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E-commerce and social media continue their convergence and integration with three great news this month in our review of updates: - Facebook testing a Buy Button to have ads directly linking to purchase on external retailers. With the large repertoire of possible ads now present on Facebook, it should be a hit! - Twitter launches an analytics for the Organic Reach of tweets. It shows accounts which tweet more can get up to 30% more followers. We usually advice a pace of a few tweets a day minimum. - Pinterest helps Shopify stores with Rich Pins, who integrate metadata about price and more


  • 1. THEPATCH Social media new features/updates for marketers.August 2014. Indonesian Elections. China-led Mobile Ad Market. FB Buy Button. Twitter Buy Button. Pinterest x Shopify. LinkedIn Connected. Theres so much going on, but fret not weve got you covered. Read on, Agence Tesla willl show you the way.

2. Indonesian Elections All this in a country with only 29% Internet penetration rate. Look out for Indos continued social media rise! A Social Media Race to the Top: Key Stats SBY Phenomenal twitter following of Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, the outgoing President known on social media as SBY 95m Astounding number of election tweets sent in 2014 (FYI: Indonesia makes up >15% of Twitter users globally) 200m Facebook interactions RE elections. SBY-contender Joko Widodos hashtag #KeepCalmAndVoteJokowi sprung up to second place in the top five global trending topics on the day before the election. 3. China & Mobile Ad Industry New study by AppFlood shows that China accounted for 60% of global mobile ad spending on its network in Q2 2014. Chinese mobile ad spending trumps that of the rest of the world combined. Keep an eye on Chinese mobile ad offerings theyre set to become the next trendsetters! 53% of global mobile ad spending being directed to Asia, Middle East, Africa, and Oceania. 4. Facebook:Cost-Per-View Ads Go Up But so will revenue! Q2 reports from Facebook via Nanigans + Kenshoo released last week show that there has been: 1) A 47% increase in click-through rates vs Q1 2) A 57% increase on the cost-per-thousand-views 3) A 21% increase in ad spending But Revenue has also risen at faster rates = tangible profit and ROI for you! 5. Facebook:Mentions App New app just for public figures Facebook launches Mentions just for influencers Influencers have reportedly posted two times more in the app in tests The app is free of ads thus far. But sans ads, look out for new opportunities to work with influencers in promoting your brand in the future! 6. Facebook:Buy Button And out-app purchasing ads for higher impressions Facebook tests Buy Button keeping with the call-to-action button trend seen on other platforms such as Twitter Great speculation as to whether the button will be a success or a flop Tip: Attach discount vouchers to out-app purchasing ads. Sure way to drive ROI, especially if this feature is introduced in mobile in the next few months. Out-app purchasing ads also now available on desktop. 7. Twitter: Buy Button too New Twitter card for in-app purchasing Tip: Retail/E-commerce brands, be ready to have an in-app purchasings presence on Twitter, Facebook, messaging apps and possibly even Instagram! Twitter also tests their Buy Button, a step towards a stronger ecommerce strategy Yet again, another instance of the in- app purchasing trend. As we shall also see in WeChat this issue. 8. Twitter launches new analytics for organic reach Twitter claims that consistent tweeting and engaging content can easily get one a 30% follower reach Tip: Note the differences between Twitter and Facebook. Tweets are a matter of immediacy and your account competes with new tweets. But on Facebook, you have to beat other posts via a targetting algorithm. Do not expect the same organic reach strategies will work for both platforms! Twitter: Organic Reach Tools Analytics launched for one of its most boasted features 9. Twitter buys mobile retargeting startup TapCommerce What it does: TapCommerce tracks mobile activity (vs desktop activity tracked by cookies) to retarget your ads across apps What it actually does: 1) Tracks products viewed by user 2) Pushes ad for viewed but unpurchased products 3) Constantly reinforcing your product makes a purchase hard to resist 4) Combined with the Buy Now button, youre on the way to higher conversion rates Twitter: Mobile Ad Repertoire Broadened with startup buy and new tools on the horizon This is a big move for Twitter as it races against its competitors to constantly improve advertising options and data. Look out for enhanced mobile ad opportunities on Twitter in the months to come! 10. This banner advertisement appeared on the app for some users. The link didnt work and disappeared shortly after. Observers speculate Bolt is either Instagrams Snapchat-like rival, and the banner advert was one of Facebooks accidents (as usual) OR Bolt could be a trial for app-install ads in the Instagram app itself Instagram: Bolt? Another of Facebooks accidental app launches or app install ad test? Look out for an announcement soon about such a new app/new feature. Well keep you updated on this mystery! 