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  • Technology.Transfer.Training. Steinbeis Centre For Technology Transfer, India Technology. Transfer. Training
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  • The Steinbeis India is a Steinbeis Enterprise involved in the field of providing Technology Services to industry specially SMEs in various fields of Technology & Management, utilising the Steinbeis Network and also creating network with various technology organisations across the globe.
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  • Technology. Transfer. Training Steinbeis India Steinbeis Global Network of 918 Centres / partners in 56 countries Tech-Transfer Partner in Hungary Tech-Transfer Partner in North America Tech-Transfer Partner in South Korea Tech-Transfer Partner in Singapore & China
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  • Technology. Transfer. Training The Steinbeis Transfer owes its origins to the Steinbeis transfer centers (today Steinbeis Enterprises) established during the early years of the foundation in the 1980s. These units are organized as company in a company. Fundamental transfer from different sources of knowledge is fostered and built on through stand-alone Steinbeis enterprises which operate beyond the auspices of universities and research institutions. The portfolio of services of the specialized Steinbeis enterprises includes: Consulting Research & development Training and employee development Analyses and expert reports in all fields of management and technology.
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  • Services: customer driven services, contract based Decentralized Transfer Network: 918 Steinbeis Enterprises Competence: all fields of technology and management Customers: more than 10.000 per year (70% SME), 56 countries Projects: ~ 14.000: consultancy service,R&D, evaluation-/expert reports, training/further education Staff: professors (752), permanent staff (1572), project-based staff (3697) Income (2012): EUR 141.2 million ( 0% subsidies!) Starting date: 1983 Driving Force: transfer entrepreneurship Technology. Transfer. Training
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  • Steinbeis Centre for Technology Transfer India (SCTI) Automotive Centre - Pune Auto Centre Chitkara University, Chandigarh Renewable Energy Centre New Delhi Innovation Centre, Ansals Unv, Ggn Renewable Energy Centre, Manipur Energy Efficiency Centre, Bhopal Renewable Energy Centre, GNITS, Hyd Renewable Energy Centre, GRIET, Hyd Technology Centre, CMR Engineering College, Hyd Energy Efficiency Centre, Vizag Solar Training Centre, Chennai Solar Training Centre, Cochin Vocational Training Centre, Hyderabad Technology. Transfer. Training
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  • Extensive consultancy service within projects and companies along the economic value chain new technologies new technologies process, methods and systems process, methods and systems financing and shareholding financing and shareholding regional business development regional business development corporate coaching corporate coaching (innovation-) management (innovation-) management Marketing & sales Marketing & sales Products Products at every stage of the value chain Consulting Technology. Transfer. Training
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  • Relevant, trendsetting know-how and longlasting experience in all branches of technology. Special competence in economically important fields of technology and growth. information and communication technology life sciences miniaturization o ptoelectronics process engineering new materials embedded systems environmental and power engineering industrial sensors Research and development fostering successful transfer Technology. Transfer. Training
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  • Evaluation and expert reports for companies, credit institutes and organizations t echnologies t echnical and economic solvency business evaluation management s hareholdings Our evaluation and expert reports help you to make important decisions and acquire strategies to ensure future success. Evaluation and expert reports forming the basis for decision making Technology. Transfer. Training
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  • courses of studies leading to officially acknowledged degrees at the Steinbeis University Berlin su ccessful instruments for executive and technical qualification in seminars, workshops or individual in-house training Trendsetting offers for qualification by interdisciplinary cooperation in all fields of study. Steinbeis Haus in Berlin location of the Steinbeis University Training and employee development as a key competitive factor Technology. Transfer. Training
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  • Steinbeis University Berlin (as of Dec. 2009) Establishment: 1998 Professors: 50+ Teaching staff: 1158 active Students: 5500+ (33y) Institutes: 112 Study Concept: Project Competence Program (BBA, MBE/MBA, PhD) Financing: entirely private, free of subsidies Technology. Transfer. Training
