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    ®b? latttbrrg Thursday, April 9, 1914. |


    Brief Items of Interest Throughout | the Town and County.

    A good rain fell Tuesday in Bam-" berg and vicinity, the first in about three weeks.

    The friends of Mr. Charlie Mitchell are glad to see him in the ticket office after several days' illness. The board of county commissionersheld the regular monthly meeting

    Monday. Only routine matters were transacted.

    Large congregations will no doubt attend the church services next Sunday,as it is Easter and people will want to show their new clothes.

    Good progress is being made on the Bamberg-Denmark road. SupervisorBruce says the road will be completed in about three months. Monday was the first Monday in

    the month, but there were no public sales and few people from the countrycame to town. They are too busy now to visit much.

    Messrs. J. A. Hunter, G. D. Ryan and A. M. Denbow, of Bamberg, motored over to Barnwell Thursday and attended the barbecue at Hagood's mill in honor of Judge Sease..Barnwell People. A commission has been issued by

    the secretary of State to the Home Building and Loan association, of Bamberg, with a capital stock of

    nafitinnora hoin? Dr. , V,VUU, IIIC M mw.Q

    George F. Hair and Mr. W. Des, Portes Coleman.

    Rev. W. R. McMillan assisted in the dedication of the new Baptist church at Hilda on Sunday. In his absence, Rev. Mr, Bozeman, traveling representative of the BaptistCourier, preached at the*Baptist church, morning and evening.

    Mr. W. D. Rhoad says the races are certainly mixed up badly in Cuba, and it is a pretty hard matter to tell who is really white. He also says there is considerable social equality among the races, that he saw all colors at a masquerade ball, all dancing together.

    ;C -, The new county board of registrationmet at the court house Monday of this week, this being their first meeting. The board organized and elected Geo. J. Hiers chairman. Themembersof the board are: Geo. J. wi^re "Rhrhardt: Geo. Turner. Den Mark; J. G. Rhoad, Fishpond. The rails of the Bamberg-Ehrhardtrailroad are laid to a point

    just outside of town, and the whistleof the locomotive can be plainlyheard. There is some work to be done on the Lemon swamp trestle,and this will cause some delay. Otherwise the rails would be laid to town this week.T We learn that Mr. H. W. McMillan,the new depot agent, will occupy

    the residence of Capt. W. R. Wright, on Bridge street. Capt. Wright's family will move either to Savannah or Augusta. At present Mrs. Wright and daughter are spending a while in the country with her daughter, Mrs. B. F. Hill.

    Supervisor Bruce tells us that he started w'

    r car of the finest |

    I Mules I season, and if in

    Work on me. I can

    in . ....

    d Price 1 lother car load of |

    _ :k

    Vagons 1 thing in my line |rpsSB


    -,£y \ ie Month of March, 1914. fMERS' PRICES.

    Breakage Stock on Hand Other Credits Operating .j Last Day of R. R. Claims Ex. ofeach Month & goods Rt. Dispensary ' \

    7 $4.65 $3,316.75 $151.53 $ 97.80 5 5.60 6,069.80 446.10 107.19 7 8.70 4,495.70 173. &9 80.12 2 9.35 3,802.45 140.31 84.61 0 1.10 663.85 33.00

    1 $29.40 $18,348.55 $911.83 $402.72 '' ^

    aembers of the Bamberg .County Dispensary s that the foregoing statement is true and cor- x

    1914. J. S. WALKER, Notary Public. ,

    iester. 1 SPECIAL NOTICES. .

    }f March into the Advertisements Under This Head 25c.

    er Priest- For 25 Words or Less. beautiful r of 16 pGr gale.Chrysanthemum plants,

    all colors, 5c each. MRS. GEO. A.manhood, JENNINGS, Bamberg, S. C. Less part- «

    5- For Sale.Ear corn one dollar and ere con- ten cents at corn crib on home placePleasant near Eenmark. J. K. MAYFIELD, > was laid Denma.k s. c..4-S. ister and j, r several For Salt.10,000 pounds good f'dder.Delivered at Bamberg at $1.75 < f an, mem- per hun(ire(i pounds. F. MARIONn church. GREEN Cope g. c._4_23.few days being in Automobiles Insured..1912 modndhappi- e|s 21^ per cent; 1913 models 2 per

    i said, cent. Old line company. H. M. er hQme GRAHAM, Agent, Bamberg, S. C. e in ad- r parents CANDIDATES CARDS ledient in == bv both COUNTY COMMISSIONER,

    ould Ifrw - t ings well I am a candidate to succeed my>rgain. seif as County Commissioner of BamIIEND.berg County, in the Democratic pri

    mary, of course. H. W. CHITTY.

    on issued COTTON WEIGHER AT OLAR. le Secre- . ith Caro- I hereby announce myself a can- : n to the didate for cotton weigher at Olar, S. Building c., subject to the rules of the Demo- *

    je opened cratic party. D. J. TEMPLETON. o'clock a.

    EHRHARDT COTTON WEIGHER. HAIR, < MAN. j hereby announce myself a canvimmnnsdidate in the Democratic primary ; dad an- for Cotton Weigher at Ehrhardt,n'nrtv subject to the rules of the party. ' lildren in J- H- CARTER. r Easter. * dv MAGISTRATE AT EHRHARDT.

    The sub- i hereby announce myself a candi3kof the date for Magistrate at Ehrhardt, subssociationject to the rules of the Democratic f afternoon primary. ISAAC W. CARTER. ill for the


    and en- I hereby announce my candidacy ifiiiiv Ha- for Cotton Weigher at Ehrhardt, in11 u * uc j.i.. ~ *. t *-n.

    , : uic JL/CIIIUCI aLit yiimaij, suujcvi w oc a box. the ru]es 0f the party. f;

    B. W. fflERS. M

    ^ ^ £

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