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  • 1. 11/27/13

2. 11/27/13 3. All Teachers: Experienced and New Teachers need to have these skills E-Mail/VoiceMail Networkoperatingsystems(Explorer,Foxfire, Safari) OperatingDVDPlayer,LCDprojectors WirelessTechnologyintheClassrooms WirelessLaptopsandorganizationofdesktop Usingselectiveprintersandcopiers Classroomsofthe21stCentury(LCD projectors,WirelessAudio) PowerpointPresentations Powerschool(Attendance,Grading, Reporting) ParentandStudentPortal WebPublishing(rSchooltodayLessonPlans andassignments)Advanced Teachers: Advanced Staff Technology DigitaleditingandDigitalphotographyand Scanning Excel,Database,Spreadsheets AdvancePowerpoints,iMovieembedding MacSoftwareKeynote,FinalCut On-lineTeaching/LearningasaClass Enhancement (Wikis,Blogs,AssignmentDropBox) StudentResponseSystem(SRS) InteractiveWhiteboards:Promethean boards,Smartboards 4. EdmodoCamtasiaLearn 360/LearnZillioniTunes/UUnited StreamingTeacherTube YouTube Promethean WorldSmartBoard / Promethean 5. EducreationsAnimoto/EdutopiaSophia.orgHaiku/SocrativeScreencast-o-maticBighugelabs PreziExplain-Everything App. 6. Google apps for schools: Our students will be receiving a gmail account that will allow them access to all of the innovative features through Google such as Google docs with the ability to be filtered by LUHSEMAIL: Gmail for School Business Students personal email for personal information (Edmodo Haiku) and other software may be used, but the expected is rSchoolToday and Google 7. Commons EntranceHigh School Office and Fieldhouse Entrance. 8. Crowded Area in Busy times 9. Ten Year TrendTen Year TrendAverage ACT Scores-Total TestedAverage ACT Scores-CompositeGrad YearLUHSWI.200313645,669200413045,480200513145,47020061232007Grad YearLUHS WI .200322.622.2200422.822.2200522.322.244,275200622.422.215446,430200722.122.3200812146,990200822.822.3200914646,658200922.922.3201012847,755201023.022.1201114847,693201124.122.2201211147,588201222.922.1201313946,574201323.222.1 10. STUDENT USE/POSSESSION OF ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATION DEVICES 443.5 The Lakeland Union High School District understands the appropriate use of 21 st century technology devices. Furthermore, it is the districts desire that all students learn and use appropriate technology etiquette. Electronic communication devices covered by this policy include, but are not limited to, cellular phones and other wireless hand-held devices, MP3 players (iPods), cameras, and paging devices. Student use of electronic communication devices is allowed before and after school, during passing periods in the hallways, and during lunch periods. The expectations for student use of electronic devices within classrooms will be determined by each classroom teacher. Electronic communication devices are prohibited in bathrooms and locker rooms at all times. The use of electronic communication devices while on field trips or other school sponsored activities will be at the discretion of the advisor/coach. Electronic communication devices may never be used in a manner that will cause disruption to the educational environment or invade the privacy of another individual. The LUHS school district will not be responsible for loss, damage, or theft of any electronic or digital device brought to school. Students violating this policy shall be subject to school disciplinary action and possible legal referral, if applicable. The building principal or his/her designee shall be responsible for enforcing this policy. 11. On the FIRST Day of School Mr. Bouch stated to the Students The Warning of Misuse Teachers will take the PHONE! First time caught with the PHONE being used inappropriately TEACHER will TAKE the phone and return it to the student right after school!! Second time caught with the PHONE being used inappropriately TEACHER will TAKE the phone and the student will get the phone from Mr. Bouch at the end of the DAY!Third time caught with the PHONE being used inappropriately the students phone will be suspended for a week!! Fourth time caught with the PHONE being used inappropriately the student will be suspended for three days by Mr. Bouch for INSUBORDINATION! 12. 285 39% of 725 352 48% 88 12%424 101 5972% of 600 16% 12%