11. Instagram: TV Ads TNT and Showtime score on Instagram Cant seem to get Instagram advertising right? Find it difficult because you arent a retail business? Check out TNT and Showtimes successful ads for some inspiration. They are the first to advertise their TV shows on Insta. Some Tips: Find your own product to promote these networks, they made their shows & characters the product. Try connecting your product to larger cultural trends by adding relevant hashtags. Use video too to promote an event or happenings around your business 12. WeChat: In-app shops and new ads Messaging app e-commerce ready WeChat launches stores for small businesses and ads in full-message posts from brands accounts. Anyone can now create their own branded stores on the platform, ready with its in-built payment function. Ads also now available to link to in-app purchasing or out-app purchasing E-shopping has already gone mainstream for larger brands and retailers so barriers to entry for small businesses are low. WeChat may not be as popular in SEA butIf Chinas edge in the mobile ad market is any indication, innovations in WeChat (Chinas most popular social media platform) will set the bar for trends in SEA. Keep an eye out for this social media dragon! 13. Pinterest launches automatic Rich Pins access to Shopify users Rich Pins are pins that contain information such as price and location Tip: Retailers on Shopify take advantage of this! Rich Pins help your customers access product information easily. This is a simple way to open up opportunities for conversion! Feature automatically available for Shopify brands Pinterest: Shopify Rich Pins 14. Pinterest:New Follow Button A new way to put your brands best foot forward New Follow Button serves as a promotional tool Easily placed on your website, this follow button will: 1) Open up a new window (users wont leave your main site!) 1) Feature your bio 2) Feature several pins to give users a preview of your pins Accounts currently using the follow button will be upgraded automatically. If not, add this button easily via the widget builder Tip: Once again coordination across platforms is key. Make sure your message is consistent on pinterest and your main site. But make sure your Pinterest offers followers something different from your other platforms. 15. Pinterest:Related Interests Increased brand visibility on Pinterest! Pinterest helps take the load off advertisers and makes it easier for users to find YOU! New Related Interests Categories will now appear under each category A couple of months back we talked about tagging words related to your product. Heres how that process increases your brand visibility. Tip: Besides just pinning and tagging relevant words, try pinning items that also fall under categories related to these key words. For example, if your company deals with Hiking and Mountain Trails appears as a related interest, consider pinning something to do with Mountain Trails 16. Foursquare: New logo, New App New everything! Foursquare has made several huge changes in the last few months. And now, its about to launch a whole new Foursquare. Whats changed: 1) Check-ins all shifted to Swarm, where 75% of existing Foursquare users are already active 2) New app that focuses on the geo- Search capabilities of Foursquare. 3) New logo Given the new emphasis on Search in the new foursquare, expect advertising on the platform to benefit f&b and physical retail establishments 17. Google:Play App Update Better Interface, Better Experience = Better Business All new Google Play has: 1) More scrolling but is still user-friendly 2) White background 3) Repositioned app screenshots and changelogs 4) Video trailers also stand out more 5) More colourful user ratings 6) App review page less cluttered 7) Share buttons now under app reviews These changes are part of Googles larger commitment to material design. Expect similar changes to be seen in Chrome in the coming months. Tips: Make full use of the emphasis on the video trailer. Some say a great app trailer is the secret to app stardom! 18. Snapchat: Geofilters Another way to have some fun but also brand your turf Snapchat launches Geofilters in LA and NYC As users roam around the city, their geo- data lets the app customise filters as they take their photos. These filters mark your brands territory in the photos. Potentially useful for small f&b chains with cult appeal e.g a caf that sells the latest food trend likeCronuts! Snapchat is definitely trying to open up advertising options so stay tuned for more of their shenanigans. 19. LinkedIn:Connected App Welcome to social life, LinkedIn LinkedIn launches Connected, an app it expects to greatly enhance the social factor and freshen up its networking + worklife experience. Cool functions such as pre-meeting intelligence to help you remember: 1) information on who youre meeting i.e key interests 2) their current employment location 3) your shared connections and networks Tips: Use updated personal information provided by Connected on your connections in conversation to establish rapport. Conncected can help you create the personal touch. 20. Thanks! Agence Tesla, a social media agency in Singapore and Paris Follow us on Twitter @agencetesla or www.agencetesla.asi

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