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  • State EnterprisesKnowledge Base promoter tax payer Receiver/UserSender/Provider basic researcher tax administrator Public Private KTT Technology. Transfer. Training
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  • Economy (KMU) as user Economy (KMU) as user Sources of knowledge Sources of knowledge Win SU Knowledge and Technology Transfer Innovation potential from universities can catalyse economical growth Problems posed by the economy can generate research activities in universities Technology. Transfer. Training
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  • Economy (SME) as client Economy (SME) as client Sources of knowledge Sources of knowledge Win SU Knowledge and Technology Transfer Task sharing Decentralized : expert knowledge Centralized : Business Administration + others Solidarity principle Equal treatment of big and small Transfer centres Fees result as percentage from centre's revenue
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  • Link and Coordinator between Science, Economy and Communities Uni FH Uni BA Uni SU FH Technology. Transfer. Training
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  • SU StW SME Steinbeis Enterprise (unit) Steinbeis Foundation Small and medium-sized enterprises Region SU: StW: SME: Reg.: Public Institutions Associations Communities Reg. Cluster / Parks Chambers Technology. Transfer. Training
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  • Ministry of Science & Research Ministry of Economic Affairs Steinbeis-Foundation Steinbeis Transfer Center Government Commissioner general agreement Economy universities colleges using facilities direct contact formal background administrative support Consulting, Coaching PR, gen. Marketing Network fee Know- how rules of StW STC-Management Technology. Transfer. Training
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  • VISCAN Light-Based Precision Measurement In close cooperation with Carl Zeiss Industrielle Messtechnik GmbH, the Ilmenau based Steinbeis Transfer Center Quality Assurance & Image Processing developed a video optical probe going by the name VISCAN a tiny camera capable of capturing 25 images a second. By adapting and controlling lighting levels electronically, VISCAN makes it possible to completely automoate photographic settings. Technology. Transfer. Training
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  • In-vitro Pyrogen Tests to Replace Animal Testing University of Constance-based Steinbeis Transfer Center In-Vitro Pharmacology & Toxicology joined forces with the US company Charles River Laboratories to develop an alternative testing method Human In- Vitro Pyrogen Test (IIPT) which simulates human beings high temperature in a test-tube, making it possible to detect the full range of known pyrogens in medicines. In Germany alone, the new method prevents 80,000 animal tests a year. It also makes life for patients safer. Soon it is hoped to test air quality by using in- vitro pyrogen tests. Theoretically, the approach has even greater market potential, beyond the testing of medicines. Technology. Transfer. Training
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  • dm-drogerie markt Puts POS Data Online The Karlsruhe-based Steinbeis Transfer Center Innovation > Development > Application (IDA) worked together with dm (the German drugstore dm-drogerie markt has more than 1500 branches throughout Europe) to optimise data interchange between computer systems in each outlet and the mobile scanning devices. The New Software was developed for a PDA-based capturing device, a type of mini-computer with built-in barcode scanner and wireless connection. The sales staff now use upgraded online capturing devices to read data straight from the point of sales and elsewhere in the outlet before transmitting it directly to the branch server. Technology. Transfer. Training
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  • However dm is not stopping there: together with the Steinbeis Transfer Center Industrial Data Processing, one of the software specialists main areas of focus at the moment is research into PDA- based voice recognition system. One day, sales staff could actually do away with the stylus input pen; scanners could become even more ergonomic, taking retailing one step closer to future. Technology. Transfer. Training
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  • Valves Improve Performance and Environment Friendliness Mid-range car drivers fantasize about turbo- chargers. As it often stops at that, they might like the sound of a new high-tech gadget in the engine compartment: a small, electronically controlled air clock valve with some major benefits. It allows the car to deal with more adventurous city driving, cold motors spark up more quickly, and fuel consumption is lower. Technology. Transfer. Training
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  • Valves Improve Performance and Environment Friendliness Working t


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