The BEST AMERICAN SHORT STORIES of the BEST AMERICAN SHORT STORIES of the Century ... Blood-Burning Moon 60 ... 1994 • CAROLYN FERRELL. Proper Library 705

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<ul><li><p>TheBESTAMERICANSHORTSTORIESof the Century</p><p>John Updike EDITORKatrina Kenison </p><p>WITH AN INTRODUCTION</p><p>BY JOHN UPDIKE</p><p>HOUGHTON MIFFLIN COMPANY</p><p>BOSTON NEW YORK</p></li><li><p>Contents</p><p>Foreword viiIntroduction by John Updike xv</p><p>1915 BENJAMIN ROSENBLATT. Zelig 1</p><p>1916 MARY LERNER. Little Selves 71917 SUSAN GLASPELL. A Jury of Her Peers 181920 SHERWOOD ANDERSON. The Other Woman 381922 RING LARDNER. The Golden Honeymoon 451923 JEAN TOOMER. Blood-Burning Moon 601927 ERNEST HEMINGWAY. The Killers 68</p><p>1929 WILLA CATHER. Double Birthday JJ1929 GRACE STONE COATES. Wild Plums 1001930 KATHERINE ANNE PORTER. Theft 1051931 WILLIAM FAULKNER. That Evening Sun Go Down i n1931 DOROTHY PARKER. Here We Are 1271933 F. SCOTT FITZGERALD. Crazy Sunday 1361934 ALEXANDER GODIN. My Dead Brother Comes to America 1531935 WILLIAM SAROYAN. Resurrection of a Life 1591938 ROBERT PENN WARREN. Christmas Gift 1691939 RICHARD WRIGHT. Bright and Morning Star 1791940 EUDORA WELTY. The Hitch-Hikers 2111943 PAUL HORGAN. The Peach Stone 2241944 VLADIMIR NABOKOV. "That in Aleppo Once . . . " 2411947 JEAN STAFFORD. The Interior Castle 2501948 MARTHA GELLHORN. Miami-New York 2641948 E. B. WHITE. The Second Tree from the Corner 2811949 ELIZABETH BISHOP. The Farmer's Children 286</p></li><li><p>VI CONTENTS</p><p>1951 j . F. POWERS. Death of a Favorite 2951951 TENNESSEE WILLIAMS. The Resemblance Between a</p><p>Violin Case and a Coffin 3121955 JOHN CHEEVER. The Country Husband 3251957 FLANNERY O'CONNOR. Greenleaf 348</p><p>i960 LAWRENCE SARGENT HALL. The Ledge 369i960 P H I L I P ROTH. Defender of the Faith 3841962 STANLEY ELKIN. Criers and Kibitzers, Kibitzers and Criers 4111964 BERNARD MALAMUD. The German Refugee 4381967 JOYCE CAROL OATES. Where Are You Going, Where Have</p><p>You Been? 4501968 MARY LADD GAVELL. The Rotifer 466</p><p>1969 JAMES ALAN McPHERSON. Gold Coast 4771970 ISAAC BASHEVIS SINGER. The Key 493</p><p>1973 ' DONALD BARTHELME. A City of Churches 5031975 ROSELLEN BROWN. HOW tO Win 5O71976 ALICE ADAMS. Roses, Rhododendron 5201978 HAROLD BRODKEY. Verona: A Young Woman Speaks 5331979 SAUL BELLOW. A Silver Dish 5391980 JOHN UPDIKE. Gesturing 565</p><p>1981 CYNTHIA OZICK. The Shawl 5761983 RAYMOND CARVER. Where I'm Calling From 5811986 ANN BEATTIE. Janus 5951987 SUSAN SONTAG. The Way We Live Now 6001987 T IM O'BRIEN. The Things They Carried 6161989 ALICE MUNRO. Meneseteung 6331990 LORRIE MOORE. You're Ugly, Too 6521993 T H O M JONES. I Want to Live! 6711994 ALICE ELLIOTT DARK. In the Gloaming 688</p><p>1994 CAROLYN FERRELL. Proper Library 7051995 GISH JEN. Birthmates 720</p><p>1997 PAM DURBAN. Soon 7351998 ANNIE PROULX. The Half-Skinned Steer 754</p><p>Biographical Notes 769</p></li></ul>