teddy roosevelt by tanner matott. family father - theodore roosevelt sr. mother - martha bulloch...

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Teddy Roosevelt BY TANNER MATOTT

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  • Teddy Roosevelt BY TANNER MATOTT
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  • Family Father - Theodore Roosevelt Sr. Mother - Martha Bulloch Roosevelt Siblings - Elliott Bulloch Roosevelt, Corinne Roosevelt Robinson, Anna Roosevelt Cowles, Teddy was the second oldest of his family
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  • Early childhood Teddy was born into a world of high living and riches He had suffered from bronchial asthma as a child He did well in school maintaining As and Bs in school To help with his asthma Teddy was very physically active sparking the rest of his life with adventure
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  • Middle life At age 18 Teddy went to Harvard Teddys father died while teddy was at college Teddy met and married his first wife Alice Lee Youngest person elected in New York State Assembly After a few days of having their first baby Alice died of Brights disease and Teddys mother died within a few hours of typhoid fever Teddy named his first daughter Alice after his beloved wife Teddy fled to his ranch in the west to to become cowboy while mourning Teddy took a trip to London where he met his second wife Edith Carow where they would have five more children named Theodore Jr. Kermit Ethel Carow Archibald Bulloch (Archie) Quentin
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  • later life Assistant Secretary of navy then Lieutenant Colonel in Spanish American War most remembered by his famous charge on San Juan Hill He joins the political career becoming Governor of New York then Vice President then President due to President McKinley being assonated Roosevelt had many other roles in politics just to many to list As President he creates stronger foreign affairs, builds the Panama Canal, creates several national parks, and game preserves, settled Alaskan boundary dispute, progressive president of the Republican party never reach such heights again, mediated Russo-Japanese War, and many other events
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  • Cool Facts Teddy was youngest President to ever be elected He explored and charted areas of Amazon Jungle First President to win Noble Peace Prize while in office and to go by his initials T.R. Was almost assinated, bleeding out from his chest he gave a 90 minute speech First President to leave country Built the Panama Canal to open West to the East Created several National parks Given the name Teddy because he refused to shoot a bear chained to a tree unsportsman like He added on to the Monroe Doctrine to authorize the building of the Panama Canal helped labor unions first progressive and modern President
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  • Quotes Walk Softly and carry a big stick A vote is like a rifle; its usefulness depends on the character of the user Do what you can, with what you have, where you are Every immigrant who comes here should be required within five years to learn english or leave the country
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