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Tantallon CrossroadsFollow-UpAmendmentsChurches & SchoolsSuperstore Property5434-5444 St. Margarets Bay Road* * TO BE REMOVED FROM CONSIDERATION IN THIS PROJECT

March 2015Tantallon CrossroadsMix of uses and housing typesEducation and health care facilitiesSmall buildings, pitched roofs, traditional sidingStreet oriented doors and facadesRespect groundwater and surface water

2To consider:Longstanding church proposal: allow community buildings in VR Zone exceeding maximum footprint, height & some architectural requirementsSuperstore property: add to Schedule N to be consistent with adjacent Canadian Tire*5434-5444 St. Margarets Bay Road: add uses to Schedule P comparable to existing uses*

March 2015


1. Church in VR ZoneFebruary 2015

Site owned by churchChurch RequestNorth side of Hammonds Plains Rd. at Scholars Dr.Development permit expiredUnable to issue new permit due to new zoning rulesBuilding & site design already doneWillingness to adjust non-structural design aspectsCan we accommodate them?

Approaching from Hwy. 103

Hammonds Plains & Scholars Rds.

School seen from Scholars Rd.

View from Scholars Rd. cul-de-sac

Approaching from Village Centre

What are the Barriers?March 2015Proposed ChurchVillage Residential ZoneOne 13,060 sq. ft. footprintSeveral 3,200 sq. ft. footprints41.4 ft max. height35 ft. max. height2:12 main roofs; flat elsewhere6:12 min. roof pitchAngled doorsNo Display windowsAwning to be added over doorwayLess than 60% of lengthSome horizontal windowsDoors in wall facing street Display windows requiredArcade or awningsAll comprising at least 60% of lengthOnly vertical or square windowsFront yard parking to be relocatedNo front yard parkingRationaleAccess avoids established neighbourhoodsChurches need large, open, one-level halls Adjacent school: 76,000 sf footprint & flat roof

Are there comparable properties?Large schools and public properties already exist along the north side of Hammonds Plains Road: 17,000 sf & 30,000 sfFormer school building on the north side of French Village Station Road: 12,000 sf footprintSeveral other large lots with wide frontage on these roads

Comparable properties?


?Questions to ConsiderHow might prominent sites and special buildings provide a counterpoint to more typical buildings?How might a large church fit a coastal village theme which is traditional in a modern way?What is a reasonable footprint?What is a reasonable height?Should we also allow exceptions for schools?


Suggested ApproachWithin the Residential Environment Zone:Only for places of worship & schools Only on lots with: frontage of at least 53 m (175 ft); andarea of at least 1.0 ha (2.5 ac); Only on the north side of: Hammonds Plains Road; orFrench Village Station Road To allow:One maximum building footprint of 13,500 sf; all others on the lot would be limited to 3,200 sf footprintA maximum height of 41.3 ft instead of 35 ftFlat or shallow roofs instead of min. 6:12 pitchArchitectural coated concrete siding Angled street facades, including entrance doors

March 20152.SuperstoreTying up a loose end...March 2015

Superstore PropertyAdjacent Canadian Tire is in Schedule NSchedule N enables sensitive expansion by development agreementPublic Hearing acknowledged that Superstore could be included later

Schedule N Requirements (CV-7)For new buildings:Maximum front yard setbacksStreet facades with display windows, awnings & doorsWalkways to faade doors without crossing parking/lanesNo car or truck facilities between the street & faadeAlso Policy CV-6For expansions to existing buildings: Must reduce front setback, or increase building height Must include faade display windows, awnings & doorsNo new car or truck facilities between the street & faadeAlso Policy CV-6Date

Policy CV-6: Must considerFootprint, siting, massing, orientation & building form: open space, landscapes, topography & water featuresviews from the public roadwaywalkability and human scaleimpacts on adjacent land usesconcealing parking, loading & storageHeight, architecture, landscaping & visual integrationLUB rules for Parking, Outdoor Storage/Display, Signage & ArchitectureEffects on groundwater supplyErosion, sediment control & stormwater management

3. 5434-5444 St. Margarets Bay RoadEnabling more uses comparable to those already existingMarch 2015TO BE REMOVED FROM CONSIDERATION IN THIS PROJECTA SummaryChurches and Schools in VR Zone: Allow larger footprints, distinctive architecture, taller height & flat/shallow roofs on large lots on north side of Hammonds Plains & French Village Settlement Rds.Superstore property:Add to Schedule N (allows expansion by development agreement under the new Tantallon Crossroads policy)5434-5444 St. Margarets Bay Road:No change at presentThank you!Marcus Garnet, Senior Planner902-490-4481garnetm@halifax.caMarch 2015