanger base. (US Air Force/Weston)

    15. Construction camp and provided logistic services, catering & life support