The BEST AMERICAN SHORT STORIES of the BEST AMERICAN SHORT STORIES of the Century ... Blood-Burning Moon 60 ... 1994 • CAROLYN FERRELL. Proper Library 705

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TheBESTAMERICANSHORTSTORIESof the CenturyJohn Updike EDITORKatrina Kenison WITH AN INTRODUCTIONBY JOHN UPDIKEHOUGHTON MIFFLIN COMPANYBOSTON NEW YORKContentsForeword viiIntroduction by John Updike xv1915 BENJAMIN ROSENBLATT. Zelig 11916 MARY LERNER. Little Selves 71917 SUSAN GLASPELL. A Jury of Her Peers 181920 SHERWOOD ANDERSON. The Other Woman 381922 RING LARDNER. The Golden Honeymoon 451923 JEAN TOOMER. Blood-Burning Moon 601927 ERNEST HEMINGWAY. The Killers 681929 WILLA CATHER. Double Birthday JJ1929 GRACE STONE COATES. Wild Plums 1001930 KATHERINE ANNE PORTER. Theft 1051931 WILLIAM FAULKNER. That Evening Sun Go Down i n1931 DOROTHY PARKER. Here We Are 1271933 F. SCOTT FITZGERALD. Crazy Sunday 1361934 ALEXANDER GODIN. My Dead Brother Comes to America 1531935 WILLIAM SAROYAN. Resurrection of a Life 1591938 ROBERT PENN WARREN. Christmas Gift 1691939 RICHARD WRIGHT. Bright and Morning Star 1791940 EUDORA WELTY. The Hitch-Hikers 2111943 PAUL HORGAN. The Peach Stone 2241944 VLADIMIR NABOKOV. "That in Aleppo Once . . . " 2411947 JEAN STAFFORD. The Interior Castle 2501948 MARTHA GELLHORN. Miami-New York 2641948 E. B. WHITE. The Second Tree from the Corner 2811949 ELIZABETH BISHOP. The Farmer's Children 286VI CONTENTS1951 j . F. POWERS. Death of a Favorite 2951951 TENNESSEE WILLIAMS. The Resemblance Between aViolin Case and a Coffin 3121955 JOHN CHEEVER. The Country Husband 3251957 FLANNERY O'CONNOR. Greenleaf 348i960 LAWRENCE SARGENT HALL. The Ledge 369i960 P H I L I P ROTH. Defender of the Faith 3841962 STANLEY ELKIN. Criers and Kibitzers, Kibitzers and Criers 4111964 BERNARD MALAMUD. The German Refugee 4381967 JOYCE CAROL OATES. Where Are You Going, Where HaveYou Been? 4501968 MARY LADD GAVELL. The Rotifer 4661969 JAMES ALAN McPHERSON. Gold Coast 4771970 ISAAC BASHEVIS SINGER. The Key 4931973 ' DONALD BARTHELME. A City of Churches 5031975 ROSELLEN BROWN. HOW tO Win 5O71976 ALICE ADAMS. Roses, Rhododendron 5201978 HAROLD BRODKEY. Verona: A Young Woman Speaks 5331979 SAUL BELLOW. A Silver Dish 5391980 JOHN UPDIKE. Gesturing 5651981 CYNTHIA OZICK. The Shawl 5761983 RAYMOND CARVER. Where I'm Calling From 5811986 ANN BEATTIE. Janus 5951987 SUSAN SONTAG. The Way We Live Now 6001987 T IM O'BRIEN. The Things They Carried 6161989 ALICE MUNRO. Meneseteung 6331990 LORRIE MOORE. You're Ugly, Too 6521993 T H O M JONES. I Want to Live! 6711994 ALICE ELLIOTT DARK. In the Gloaming 6881994 CAROLYN FERRELL. Proper Library 7051995 GISH JEN. Birthmates 7201997 PAM DURBAN. Soon 7351998 ANNIE PROULX. The Half-Skinned Steer 754Biographical Notes 769


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